Pregnant Cressida Bonas steps out in London wearing a green coat over her growing baby bump

2 months ago

Cressida Bonas looked cosy arsenic she donned a chic greenish overgarment implicit her increasing babe bump portion walking her dog successful London this week.  

The actress, 33, who dated Prince Harry for 2 years until 2014, looked chic successful the agelong coat, which she paired with achromatic leggings and achromatic trainers.

Friends confirmed successful precocious July that Cressida is expecting her archetypal kid with hubby Harry Wentworth-Stanley, who she wed successful 2020. 

Keeping the remainder of her look style, she accessorised the outfit with a classical brace of tortoiseshell shades.

Cressida Bonas, who is expecting a babe with her husband Harry Wentworth-Stanley, was snapped successful London this week, walking her dog

The histrion donned a chic greenish belted overgarment to ward disconnected the bracing Autumn upwind arsenic she walked done the capital's street 

In an effort to stave disconnected the bracing Autumn breeze, Cressida wore a beige knit nether her coat, which was wrapped astir her increasing bump and belted shut.

Her blonde locks were styled into a casual half-up, half-down do, and she appeared make-up free.

Keeping her institution arsenic she strode down the thoroughfare was her beloved dachshund Budgie Bear.     

Cressida is expecting her archetypal kid with Harry Wentworth-Stanley who is the lad of Clare Mountbatten, Marchioness of Milford Haven, and her archetypal hubby Nicholas Philip Wentworth-Stanley.   

Cressida looked some casual and chic successful her greenish coat, which she paired with achromatic leggings and a brace of achromatic trainers

Meanwhile, Cressida finished her look with a casual half-up, half-down do, putting her blonde tresses into a escaped apical knot

The mates tied the knot astatine the exclusive Cowdray Park, successful Midhurst, West Sussex, connected July 27, 2020, erstwhile conscionable 30 guests were allowed astatine weddings owed to Covid-10 restrictions.

Only a fistful of photos of the backstage nuptials emerged astatine the time, including 1 of the bride and groom riding disconnected into the sunset connected horseback. Cressida aboriginal revealed she wore a a £599 Whistles frock she antecedently sported successful a James Arthur euphony video.

Prince Harry and Cressida divided successful 2014, reportedly due to the fact that Cressida was bushed of the scrutiny that came with dating a subordinate of the royal family. 

Friends of 33-year-old Cressida (pictured) confirmed successful July that the histrion is expecting a baby

As she walked done London, Cressida wore an elaborate bejewelled ringing connected her 3rd finger

However the mates stay connected bully presumption and socialise successful akin circles, with Princess Eugenie, who introduced the couple, among Cressida's closest friends. 

Cressida adjacent attended her ex-boyfriend's wedding to Meghan Markle successful May 2018.

A household subordinate told MailOnline the conscionable 30 of Cressida and Harry's closest household and friends attended the ceremony, successful keeping with the government's Covid-19 restrictions.

'It was a beauteous ceremonial and they are conscionable truthful happy,' the root said astatine the time. 'It was a precise backstage and intimate ceremonial and that is what they wanted.

The OTHER Harry! Who is Cressida Bonas' well-heeled husband Harry Wentworth-Stanley?

Cressida and Harry, pictured successful 2017, dated successful assemblage earlier rekindling their romance aft her divided from Prince Harry

Harry Wentworth-Stanley, an subordinate manager astatine property agents Savills, is the lad of Nick Wentworth-Stanley, a debonair Old Etonian, and Clare, present the Marchioness of Milford Haven, who acquired the rubric upon her 2nd matrimony to Harry’s stepfather, the Marquess of Milford Haven.  

Before his narration with his present woman became official, Harry, who is dashingly handsome and 6ft 4in tall, was regarded arsenic 1 of London's astir eligible bachelors.   

He inherited his looks from his mother, Clare, a quality who remains stunning. There was a brother, James, 4 years his senior, and younger sister Louisa. When Harry was a child, his parent and begetter divorced. In 1997, Clare joined George, Marquess of Milford Haven, a relative of the Queen, himself divorced with 2 children.

The household settled astatine Great Trippetts, an property acceptable successful 1,000 acres successful the Sussex Downs. For a time, beingness was perfect. Clare stayed connected bully presumption with her erstwhile husband, Nick Wentworth-Stanley, who went connected to wed Dutch quality Millie Brenninkmeyer, with whom helium had 3 much children. 

Shortly earlier Christmas 2006, the Marquess and Marchioness and their children went to enactment with Nick and his woman successful Worcestershire. James, Harry’s elder brother, was recovering from a comparatively insignificant procedure. The cognition was a success, but James had go precise anxious successful the days that followed.

Harry Wentworth-Stanley, an subordinate manager astatine property agents Savills, is the lad of Nick Wentworth-Stanley, a debonair Old Etonian, and Clare, present the Marchioness of Milford Haven, who acquired the rubric upon her 2nd matrimony to Harry’s stepfather, the Marquess of Milford Haven. Pictured, the Marquess and Marchioness successful 2017

One evening, the household were gathered successful the location erstwhile they heard a changeable fired. They rushed extracurricular to find James lying dead.

The household was shattered by the tragedy.

Clare was floored by her son’s suicide. Touchingly, it was Harry, past 17, who helped her done it. She said successful an interrogation 18 months aft James’ death: ‘For the involvement of the different children, you person to acceptable an example. If you are strong, it gives them support to beryllium strong. If you autumn to bits, they will.

Harry's begetter is Nick Wentworth-Stanley, pictured, a debonair Old Etonian

‘The time aft James died, his member Harry said his biggest fearfulness was that it would destruct me, and that would destruct everything else. It abruptly made maine consciousness however important I was.’

The mates had a superior narration erstwhile they were some students astatine Leeds University. The mates were known to their assemblage — for reasons that aren’t wholly wide — arsenic ‘Water-Cress’. The romance petered retired erstwhile helium took disconnected for a spread twelvemonth to Argentina successful 2011 aft graduating.

Friends person antecedently said Cressida wasn’t rather implicit Harry erstwhile different Harry — Prince Harry himself — began pursuing her successful the summertime of 2012 and a romance began. There were concerts, rugby matches, skiing trips and cosy nights successful astatine Kensington Palace.  

However the mates divided successful 2014 aft 3 years together. 

The pursuing twelvemonth Harry Wentworth-Stanley and Cressida were photographed connected a Valentine's Day date, though their narration became nationalist and authoritative successful 2017. 

In August past twelvemonth Harry projected portion connected a travel to the US and the couple's smiles successful the Instagram announcement told followers each they needed to cognize astir their emotion for each other.  

Harry arsenic a young lad with his stepfather, Marquess of Milford Haven (left), sister Louise (front), parent Clare (centre), the Marquess' member Lord Ivar Mouthbatten, his children Ella and Alix and past woman Penny (right) astatine Cowdray Park successful 2001

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