Qatari World Cup Officials Trample Rainbow Flag of Brazil's Pernambuco Region After Mistaking it for LGBTQ Flag

1 week ago

Qatari officials caused an uproar Tuesday aft mistaking the rainbow emblem of the Brazilian State of Pernambuco arsenic a cheery pridefulness emblem and throwing it to the crushed and trampling it.

Witnesses said that Qatari officials were incensed by the emblem aft Saudi Arabia bushed Argentina successful the World Cup, according to the quality website g1.

Qatari authorities reportedly took a Pernambuco emblem from the Brazilian representatives successful Lusail Stadium, Doha. Journalist Victor Pereira said that section authorities took the flag, threw it connected the ground, and past stomped connected it.

According to writer Victor Pereira, who shared the arguable video, helium was adjacent forced to delete different grounds that showed section instrumentality enforcement agents throwing the emblem to the crushed and stepping connected

— The Brazilian Report (@BrazilianReport) November 22, 2022

As g1 noted, the Pernambuco emblem has nary transportation to the cheery docket astatine all.

“The rainbow connected the emblem of Pernambuco symbolizes the national of each Pernambuco and makes notation to the diverseness of those who came unneurotic astir an ideal. It has been contiguous connected the authorities emblem since 1817, the twelvemonth of the Pernambuco Revolution, which made Pernambuco autarkic from Portugal for 70 days,” g1 reported.

“In the beginning, the arch was red, yellowish and white, symbolizing the opening of a caller era, of peace, relationship and unity. In 1917, it changed to red, yellowish and green,” the tract added.

Along with a rainbow, the State of Pernambuco emblem besides includes the sun’s symbology, a bluish tract to correspond the sky, a achromatic country to denote peace, and a Christian transverse to correspond the spiritual faiths of the residents.

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