Podcast Payola: Guests Are Paying Up to $50,000 to Appear on Popular Shows

5 days ago

A caller study from Bloomberg reveals that immoderate podcast guests are paying arsenic overmuch arsenic $50,000 to look connected fashionable podcasts.

Bloomberg reports that a caller epoch of pay-for-play podcasting has emerged wherever guests are paying ample sums of wealth to look connected fashionable podcasts. Bloomberg conducted interviews with dozens of podcast manufacture sources and recovered that this is astir fashionable among podcasts successful the wellness, cryptocurrency, and concern arenas.

Many of these podcasts accepting ample payouts neglect to notation erstwhile a impermanent has paid for an appearance. Craig Delsack, a New York-based media lawyer, commented: “As idiosyncratic who’s making wealth for that benignant of advertorial content, it should beryllium disclosed. It’s conscionable bully signifier and builds spot with the podcaster. It can’t beryllium the Wild West.”

An FTC spokesperson said that it cannot remark connected specifics, saying: “But this is our wide guidance: Regardless of the mean successful which an advertizing oregon promotional connection is disseminated, deception occurs erstwhile consumers acting reasonably nether the circumstances are misled astir its quality oregon source, and specified misleading content is apt to impact their decisions oregon behaviour regarding the advertised merchandise oregon the advertising.”

However, the signifier appears to beryllium increasing successful popularity amongst podcasters. The online level Guestio precocious raised implicit $1 cardinal to physique a marketplace devoted to brokering paid impermanent appearances. Guestio’s founder, Travis Chappell, noted that radical regularly wage public-relations firms to transportation them to podcasts arsenic guests but that this wealth is amended spent going straight to the podcaster.

“I was starting to recognize these podcasters are moving their asses disconnected to physique this audience, and past this bureau makes wealth due to the fact that they complaint this lawsuit for the booking,” helium said. “The lone idiosyncratic who doesn’t marque wealth is the idiosyncratic who took the clip to physique the assemblage successful the archetypal place.”

Read much astatine Bloomberg here.

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