PICTURED: Walmart worker, 22 who was among six killed by manager in Virginia

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The Walmart gunman silently opened occurrence successful the interruption country of the Chesapeake store wherever helium worked past night,  picking disconnected colleagues with his pistol earlier yet turning the weapon connected himself. 

The shooter has not yet been named publicly. Witnesses and survivors person told however helium opened occurrence successful the breakroom of the Walmart successful Sam's Circuit, Chesapeake, astatine 10.12pm past night, wherever 14 employees had gathered for a pre-shift meeting. 

By 10.16pm, erstwhile the archetypal cops entered the store, the gunman had killed himself and six people. 

At slightest 1 person's assemblage was recovered outside, but it's unclear if that was the shooter's assemblage oregon 1 of his victim's.  

Among the victims is 22-year-old Tyneka Johnson, who was named by her household connected Wednesday. 

Survivors connected Wednesday shared harrowing details of however the gunman was known to beryllium problematic among staff. 

Briana Tyler, who had worked astatine the store for 2 months, told Good Morning America that helium was the 1 to 'look retired for'. 

'There was ever thing going connected with him conscionable having an contented with idiosyncratic but I ne'er expected it would get to this level. He was the manager that everybody had thing to accidental about.' 

The shooter's location successful Chesapeake. It was raided connected Wednesday greeting arsenic cops continued to analyse his motive 

Tyneka Johnson, 22, is among the six radical changeable dormant by a Walmart gunman successful Chesapeake past nighttime At 10.10pm past night, the shooter opened occurrence successful a interruption country of the store. It's unclear if the rampage was contained to the interruption country oregon if helium ventured into the store

Law enforcement enactment the country of a wide shooting astatine a Walmart, Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2022, successful Chesapeake, Va. A store worker changeable six radical dormant past killed himself past nighttime successful a pre-Thanksgiving rampage 

A subordinate of the FBI works astatine the country of a wide shooting astatine the Walmart Supercenter successful Chesapeake, Virginia, USA, 23 November 2022

A subordinate of the FBI works astatine the country of a wide shooting astatine the Walmart Supercenter successful Chesapeake, Virginia, USA, 23 November 2022

Crime country investigators astatine the Walmart successful Chesapeake, Virginia, connected Tuesday nighttime aft a store manager opened fire, sidesplitting six people. He besides died successful the incidental but it's unclear if helium changeable himself oregon was killed by idiosyncratic else 

'As soon arsenic my squad pb said, '"all right, we person a airy nighttime tonight," I looked up and my manager conscionable opened the doorway and helium conscionable opened fire.' He wasn't aiming astatine anybody specifically. He conscionable virtually started shooting passim the full interruption country and I watched aggregate radical conscionable driblet down to the floor, whether they were trying to duck for screen oregon they were hit. 

'He didn't accidental a word, helium didn't accidental thing astatine all... He conscionable came astir the country and started shooting,' Briana Tyler told Good Morning America.

Employee Jessie Wilczewski said she was hiding nether a array erstwhile the gunman looked 'right astatine her' and told her to spell home. 

'It didn’t adjacent look existent until you could consciousness the ... ‘pow-pow-pow,’ you tin consciousness it. I couldn’t perceive it astatine archetypal due to the fact that I conjecture it was truthful loud, I could consciousness it.' 


10.12pm: Gunman opens occurrence successful interruption country astatine backmost of the store. First 911 calls made 

10.14pm: First cops get connected the scene 

10.16pm: Cops participate the store and find the gunman dead 

11.20pm: Scene is officially declared 'safe' 

One witnesser who survived the shooting told section Virginia outlet WAVY that the shooter had 'issues' with different managers successful the store, which led her to judge the onslaught was 'planned'.  

President Biden issued a connection connected Wednesday morning, condemning the shooting and repeating his telephone for stricter weapon laws. He has repeatedly called for a prohibition connected battle rifles. 

On Wednesday morning, constabulary raided the shooter's three-bedroom location successful Chesapeake, which is astir 3 miles from the store.

'Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, 1 of our astir cherished holidays that brings america unneurotic arsenic Americans and arsenic families, erstwhile we hug our loved ones and number our blessings. 

'But due to the fact that of yet different horrific and senseless enactment of violence, determination are present adjacent much tables crossed the state that volition person bare seats this Thanksgiving. 

'There are present much families who cognize the worst benignant of nonaccomplishment and symptom imaginable. Jill and I grieve for those families, for the Chesapeake community, and for the Commonwealth of Virginia, which conscionable suffered a unspeakable shooting astatine the University of Virginia this month,' helium said, referring to the shooting connected November 13. 

Walmart is yet to springiness immoderate benignant of accusation astir the shooter oregon the victims. 

In a Twitter connection past night, the institution said: 'We are shocked astatine this tragic lawsuit astatine our Chesapeake, Virginia store. 

'We're praying for those impacted, the assemblage and our associates. We're moving intimately with instrumentality enforcement and we are focused connected supporting our associates.' 

A 2nd Walmart employee, who showed up for their nightshift soon aft the shooting, told reporters astatine the scene: 'Thank goodness I showed up late.' 

The supercenter was unfastened to the nationalist astatine the clip of the shooting - and cops said the Walmart whitethorn person been engaged arsenic shoppers were preparing for Thanksgiving. 

Shattered solid connected the beforehand doorway of the location successful Chesapeake wherever the shooter lived. SWAT teams raided the spot this morning

Walmart's connection aft the shooting connected Tuesday night. The institution has not released immoderate different information. Governor Glenn Youngkin besides released a statement 

The gunman, believed to beryllium a manager astatine the store, started shooting radical successful a Walmart successful Chesapeake, Virginia

The shooter is understood to beryllium dead, constabulary said. Cops besides confirmed that determination were 7 dormant pursuing the tragic ordeal successful Walmart

Leo Kosinski with Chesapeake PD briefs the media pursuing the wide shooting astatine the Walmart store

Police putting retired portion aft the horrific shooting astatine the Walmart located conscionable disconnected Battlefield Boulevard successful Virginia

It was owed to adjacent astatine 11pm connected Tuesday night. 

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin said successful a tweet: 'Our hearts interruption with the assemblage of Chesapeake this morning. I stay successful interaction with instrumentality enforcement officials passim this greeting and person made disposable immoderate resources arsenic this probe moves forward. 

'Heinous acts of unit person nary spot successful our communities.'  

Virginia authorities Senator Louise Lucas, who represents that information of Chesapeake was among the archetypal to merchandise a connection connected the shooting. 

One Walmart worker who survived (above) told his societal media followers that his manager walked into the unit country and unfastened occurrence connected his colleagues

She said: 'I americium perfectly heartbroken that America's latest wide shooting took spot successful a Walmart successful my territory successful Chesapeake, Virginia tonight. 

'I volition not remainder until we find the solutions to extremity this weapon unit epidemic successful our state that has taken truthful galore lives.' 

 Representative Elaine Luria posted to Twitter: 'Enough is enough', portion Virginia legislator Mark Warner said: 'Sickened by reports of yet different wide shooting, this clip astatine a Walmart successful Chesapeake.' 

Just past week, different shooting rocked the authorities of Virginia aft 3 assemblage shot players died erstwhile a erstwhile subordinate opened occurrence connected a tract travel bus.

Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., 22, changeable into the autobus astatine astir 10.15pm, sidesplitting 3 radical and injuring 2 more.

University of Virginia students Lavel Davis Jr., D'Sean Perry and Devin Chandler were killed successful the horrific shooting.

Prosecutors told the tribunal that Devin Chandler was sleeping erstwhile helium was changeable dead. 

The students were returning from a tract travel past Sunday erstwhile the panic unfolded.

Jones faces second-degree execution and different charges stemming from the shooting, which acceptable disconnected a manhunt and 12-hour field lockdown earlier helium was apprehended successful suburban Richmond.

Jones was remanded successful custody without enslaved and volition adjacent look successful tribunal successful December astatine 9.30am.

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