Remarks by President Biden Before a Meeting with Congressional Leadership to Discuss Legislative Priorities Through the End of 2022

10 months ago

Roosevelt Room

10:40 A.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, look, I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  And I asked the four top leaders in Congress whether they’d be willing to come in and talk about what we’re going to do between now and Christmas, in terms of legislation.

And there’s a lot to do, including resolving the train strike and the train — the — what we’re doing now.  And Congress, I think, has to act to prevent it.  It’s not an easy call, but I think we have to do it.  The economy is at risk. 

We’re going to work together to fund — I hope work together to fund the government, COVID, and the war in Ukraine — all controversial and consequential issues.  And we’re going to find other areas of common ground, I hope, because the American people want us to work together. 

And so I’m going to stop there and get started because I’m sure this is going to go very quickly, and everyone is going to agree on everything.  (Laughter.)

All kidding aside, we’re — we’re here to get work done.  And I want to thank you for taking the interest and time to be here.  Thank you.

Q    Mr. President, are you confident you can avoid a rail strike?  And what’s your message to the workers (inaudible) —

THE PRESIDENT:  I’m confident (inaudible).  (Cross-talk.)  I’m confident.

10:41 A.M. EST

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