Prince Harry 'feared he would become a has-been once his nephew George turned 18'

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The Duke of Sussex was ‘fixated’ astir becoming a has-been erstwhile his nephew Prince George turned 18, a caller publication claims.

It alleges Harry, earlier helium met Meghan, had a ‘long-held’ fear’ that helium would beryllium an ‘also-ran’.

This seemingly compounded the vexation helium felt erstwhile aides talked him down from things helium wanted to bash separately from William and Kate, the publication says.

Extracts of Courtiers: the Hidden Power Behind the Crown by Valentine Low were published by The Times past night.

The publication besides makes claims astir Meghan’s attraction of staff. On 1 juncture the Duchess of Sussex is said to person powerfully criticised a program drawn up by a young pistillate worker successful beforehand of colleagues.

William aboriginal tried to comfortableness the unnamed unit subordinate by saying she was doing a bully occupation and the pistillate burst into tears.

The Duke of Sussex (pictured with his woman Meghan Markle successful October 2019) was ‘fixated’ astir becoming a has-been erstwhile his nephew Prince George turned 18, a caller publication claims

It alleges Harry, earlier helium met Meghan (the couple, pictured successful Rabat, Morocco successful 2019 earlier they stepped down from royal duties and moved to the US), had a ‘long-held’ fear’ that helium would beryllium an ‘also-ran’ 

The publication besides makes claims astir Meghan’s attraction of staff. On 1 juncture the Duchess of Sussex is said to person powerfully criticised a program drawn up by a young pistillate worker successful beforehand of colleagues. Pictured: Meghan cries arsenic Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Queen Camilla and King Charles be the authorities ceremonial and burial of Queen Elizabeth

Poll shows emergence successful enactment for monarchy 

Support for the monarchy has accrued pursuing the Queen’s funeral, a canvass shows.

Some 47 per cent judge Britain volition beryllium worse if it is abolished, the survey of 1,000 adults recovered – up from 42 per cent who said the aforesaid successful June.

Only 22 per cent said scrapping the monarchy would amended the UK, down somewhat from 23 per cent. The canvass besides revealed that 56 per cent inactive expect the monarchy to past for astatine slightest different 50 years, up from 45 per cent successful March this year. 

The proportionality who said Charles III volition marque a bully King has risen from 49 per cent to 61 per cent, person to the level of enactment for Prince William, whom 72 per cent expect to bash a bully occupation successful the relation erstwhile the clip comes.

Kelly Beaver, main enforcement of Ipsos, which carried retired the survey, said: ‘King Charles starts his reign with the bulk of Britons optimistic that helium volition marque a bully King and an accrued content successful the longevity of the monarchy.’

After Meghan and Harry married, Samantha Cohen, the Queen’s erstwhile adjunct backstage secretary, joined their squad arsenic their interim backstage secretary.

The publication quotes a root saying that she excessively was ‘bullied’ and thing she did was ever bully capable for the couple.

Extracts assertion a root erstwhile said: ‘Sam [Cohen] ever made wide that it was similar moving for a mates of teenagers. They were intolerable and pushed her to the limit. She was miserable.’

The duchess’s lawyers denied successful 2021 that Miss Cohen had been bullied, saying that the mates were ever grateful for her enactment and dedication.

They person besides agelong described specified allegations arsenic ‘massively inaccurate’ and that the duchess has ‘absolutely denied’ bullying anyone. 

While an enquiry launched by Buckingham Palace concluded that it would reappraisal however it handled bullying complaints, it did not accidental that the duchess had really bullied anyone.

The publication besides tells however Meghan clashed with her idiosyncratic adjunct Melissa Touabti implicit escaped gifts including clothes, jewellery and candles that immoderate companies sent to the duchess.

Ms Touabti, who discontinue conscionable six months aft joining the palace, followed the regularisation that members of the Royal Family cannot judge gifts from commercialized organisations, but the publication claims her attack ‘did not spell down good with Meghan’. 

The publication is owed to beryllium published connected October 6 by Headline Books.

In June, Buckingham Palace efficaciously buried a study into allegations of bullying by the Duchess of Sussex. 

After Meghan and Harry married, Samantha Cohen (pictured, astatine the back, with Meghan and Her Majesty astatine the front), the Queen’s erstwhile adjunct backstage secretary, joined their squad arsenic their interim backstage secretary

Last twelvemonth a palace spokesperson made wide that the specifics of the allegations – which were brought to the attraction of elder household unit astatine the clip by Harry and Meghan’s acrophobic property secretary, Jason Knauf (above) – would not beryllium investigated

Did Harry crook down meal implicit duchess’s exclusion? 

By David Wilkes 

Prince Harry ‘refused’ to person meal with his begetter and member aft Meghan was banned from joining the household astatine Balmoral connected the time the Queen died, it was claimed today.

The Duke of Sussex, 38, was reportedly near ‘furious’ aft King Charles phoned to archer him it was ‘not appropriate’ for Meghan, 41, to travel him to the Scottish property connected September 8.

William took an RAF formation to Scotland with their uncles Andrew and Edward. But Harry is said to person missed it due to the fact that helium was ‘so engaged trying to get Meghan to Balmoral and rowing with his family’.

Told to marque his ain question arrangements, helium landed astatine Aberdeen airdrome without the Duchess of Sussex minutes aft the Queen’s decease was announced to the world. 

There was ne'er immoderate proposition Kate would articulation William but the Sussexes were said to person announced that greeting Meghan and Harry were connected their mode – but by the day the program had changed.

Today, The Sun reported that Harry was invited to dine astatine Birkhall, his father’s location connected the Balmoral estate, with the King, William and Camilla, Queen Consort the nighttime of the Queen’s death. But helium was said to person alternatively remained astatine Balmoral Castle with the Earl and Countess of Wessex and the Duke of York.

A root told the newspaper: ‘Charles has an unfastened invitation for Harry to dine with him whenever helium is successful the country. But Harry was truthful furious that helium refused to devour with his begetter and brother.

‘And helium got retired of Balmoral astatine the earliest accidental to drawback the archetypal commercialized formation backmost to London.’

Royal aides admitted for the archetypal clip the findings would ne'er beryllium made public.

A root told the Daily Mail astatine the time: ‘People suspected it would beryllium buried, and present it seems that it has.’ 

The Daily Mail understands that adjacent those who took portion successful the enquiry haven’t been told what the result is. 

Palace officials would corroborate lone that their probe had concluded and ‘recommendations connected our argumentation and procedures’ had been taken forward.

Royal aides announced successful March past twelvemonth that they were launching an enquiry into claims that Meghan’s ‘belittling’ behaviour portion a moving subordinate of the Royal Family drove 2 pistillate idiosyncratic assistants retired of the household and ‘undermined the confidence’ of a third.

Staff were said to person been near successful tears and feeling ‘traumatised’ – with immoderate likening their information to having post-traumatic stress.

The Royal Household employed a third-party instrumentality firm, paid for by the household privately, to probe the claims successful a determination that immoderate predicted could summation tensions betwixt Harry and Meghan and ‘the institution’.

The allegations person ever been powerfully denied by the duchess, whose lawyers described them astatine the clip arsenic a ‘calculated smear campaign’.

Last twelvemonth a palace spokesperson made wide that the specifics of the allegations – which were brought to the attraction of elder household unit astatine the clip by Harry and Meghan’s acrophobic property secretary, Jason Knauf – would not beryllium investigated.

But they said they would analyse however the ‘historic allegations of bullying’ were handled by officials and whether immoderate changes to their HR policies and procedures should beryllium instigated arsenic a result.

A spokesperson confirmed that ‘if’ those findings were to beryllium made public, they would beryllium included successful this year’s Sovereign Grant study – the authoritative yearly reappraisal into the royal household’s nationalist finances.

But announcing the study yesterday, the Master of the Privy Purse, Sir Michael Stevens, said of the investigation: ‘There is thing connected this successful the report.

‘As we said past year, this enactment was undertaken privately and had nary Sovereign Grant wealth spent connected it.

‘The reappraisal has been completed and recommendations connected our (HR) argumentation and procedures person been taken forward. But we volition not beryllium commenting further.’

Furious Prince Harry 'SNUBBED meal with King Charles and William astatine Balmoral aft bust-up erstwhile monarch banned Meghan from joining grieving royal household astatine Scottish property the time The Queen died - causing the duke to miss his flight' 


The Duke of Sussex snubbed meal with King Charles III and his member the Prince of Wales astatine Balmoral aft a enactment with his begetter erstwhile the caller monarch banned Meghan Markle from joining the grieving Royal Family connected the time the Queen died, sources person claimed.

Prince Harry reportedly wanted his woman to articulation him arsenic royals raced to the Scottish property to accidental their last goodbyes to their beloved parent and grandma connected September 8. 

However, Britain's caller King phoned his youngest lad and told him it was 'not appropriate' for the erstwhile Suits histrion to beryllium there, according to reports. 

It is claimed that successful the ensuing row, during which Harry fought to transportation his begetter to let Meghan to travel with him, helium missed a formation carrying William and their uncles Andrew and Edward to Scotland - and with it the accidental to bid farewell. 

The prince - who plunged the monarchy into situation aft helium and the duchess sensationally discontinue royal duties and near the UK for California 2 years ago, earlier making a bid of stunning allegations against The Firm - was truthful aggravated that his woman had been banned, and that helium had missed his archetypal flight, that helium refused to person meal that evening with Charles, William and Queen Consort Camilla. 

Instead, helium ate with the Duke of York and the Earl and Countess of Wessex earlier leaving aboriginal the adjacent morning, The Sun reports.

It is claimed that successful the ensuing enactment Prince Harry missed his formation to Aberdeen, meaning helium took a aboriginal 1 that lone landed aft Her Majesty's decease had been announced to the world. Pictured: The Duke of Sussex looks sombre portion travelling from Aberdeen to Balmoral connected the time of the Queen's death

Instead of having meal with his father, member and stepmother, Harry decided to devour with his uncles astatine Balmoral Castle connected the nighttime of the Queen's death. Pictured: Balmoral Castle successful Scotland

Prince Harry allegedly snubbed his begetter and member erstwhile having meal astatine Balmoral aft the caller King banned his woman from attending. Pictured: King Charles III and the Duke of Sussex locomotion alongside Princess Anne arsenic they get astatine the committal work for the Queen astatine Windsor connected September 19

After the enactment the Prince of Wales and Duke of Sussex enactment connected a agreed beforehand by walking retired to conscionable members of the public. Pictured: The Princess of Wales, the Prince of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex locomotion extracurricular Windsor Castle connected September 10

Harry was truthful furious aft the enactment that helium ate meal with Prince Andrew, Prince Edward afterwards, alternatively of his member and father. Pictured: The Prince of Wales, Duke of York, and Earl and Countess of Wessex, get astatine Balmoral aft the Queen's death

The Sun quotes a root arsenic saying: 'Harry was truthful engaged trying to get Meghan to Balmoral and rowing with his household that helium missed the flight.

'Charles has an unfastened invitation for Harry to dine with him whenever helium is successful the country.

'But Harry was truthful furious that helium refused to devour with his begetter and brother.

'It was a monolithic snub. And helium got retired of Balmoral astatine the earliest accidental to drawback the archetypal commercialized formation backmost to London.'

The adjacent greeting helium was the archetypal subordinate of the Royal Family to leave, boarding an aboriginal British Airways formation from Aberdeen wherever helium was pictured comforting an airdrome idiosyncratic aft she passed on her condolences for his grandmother's death.

Harry headed backmost to Meghan astatine 8.28am, wherever helium was sat unsocial successful the rear of a Range Rover arsenic helium was driven retired of the Royal Family's Scottish home, wherever helium had arrived astatine 7.52pm the nighttime before.

The decease of Queen Elizabeth: A timeline of however today's bittersweet quality was announced

12.35pm: A connection is released by Buckingham Palace, announcing that the Queen is nether aesculapian supervision astatine Balmoral aft doctors became 'concerned for her health'. A Palace spokesperson said: 'Following further valuation this morning, the Queen's doctors are acrophobic for Her Majesty's wellness and person recommended she stay nether aesculapian supervision. The Queen remains comfy and astatine Balmoral.'

12.47pm: A connection is released by Clarence House, confirming that Prince Charles and his woman Camilla would question to Balmoral. It said: 'The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall person travelled to Balmoral'. 

12.48pm: A infinitesimal later, Kensington Palace announces that Price William volition beryllium travelling to Balmoral. The connection read: 'The Duke of Cambridge is besides travelling to Balmoral.'

1.37pm: It is reported that Prince Andrew has travelled to Balmoral Castle successful Scotland pursuing quality that doctors were acrophobic for The Queen's health.

1.38pm: Sources corroborate to the Press Association (PA) that The Princess Royal is astatine Balmoral, and the Duke of York and the Earl and Countess of Wessex are connected their mode to the Queen's Scottish home. 

1.55pm: A spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirms that the mates volition beryllium 'travelling to Scotland'. While the archetypal connection mentioned 'Scotland', it did not marque straight marque notation of Balmoral.  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were owed to be the WellChild Awards ceremonial successful London connected Thursday evening, but changed their plans to question to spot the Queen.

4.14pm: A quality alert by the Press Association (PA) said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were believed to beryllium travelling to Balmoral 'separately' from different royals. 

4.39pm: Less than 30 minutes later, PA contented different quality alert, quoting an unnamed source, saying that that the Duchess of Sussex would not question to Balmoral with the Duke of Sussex. The root said that Prince Harry would beryllium making the travel by himself. A root said the Duchess could perchance articulation Harry successful Scotland astatine a aboriginal date, pursuing what PA described arsenic a 'change of plan'.

4.44pm: Minutes later, Omid Scobie, a writer considered to beryllium 'friendly' towards the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and who often quotes unnamed sources adjacent to the couple, writes a station connected societal media network, Twitter astir the situation. He wrote: A root has shared an update stating that lone Prince Harry has made the travel up to Balmoral. Like the Duchess of Cambridge (who is successful Windsor with their 3 children), the Duchess of Sussex is staying backmost successful England (but inactive not attending tonight's WellChild Awards).' The station mentions Kate, who earlier successful the time it was revealed would not question to Balmoral. 

6.30pm: The Royal Family announces via societal media tract Twitter that Queen has died 'peacefully' astatine Balmoral astatine the property of 96. 

8pm: Prince Harry arrives astatine Balmoral pursuing the nationalist announcement 

He was swept into Aberdeen airdrome astatine 9.20am, led by 5 constabulary outriders, and boarded a formation to London leaving astatine 10am.

Harry wore a achromatic suit and carried a enarthrosis container arsenic helium walked towards the steps of the plane. An airdrome idiosyncratic offered her sympathies arsenic the Prince was astir to locomotion up the steps of a British Airways aircraft.

The woman, who was dressed successful a high- visibility yellowish jacket, addressed Prince Harry. The royal smiled and patted her mildly successful the enarthrosis earlier boarding the craft for London’s Heathrow Airport.

Less than 12 hours earlier grief had been written connected the Duke's look aft landed successful Scotland pursuing the announcement of Queen Elizabeth II's death.

He had his caput bowed and partially covered his look arsenic helium was driven retired of Aberdeen airport, arriving astatine Balmoral aft dark.

The Queen's decease had forced an unexpected reunion betwixt Harry and the remainder of the Royal Family. 

The Sussexes, whose comments since Megxit has caused a rift with the royals, particularly William, were not expected to spot immoderate royals during their circuit of the UK and Europe - contempt staying yards from the Cambridges during their pseudo-royal circuit of Europe - until Her Majesty's passing.

Since past the brace person taken portion successful much than a week of nationalist mourning with different members of the Royal Family.

Harry was salient successful a fig of processions and services, walking down his grandmother's coffin arsenic it was transported from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, and again arsenic it was subsequently moved to Westminster Abbey for her funeral.

Meanwhile, Meghan joined her hubby for the Queen's ceremonial and committal work connected Monday, September 19, arsenic good arsenic for the coffin procession to Westminster Hall connected September 14.

The brace besides appeared to enactment connected a agreed beforehand with the Prince and Princess of Wales, heading retired unneurotic to greet mourners and well-wishers astatine Windsor Castle.

It was claimed earlier this week that Meghan requested a 'one-to-one' gathering with King Charles successful a bid to heal rifts earlier she near for California with Harry aft the Queen's funeral.

Neil Sean, an amusement analogous who has appeared connected NBC News, MSNBC and Access Hollywood, said that helium had heard from a 'very bully source' that the American histrion had sent a missive requesting a backstage speech with the King.

Mr Sean claims that Meghan wanted to 'clear the air' amid reports the mates would alert backmost to the US arsenic soon arsenic they tin to spot their children, Archie, three, and Lilibet, one.

'She'd present similar earlier they instrumentality backmost to California to person a one-to-one assemblage with King Charles III,' Sean said successful a video posted to YouTube, that has recorded astir 300k views.

'That's right—Meghan one-to-one with King Charles. You heard correct.

'It's a precise brave determination from Meghan herself,' Sean said.

Detailing the contented of the letter, helium said: 'It would beryllium an accidental to wide the air, propulsion the rights from wrongs and explicate immoderate of the rationale down what they've been doing implicit the past 2 years.

'Now, you know, you person to respect Meghan's self-belief, immoderate you think.'

However, successful a twist, royal sources claimed it was 'very unlikely' that the Duchess of Sussex had written specified a letter.

Charles is known to privation to heal his narration with his lad and his wife, adjacent saying however overmuch helium loved them successful his archetypal code arsenic King, making it ‘very unlikely’ helium would disregard specified a petition if it happened, 1 root said.

Buckingham Palace and the Sussexes person not commented connected the claims, nevertheless royal sources told MailOnline that Meghan would beryllium 'very unlikely' to occupation the King arsenic helium mourns his parent aft yesterday’s ceremonial and arsenic helium grapples with his archetypal days arsenic King. 

Another insider said it would beryllium 'odd' for the Duchess to constitute formally to the King straight for a meeting, fixed Harry would person a nonstop way to his father.

Meghan Markle, the Dutchess of Sussex, requested a 'one-to-one' gathering with Charles successful a ceremonial missive sent to the caller King, according to a Royals insider 

The Royals insider claims the 41-year-old penned a ceremonial enactment to King Charles hoping to conscionable privately pursuing his mother's funeral

Prince William directs Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to their seats astatine St George's Chapel for the committal work

Prince William and Prince Harry articulation the procession pursuing the authorities hearse carrying the coffin astatine Windsor

While William and Harry person enactment speech their disagreements for royal events successful caller days, fears implicit the contented of Harry's upcoming memoir proceed to formed a unreality implicit their narration - particularly pursuing the bombshell interrogation helium and Meghan gave to Oprah Winfrey successful March 2021 erstwhile they accused an unnamed royal of racism.

Rumours of a rift betwixt the brothers archetypal emerged successful 2019 erstwhile they divided their households pursuing assorted disagreements astir Harry's role, but their feud deepened amid the fallout from the Megxit saga successful 2020.

But the decease of the Queen has seen the rivals shelve their differences, with William and Kate joined by Harry and Meghan for the archetypal occasions successful much than 2 years since Commonwealth Day successful March 2020.

A royal root told the Telegraph's Camilla Tominey that Prince William and Kate, felt 'the absorption should solely beryllium connected this play of heavy mourning and thing else. The absorption should lone beryllium connected his precocious grandmother'.

Prince Andrew and Prince Harry were some again banned from saluting during the procession to Westminster Abbey connected Monday – portion different royals including King Charles III, Prince William and Princess Anne each performed the gesture.

Members of the Royal Family saluted erstwhile the Queen's coffin was taken into the Abbey. But Andrew and Harry simply stood inactive due to the fact that they were not allowed to deterioration subject uniform, arsenic neither are present moving royals.

It comes aft Harry and Andrew were besides prohibited from saluting astatine the ceremonial procession to Westminster Hall. Andrew did besides not salute astatine the vigil successful Edinburgh for the aforesaid reason.

The determination to prohibition Harry and Andrew from wearing subject uniforms successful astir events pursuing the Queen's decease astatine Balmoral is simply a reminder of however some present person constricted engagement successful the Royal Family.

Prince Harry spent 10 years successful the Army, but helium was stripped of his honorary subject titles successful 2020 aft helium and his woman announced they were stepping down arsenic elder moving royals and moving abroad.

His uncle the Duke of York, who was forced to basal down from nationalist beingness successful 2019 implicit the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, is the lone different royal banned from wearing subject azygous astatine the ceremonial events and funeral.

Meghan was 'unresponsive' to Queen Consort Camilla's attempts to springiness her proposal and enactment erstwhile she archetypal joined the Royal Family, publication claims

By Jessica Taylor for MailOnline 

The Duchess of Sussex was 'unresponsive' to Queen Consort Camilla's proposal to her erstwhile she archetypal joined The Firm, a royal publication has claimed.

A caller biography of the Queen Consort, written by Angela Levin, claims the then-Duchess of Cornwall organised lunches with Meghan and did her champion to invited her into the household - but her proposal fell level with an 'unresponsive' Meghan.

An extract of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: A Royal Survivor, which was published successful the Telegraph, Levin claims Camilla was keen to assistance Meghan astatine the opening of her narration with Harry aft herself struggling to beryllium accepted by the Royal Family, and 'warmly' welcomed her erstwhile she archetypal arrived successful London.

A biography of the Queen Consort Camilla, written by Angela Levin, claims the then-Duchess of Cornwall was keen to invited Meghan into the household (Meghan and Queen Consort Camilla astatine the Queen's ceremonial astatine Westminster Abbey connected Monday)

Levin added King Charles, who was past Prince of Wales, enjoyed Meghan's institution and often spoke to her astir theatre and the arts.

In an effort to assistance the Duchess of Sussex 'find her feet', the Queen Consort advised her connected however to grip the unit of being successful the nationalist oculus and the scrutiny she would look arsenic a elder subordinate of the Royal Family.

Levin quoted an unnamed root who told her astatine the time: 'She doesn’t privation to spot anyone struggling and she is fond of Meghan.'

Despite Camilla's efforts, Levin claimed the Duchess 'seemed bored' and 'preferred to spell her ain way' successful carving retired a relation for herself wrong The Firm. 

The writer besides acknowledged the Duchess of Sussex's estimation wrong the household for being an incredibly hard worker, noting the cookbook she made contributions to which had been enactment unneurotic by survivors of the Grenfell Tower occurrence successful 2017.

Paying tribute to Meghan's enactment with the Grenfell community, Levin noted however the Queen Consort invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, positive Camilla's person Lucia Santa Cruz, to luncheon astatine Highgrove, and made definite the paper had been cultivated specifically from recipes successful the Grenfell Tower cookbook - which Lucia described arsenic 'a truly bully gesture'.

The relationship elaborate by Levin comes arsenic different royal publication claims the Queen Consort 'spluttered implicit her tea' erstwhile Prince Harry suggested bringing successful a third-party mediator to heal the rift betwixt himself and Meghan and the remainder of the family.

Levin claimed Meghan was 'unresponsive' to Camilla's efforts to counsel her connected the accrued scrutiny she would person arsenic a elder subordinate of the Royal Family (pictured: King Charles, Queen Consort, Harry and Meghan astatine Charles's 70th birthday)

In The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth's Legacy and the Future of the Crown, by Katie Nicholl, which has been serialised successful Vanity Fair, Nicholl wrote however relations betwixt the Duke and Duchess and the remainder of the household were astir strained aft Harry and Meghan did not travel to the UK successful March 2021 to be the Duke of Edinburgh's memorial service.

At the time, reports claimed Harry had concerns implicit his family's information arrangements portion successful the UK.

Nicholl wrote that King Charles, who was past Prince of Wales, invited Harry and Meghan to beverage conscionable weeks aft the Duke of Edinburgh's memorial service, arsenic the mates stopped disconnected successful the UK earlier heading to The Hague to be an Invictus Games event.

However, an unnamed household person told Nicholl the gathering was 'awkward' and lone lasted for astir 15 minutes aft the Duke and Duchess were precocious to conscionable then-Prince Charles and then-Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla.

They claimed: '[Harry] really suggested that they usage a mediator to effort and benignant things out, which had Charles somewhat bemused and Camilla spluttering into her tea.'

They added the Queen Consort told the Duke his proposition was 'ridiculous' and that they would resoluteness their differences wrong the family.

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