Prince Andrew 'lobbied' Queen to stop Charles becoming King: Biography claims a 'plot' with Diana

5 days ago

Prince Andrew secretly plotted with Princess Diana and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson to effort to forestall Charles becoming King and let Prince William to instrumentality the throne with the Duke of York arsenic Regent, an explosive new biography claimed today.   

Andrew is besides alleged to have 'lobbied' the Queen and campaigned against the matrimony betwixt Charles and Camilla, present King and Queen Consort, telling his parent that she was not trustworthy.

Angela Levin's caller publication connected the beingness of Camilla, serialised successful the Telegraph, claims that the Duke of York was 'very nasty' to her and conspired with Princess Diana to forestall the Queen's eldest lad from becoming King. 

Under his alleged plan, William, past a teenager, would person been lined up for the throne had the Queen died with Charles pushed retired and Andrew made Regent until the present Prince of Wales was 18.

Citing a 'senior insider', Ms Levin writes that the Duke of York 'plotted' with Diana to 'push Prince Charles aside', with the purpose of Prince Andrew becoming 'Regent to Prince William'.

'Andrew lobbied precise hard with the anticipation that Charles would not go king erstwhile his parent died, and that William would deterioration the crown', she said.

Ms Levin added the Prince 'lobbied precise hard' to effort and forestall his older member from taking to the throne.

Prince Andrew is said to person 'lobbied' the Queen to effort and presumption himself arsenic Regent to Prince William

The Prince is besides said to person opposed the now-King Charles matrimony to Camilla

Andrew's alleged crippled would person seen William connected the throne should the Queen person died - with Andrew arsenic Regent

A 'senior insider' astatine the palace is said to person told Ms Levin: 'When Diana was alive, done her relationship with Andrew's woman Sarah, [Duchess of York] she plotted with Andrew to effort to propulsion Prince Charles speech truthful Prince Andrew could go Regent to Prince William, who was past a teenager.

'They were acheronian and unusual times, wherever paranoia became reality, and this was a worry. 

The explosive claims are successful Angela Levin's caller biography, based astir Camilla's life

'His behaviour was very, precise antagonistic and highly unpleasant to Queen [Elizabeth], who disagreed. I was told it was 1 of the uncommon occasions helium didn't get his way.

'Nonetheless, helium was seemingly precise aggravated that helium couldn't regularisation the state successful immoderate way. He remained truthful hostile to Camilla's emergence and acceptance that it's doubtful it has ever been forgiven.'

Buckingham Palace and representatives for the Duke of York person been contacted for comment. 

Ms Levin besides wrote astir the Duke's hostility to Charles' matrimony to Camilla, claiming Andrew was 'poisonous' and 'very nasty' astir her to the precocious Queen Elizabeth.

The insider said: 'He tried to transportation the Queen to artifact Charles marrying Camilla by being rather poisonous, mean, unhelpful and precise nasty astir Camilla.' 

These claims allegedly included that Camilla was insufficiently aristocratic and was untrustworthy. 

In 1998, erstwhile Charles turned 50, a enactment was thrown but the Queen and Prince Philip declined successful lawsuit Camilla was there.

Camilla’s adjacent person Lucia Santa Cruz said: “When Camilla was joined to Andrew Parker Bowles, she utilized to spell to Balmoral with him and articulation the Royal family. They got connected marvellously good with her… But erstwhile the matrimony failed and she was with Prince Charles, she was rejected and got each the blame, which was truthful unfair'.

The Duke of York and King Charles person reportedly had a strained narration implicit the years, which has worsened dramatically since Prince Andrew's ties to paedophile Jeffrey Epstein emerged. 

When Buckingham Palace announced successful January that the Prince would beryllium stripped of each his subject titles and patronages, and would support his enactment maltreatment lawsuit against Virginia Giuffre arsenic a backstage citizen, it was understood the now-King had been instrumental successful influencing the decision.

The Queen is said to person ever had a brushed spot for her 2nd son, the Duke of York

A palace insider told Angela Levin that Prince Andrew was 'poisonous' and 'very nasty' astir Camilla (pictured following the religion blessing of their civilian wedding ceremony)

Princess Diana is said to person been supportive of her son, Prince William, ascending to the throne up of his father

At the time, palace sources said the 'ruthless and swift' determination had been 'widely discussed' wrong the Royal Family pursuing Andrew's failed bid to transportation a justice to disregard the civilian lawsuit.

Prince Charles and his lad William were understood to person been 'instrumental' successful the determination to unit him retired from being an progressive subordinate of the royal family. 

Charles was said to person spoken to his parent by telephone to stock his thoughts connected the decision. 

An wrong root astatine the palace said astatine the time: 'It was a ruthless and swift determination which volition person been recommended by the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge and sanctioned by the Queen.'

It was aboriginal reported successful February that Charles had told his member to enactment 'out of sight' astatine authoritative events. 

Prince Andrew has since reached a colony with Ms Giuffre, successful which helium did not admit immoderate wrongdoing. 

Angela Levin has antecedently published biographies of the royal family, including Prince Harry successful 2018 and connected Prince William and Kate successful 2015. 

Her latest work, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outcast to Queen Consort, explores Camilla's narration with elder members of the royal household and however they person evolved implicit time.

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