Report: Vulnerable Democrat Rep. Matthew Cartwright Receives Tax Penalties for 2021

6 days ago

Vulnerable Democrat Rep. Matthew Cartwright (PA) reportedly had to wage taxation penalties for precocious condo payments successful 2021, 3 years aft helium antecedently faced scrutiny for another tax delinquency.

The susceptible Democrat owed $436.63 successful penalties and involvement owed to precocious spot tax payments for his condo successful Washington, D.C., that the congressman shares with his wife, the Washington Free Beacon found connected his records filed with the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue.

Cartwright did not respond to the Beacon’s petition for comment.

The congressman’s grounds has travel nether much scrutiny successful this predetermination rhythm as Cartwright volition beryllium going up against a pugnacious Republican rival — Jim Bognet — successful November.

Cartwright votes with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) 99 percent of the time, and with President Joe Biden 100 percent of the time. While his voting records amusement helium supports the far-left policies of his enactment leadership, it is unclear if Cartwright would vote for the Manchin-Schumer ‘Inflation Reduction’ Bill that is expected to raise taxes connected middle-income earners.

However, erstwhile it comes to delinquent taxes, his hostile past rhythm ran an advertisement connected the congressman his taxation hypocrisy for supporting a taxation hike “while refusing to wage taxes connected his luxury Washington condo.” When Cartwright was caught the past clip for regularly making precocious payments and raking up thousands of dollars successful penalties and involvement betwixt 2013 and 2018, he marked it arsenic an “oversight,” the Associated Press reported.

The study noted that Cartwright also received a announcement from the metropolis successful 2015 that threatened to enactment his condo up for merchantability if his accrued delinquent tax bills were not paid. Noting that helium yet paid the bills, helium claimed that being a congressman “is a precise engaged job” and helium is “working truly hard astatine it.”

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