Report: Democrat Sheila Kuehl Was Tipped Off About Police Corruption Raid

3 days ago

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors subordinate Sheila Kuehl was tipped disconnected astir an impending constabulary raid connected her home, according to substance messages successful a tribunal filing, confirming earlier complaints by L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

The substance messages, archetypal obtained and reported by Steven Gregory of section vigor presumption KFI AM 640, suggest that Kuehl, a salient section Democrat, mightiness person had opportunities to cancel oregon destruct grounds successful an ongoing corruption investigation.

These are the substance messages extracted from Sheila Kuehl's telephone showing the heads up she got the nighttime earlier the hunt warrant for her home. @KFIAM640 @billhandelshow @GaryandShannon @johnandkenshow @ConwayShow

— stevengregory (@stevengregory) September 23, 2022

As Breitbart News reported past week:

Kuehl is reportedly being investigated implicit allegations of a “pay-to-play” declaration for a intersexual harassment hotline connected the L.A. Metro nationalist proscription system. The declaration was awarded to a Kuehl donor, Patti Giggans, nether a no-bid process.

The Times noted that a barefoot Kuehl’s telephone was seized, arsenic she complained astir the hunt and alleged that she was the unfortunate of governmental bias wrong the Sheriff’s office.

County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has repeatedly clashed with the Board of Supervisors, opposing its efforts to “defund the police” and accusing it of failing to code the situation of homelessness connected the country’s streets. He besides resisted efforts by the region to enforce vaccine mandates connected the constabulary force. An aggravated Board of Supervisors has proposed a ballot inaugural this November that would let them to disregard the elected sheriff astatine will. Villanueva faces a pugnacious reelection combat this fall.

After Villanueva complained to California Attorney General Rob Bonta astir Kuehl allegedly being tipped off, Bonta did not analyse Kuehl, but alternatively removed the probe from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and took power of it astatine the authorities level. As Breitabrt News reported:

In theory, the portion wrong the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department that investigates corruption is autarkic from Villanueva. But Democrats — ironically, echoing Donald Trump’s claims astir the Department of Justice — assertion determination is governmental bias.

Villanueva wrote to Bonta past week, complaining that Kuehl and her associate, Patti Giggans, appeared to person been tipped disconnected successful beforehand of the raid, perchance allowing them to fell oregon destruct evidence, and to rise allegations of governmental motives.

Bonta replied by taking implicit the investigation.

In a further irony, Kuehl’s lawyers are asking a section justice to name a peculiar maestro to spell done perchance privileged materials seized by constabulary — conscionable similar [former President Donald] Trump [in the Mar-a-Lago case].

Kuehl was enthusiastic astir coronavirus restrictions, calling those who complained astir masks “snowflake weepies.” She infamously dined astatine an outdoor edifice aft voting to prohibition outdoor eating successful the county.

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