Pompeo: 'The Chinese Communist Party Has Declared Economic War on America'

5 days ago

During Wednesday’s “The Ingraham Angle,” erstwhile Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lamented executives successful the U.S. fiscal sector.

Host Laura Ingraham played a video of Citibank CEO Jane Fraser informing astir the imaginable consequences of pulling backmost from China.

“When we look astatine the clients that we serve, galore of them are multinational clients successful China,” Fraser said. “And we spot that determination is simply a precocious grade of interdependence. We’ve got to instrumentality a strategical presumption successful America arsenic to wherever it is that we request much strategical independency and to physique that successful a thoughtful manner. But besides successful a mode that doesn’t origin crises, economical crises.”

Pompeo reacted by noting that Fraser and others successful precocious concern had not acknowledged the “economic war” the Chinese had declared connected the United States.

“[I] volition archer you, it besides sounds an atrocious batch what I heard from Chinese leaders, Chinese enactment saying, ‘Oh, we’re truthful connected, it’ll beryllium truly atrocious for you.’ This is precisely the wrongheaded reasoning that for 40 years didn’t admit that the Chinese Communist Party has declared economical warfare connected America, they stoke their system connected the backmost of America, and we allowed them to bash it.”

“I anticipation our elder fiscal leaders volition statesman to genuinely recognize that they are American companies with American involvement and bash the things that volition support American state and enactment existent spot connected the Chinese Communist Party to statesman to behave,” helium added.

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