Randi Weingarten Accuses Marco Rubio of Antisemitism for Criticizing 'Soros Backed Prosecutors'

1 month ago

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, 1 of the astir almighty labour unions successful the country, accused Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) of antisemitism for proposing an amendment targeting “Soros backed prosecutors.”

The democrats conscionable blocked my effort to effort & unit Soros backed prosecutors to enactment unsafe criminals successful jailhouse pic.twitter.com/alt5DZmiSS

— Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) August 7, 2022

Rubio was referring to the dozens of prosecutors who person been elected with fiscal assistance from left-wing billionaire George Soros and who person pursued a extremist “criminal justness reform” docket that has often seen repeat, convulsive offenders released.

Soros has acknowledged his ain relation successful defending these prosecutors successful a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, claiming that the information that achromatic radical are much apt to beryllium jailed than achromatic radical is itself a crushed to beryllium much lenient astir municipality crime.

Rubio’s amendment was 1 of respective offered by Republicans successful the “vote-a-rama” of amendments connected the alleged Inflation Reduction Act, which spends connected clime alteration and raises taxes connected corporations, portion apt having little effect connected inflation.

Weingarten tweeted that Rubio’s notation to Soros-backed prosecutors was antisemitic due to the fact that Soros is simply a “Hungarian Jew who survived the Holocaust.”

THIS Is however anti semitism takes basal and spreads. What is simply a “Soros” backed prosecutor? Soros is simply a Hungarian Jew who survived the Holocaust.. Orban the authoritarian person of Hungary demonizes Soros each the clip successful Orban’s civilization warfare to suppress state & democracy. https://t.co/UQGDqnKwtA

— Randi Weingarten ☮️🇺🇺🇸 (@rweingarten) August 7, 2022

Soros’s acquisition successful the Holocaust has been the taxable of immoderate controversy. Nevertheless, the assertion that simply attacking Soros is antisemitic has been thoroughly debunked, particularly fixed his enactment for anti-Israel groups.

Weingarten went adjacent further, claiming that Rubio’s disapproval of Soros was antisemitic due to the fact that it took spot connected a Jewish accelerated day:

And @marcorubio does this smear connected Tisha b’av , a Jewish accelerated time wherever galore Jews Fast successful remembrance of the demolition of the Temple, destroyed owed to ….. Hatred of Jews

— Randi Weingarten ☮️ (@rweingarten) August 7, 2022

Tisha B’Av, oregon the Ninth Day of Av, commemorates the demolition of the 2 Holy Temples, archetypal by the Babylonians and past by the Romans. It is simply a accelerated observed by spiritual Jews but is not wide known oregon observed extracurricular the community.

Biblical and humanities sources enactment that the Temples were not destroyed due to the fact that of “hatred of Jews” successful the modern sense. Rather, the Jewish Sages mention hatred wrong the community, and spiritual and governmental corruption, arsenic superior causes.

Weingarten did not accidental whether she was fasting herself.

Rubio enjoys beardown enactment from the pro-Israel assemblage and Jewish Republicans.

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