Raging Safeway shooter was a depressed loner inspired by Columbine who detailed his shooting plans

3 months ago

The 20-year-old gunman who walked into a market store successful Oregon and changeable 2 radical dormant with an AR-15 connected Sunday kept a two-month agelong online diary chronicling the diminution of his intelligence wellness successful which helium decried America arsenic a 'fake' onshore of the escaped and outlined his plans for massacre akin to the 1999 Columbine schoolhouse shooting.

Ethan Miller, a erstwhile pupil of Mountain View High School successful Bend, Oregon, was recovered dormant successful the store by authorities having committed termination successful the aftermath of his August 28th onslaught connected a Safeway astatine the Forum Shopping Center.

Ethan Miller, the gunman who changeable 2 radical dormant with an AR-15 connected Sunday, kept a two-month agelong online diary chronicling the diminution of his intelligence health

Clutching a rifle, a shotgun and carrying 2 duffel bags of ammunition, Miller sprayed bullets from his automatic limb successful the parking batch earlier entering the gathering and shooting 1 idiosyncratic dormant successful the entrance.

The 2 deceased radical person been identified arsenic Safeway employee, Don Surrett, 66, a US Army seasoned and Glen Bennett, 84, a lawsuit who happened to beryllium astatine the store. 

Surrett has been hailed arsenic a leader for his attempts to wrestle the weapon distant from Miller.  

After shooting Surrett, Miller began stalking done the aisles and gunned down a Bennett astatine the backmost of the store, earlier turning his limb connected himself.

But conscionable hours earlier carrying retired the heinous crime, Miller published an e-book entitled 'The Downward Spiral of Ethan Miller' implicit with a two-month timeline starring up to the attack, an mentation of his program and motivations, and a assemblage containing selfies and images of the weapons.

Multiple section media organizations successful Oregon person reported that the gunman had an online manifesto. 

He revealed his actions were inspired by the infamous Columbine schoolhouse shooting, helium besides railed against American nine and its perceived fabrications of 'freedom', and claimed helium had been rejected by women and would ne'er find a pistillate arsenic cleanable arsenic his imagined 'soulmate' - though insisted helium 'did not person thing against women' and was not an 'incel.'

Miller regularly wrote astir his content that American was not a escaped state and spoke excitedly astir his plans to behaviour a wide shooting

Miller earmarked September 8, 2022 arsenic 'Doomsday' and had intended to sprout up his erstwhile precocious school

Authorities said that successful the aftermath of the shooting, they recovered an AR-15 and a shotgun from the scene. Miller posted photos of akin weapons connected his Wattpad page

One of the images posted connected Miller's Wattpad diary leafage showed his ammunition

Miller earmarked September 8, 2022 arsenic 'Doomsday' and had intended to sprout up his erstwhile precocious school, but the last pages of his diary showed helium was flooded by rage and decided to transportation retired the onslaught much than a week aboriginal successful a market store.

He wrote successful a conception astir this clip that July 4 was 'meaningless arsenic determination is NO FREEDOM near successful this country.' Miller said that helium felt the illusion of 'freedom' was created by 'power bare politicians.' 

In describing shooting up his school, Miller said that helium was the 'Quiet Kid with Anger Issues.' He added: 'I've ever been unsafe though.' He wrote of Mountain View: 'No bully memories astir that schoolhouse oregon the unit wrong it.'

But the contents of his diary explained successful large item his plans and the weapons utilized successful the attack, portion societal media posts from Miller's erstwhile classmates expressed daze and disbelief that helium released the diary online the aforesaid time a wide shooting occurred successful his location town.

It is unclear whether authorities had highlighted Miller arsenic a perchance unsafe individual, though his diary was not published until the time of the attack.

While a pupil astatine Mountain View High School, 'tried to combat rather virtually everybody' astatine the school, erstwhile classmate Isaac Thomas told The Associated Press

The archetypal introduction successful the diary was written astir 2 months to the time anterior to the fatal shooting, and Miller instantly makes it wide that helium intends to permission a elaborate mentation of however and wherefore helium carried retired the 'massacre.'

In his last entry, which encapsulated the depths of his loneliness and the grade of his fantasies, Miller referred to himself successful the 3rd idiosyncratic arsenic 'The Man' - thing which helium repeated astatine regular intervals passim the diary - and claimed helium is wholly astatine bid and is excited to conscionable his 'soulmate'.

'The Man has recovered Peace. He is acceptable to determination connected to His New Life. With Her...'

'She's perfect. Like She was Made For Him arsenic He Is For Her.

'The Man has travel to presumption and is Ready to Be With Her Now and To Move Onto His New Life.'  

While a pupil astatine Mountain View High School, 'tried to combat rather virtually everybody' astatine the school, erstwhile classmate Isaac Thomas told The Associated Press. Thomas said the gunman erstwhile threatened to sprout him aft a combat astatine their school. 

Akela Haverlandt, 21, told the Oregonian that she shared mathematics and gym classes with the gunman. Haverlandt told the paper that connected 1 juncture she near people to find Miller 'violently beating' a pupil successful the hallway. 

Haverlandt said: 'He was ever the speech of the week for getting into trouble.' She went on: 'Basically what I retrieve of him is helium was ace violent. He would ever get suspended' for warring and was perpetually 'causing chaos.' 

Out of the blue, Haverlandt said that Miller began texting her connected Instagram and indicated that helium wanted to commencement a romanticist narration with her.  In 1 message, Miller called Haverlandt 'hella beautiful.' She said that she ended the speech soon afterwards.

Pictured: Keenan Harpole, a person of Miller's, appears successful tribunal April aft helium was charged with 2nd-degree murder, home unit and unlawful usage of a weapon

Amara Marluke was fatally changeable successful April successful downtown Portland, adjacent the university's campus. She died of gunshot wounds astatine astir 1 a.m., constabulary said

Haverlandt besides said that Miller was friends with Keenan Harpole, the Portland State University shot prima who is accused of shooting his girlfriend, Amara Marluke, dormant adjacent to the school's campus. 

Harpole, 20, is facing charges of 2nd grade murder, home unit and unlawful usage of a limb successful narration to the incident.  

Authorities sought a hunt warrant for integer devices recovered astatine the gunman's flat and it volition instrumentality respective days to spell done those materials and make a clearer picture, said Police Chief Mike Krantz.

'We person that information. A batch of radical sent america follow-up accusation astir what has been posted connected societal media oregon different outlets and our investigators volition sift done that accusation and marque those connections - if it´s genuinely connected- and guarantee that we person close information,' helium said.

Federal officials were besides trying to find wherever the gunman got the AR-15-style limb and shotgun helium brought into the store, whether the guns were obtained legally and wherefore helium chose the supermarket for his deadly rampage. 

They recovered 3 Molotov cocktails successful his car on with a sawed-off shotgun and much ammunition successful his apartment, said Bend constabulary spokeswoman Sheila Miller, who is not related to the shooter.

Thomas, the erstwhile classmate, said the shooter had worked astatine the Safeway and Thomas had tally into him determination 2 years ago. 

Authorities aboriginal recovered 3 Molotov cocktails and a sawed-off shotgun successful the shooter's car 

Bend constabulary are moving with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to find wherever the fishy got his weapons and if helium did truthful legally, Miller said

The Forum Shopping Center successful Bend, Ore. remained closed Monday, Aug. 29, 2022 arsenic constabulary investigated a shooting astatine the Safeway determination that near 2 radical and the suspected gunman dormant Sunday night

His parent besides worked astatine the store arsenic a unit coordinator, according to Heavy.com. On her Facebook description, his mother, Gail, wrote: 'She forgave, but she won't forget. She's moving connected to amended things. NO REGRETS JUST LESSONS LEARNED.'

In his online diary, Miller did not constitute that overmuch astir his family. However successful 1 tirade helium said: My Family LOVES Drama they are ever truthful damn melodramatic implicit the smallest things... they would ever find idiosyncratic to blasted and punish for [accidents].

'Everyone Else is Right and I'm Wrong... my broadside of the communicative was ALWAYS F***ING IGNORED!

'I inactive emotion my Family unconditionally contempt their flaws but they decidedly played a spot of a relation successful maine becoming this way.'

The Heavy study says that connected April 23, his parent congratulated Miller connected finishing archetypal successful a mixed martial arts tournament. 

The gunman lived successful an flat analyzable down The Forum Shopping Center. 

Witnesses said helium began shooting Sunday evening arsenic soon arsenic helium near the analyzable and continued firing arsenic helium entered the buying complex's parking batch and past went into the Safeway. 

Bend is simply a metropolis of astir 97,000 astir 160 miles southeast of Portland, Oregon. 

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