Qatar World Cup 2022: England fans taunt Wales for losing 0-2 to Iran after Three Lions beat them

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'Can idiosyncratic cheque Michael Sheen is OK?' England fans taunt Wales for losing 0-2 to Iran aft Three Lions trounced them 6-2 - but hopeless Welsh supporters beg the neighbouring state to 'do america a favour' erstwhile the 2 teams look off

By Elly Blake and Tom Bedford For Mailonline

Published: 14:20 GMT, 25 November 2022 | Updated: 14:35 GMT, 25 November 2022

England fans person taunted Wales for losing 0-2 to Iran aft the Three Lions thrashed them earlier this week.

Their rivals were speedy to instrumentality the footwear into the Welsh squad aft two precocious goals brought triumph to Iran.

One quipped 'Can idiosyncratic cheque Michael Sheen is ok?', aft the Welsh histrion recovered himself embroiled successful a enactment with Prince William implicit who helium was supporting astatine the World Cup.

The injury-time goals during the clash mean Wales volition request to triumph against England in their last lucifer if they are to suffice for the knockout stages.

A young Welsh instrumentality was seen crying successful the stands of the stadium successful Qatar

Welsh fans reacted to their 0-2 defeated against Iran astatine a fanzone successful Swansea connected Friday

Dejected fans were seen consoling each different aft the bruising, with immoderate crying successful their pints successful the Welsh valleys aft the lucifer which near Gareth Bale's Dragons connected the brink of going retired of the tournament. 

One young lad was seen crying successful the stands of the stadium successful Qatar arsenic his squad were defeated successful their archetypal World Cup since 1958.

However, England fans took nary pity connected their neighbouring rivals, with a YouTuber posting: 'Unlucky Wales, don't worry, you batch tin travel spot the World Cup erstwhile it comes location :)'. 

Another was speedy to constituent retired that 'they celebrated erstwhile we mislaid to Iceland successful euro 2016' earlier adding: 'Who's laughing now, losing to a squad we've conscionable battered'.

Others shared memes mocking Wales. 

But immoderate Welsh supporters person begged  neighbouring rivals England to 'do america a favour' and bushed USA contiguous as it remains their lone anticipation of staying successful the World Cup.

Lifelong Wales instrumentality Rhys Williams, 31, said: 'We privation England to bash america a favour connected Monday - it's our lone chance.

England fans person taunted Wales for 0-2 to Iran aft the Three Lions thrashed them earlier this week

Dejected Welsh fans were seen with their heads successful their hands astatine Elevens, the barroom owned by Gareth Bale successful Cardiff pursuing their defeat

'If they remainder a fewer of their players and we play good past who knows. But adjacent past we would person to people a fewer goals.'

Rhys, a registry serviceman astatine the University of South Wales, was near gutted aft watching the lucifer astatine the New Crown pub successful Merthyr Tydfil.

Giving his ain post-mortem connected the match, helium said: 'We person relied excessively overmuch connected Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey and their powers are waning.

'The effect has sucked the beingness retired of america but it won't halt the Welsh fans enjoying Monday night. Who knows what could happen.'

Pals Gareth Winstone and Shaun Crane, some 49, some took the time disconnected enactment to ticker Wales successful their archetypal World Cup since 1958.

A shot instrumentality was seen looking disappointed aft his squad mislaid to Iran successful Qatar connected Friday

But their hopes were dashed erstwhile Iran took power of the 2nd fractional and knocked successful 2 goals successful the dying seconds.

Insurance underwriter Gareth, of Tredegar, said: 'It's a sickener but successful the extremity we weren't bully enough. You can't reason with the result.'

Sales enforcement Shaun, of Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, added: 'Our superstars Bale and Ramsey aren't playing regular shot and we person Championship players retired there.

'Iran are managed by a manager who was astatine Manchester Utd truthful he's nary mug. It's disappointing but bring connected England.'

The Crown tally by Portuguese businessman Jorge Dascensao(CORR), 47, is bringing successful shot fans with an online invitation saying: 'Don't spell to Qatar, travel to the New Crown, the brew is cheaper and you decidedly won't spell to situation for singing excessively loud.'

Welsh skipper Gareth Bale (right) arsenic his squad mislaid to Iran astatine the World Cup successful Qatar

Roofer Craig Thomas, 29, of Rhondda, is dreading playing against Harry Kane's men successful the last radical lucifer adjacent week.

He said: 'They hammered Iran and look astatine the apical of their crippled portion we are not performing.

'All we tin anticipation is that England bash america a monolithic favour by not turning up connected the night.'

Fans who turned up to ticker the crippled connected TV astatine Gareth Bale's pub Elevens successful Cardiff metropolis centre were disappointed - it didn't unfastened until midday.

But determination were plentifulness of watering holes unfastened crossed Wales including the Lion pub successful Treorchy wherever the ambiance was 'buzzing' until goalie Wayne Hennesy was sent disconnected and Wales fto successful 2 sucker goals.

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