Report: Biden Worried About 'Optics' of Democrat Mayors Opposing Illegal Immigration to Their Cities

1 month ago

President Joe Biden is reportedly disquieted astir “the optics” of Democrat mayors abruptly opposing amerciable migration arsenic Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) buses borderline crossers and amerciable aliens to their cities.

For months, Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) person bused thousands to New York City, New York, and Washington, DC — drafting absorption from New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) and Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser (D).

While Bowser — who requested the D.C. National Guard but was turned down by the Pentagon — has described the busing of borderline crossers and amerciable aliens arsenic a “crisis,” Adams has called the buses arriving successful his metropolis “horrific.”

Mayor Bowser / Facebook

Now, Biden is said to beryllium acrophobic astir “the optics” of pro-sanctuary metropolis Democrat mayors swiftly opposing amerciable migration erstwhile it arrives connected their doorsteps.

Reuters reports:

Thousands of migrants bused to Washington successful caller months by Republican governors of states connected the U.S.-Mexico borderline have caused tensions betwixt the White House and the Democratic mayor of the U.S. superior city, 4 U.S. officials told Reuters. [Emphasis added]

White House officials disagree with Bowser’s portrayal of the migrant arrivals arsenic a “crisis,” which echoes Abbott’s connection astir the border, 3 officials and different root acquainted with the substance said. [Emphasis added]

“The connection and the optics aren’t what the White House wants to perceive oregon spot from a Democratic mayor,” said 1 U.S. officials who, on with others, requested anonymity to sermon the interior consensus. [Emphasis added]

Most recently, arsenic Breitbart News exclusively reported, buses of mostly azygous antheral big borderline crossers and amerciable aliens person started arriving successful New York City. Workers with section non-governmental organizations (NGOs) person provided the caller arrivals with burritos, among different items.

Emma-Jo Morris / Breitbart News

The fewer 1000 borderline crossers and amerciable aliens that person been bused to New York City and Washington, DC, inactive pales successful examination to the level of amerciable migration seen by American borderline communities nether the Biden administration.

In Texas borderline towns alone, nearly 130,000 border crossers and amerciable aliens were caught crossing the borderline successful June. Most recently, successful the tiny municipality of Normandy, Texas — with a colonisation of conscionable 29 residents — a azygous radical of about 400 border crossers and amerciable aliens crossed into the country successful July.

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