PHOTOS: Madam C.J. Walker Barbie Doll Honors America's First Self-Made Woman Millionaire

3 months ago

A doll from the Barbie postulation shines the spotlight connected Madam C.J. Walker, the archetypal documented self-made pistillate millionaire.

“As a pioneer successful entrepreneurship, philanthropy and activism, creating the blueprint for the self-made American businesswoman and innovators of the twentieth century, Madam C.J. Walker is an embodiment of our Barbie Inspiring Women series,” said Lisa McKnight, enforcement vice president and planetary caput of Barbie and dolls for Mattel, the Indianapolis Star reported Saturday.

In the merchandise details, Mattel said Walker was calved Sarah Breedlove successful 1867 connected a Louisiana fabric plantation.

“The girl of parents who were formerly enslaved and became sharecroppers, Walker would go a palmy entrepreneur and the nation’s archetypal documented self-made pistillate millionaire,” the institution noted.

In a societal media station connected Wednesday, Barbie shared photos of the doll wearing a turquoise skirt, puffed sleeve blouse, and pearl earrings:

#Barbie is arrogant to present Madam CJ Walker arsenic the newest doll successful the Inspiring Women line. With unflinching determination, Madam Walker was the nation’s archetypal self-made pistillate millionaire, creating a concern that pioneered modern Black haircare.

— Barbie (@Barbie) August 24, 2022

Walker built her luck with homemade haircare products for achromatic women. She was inspired by her ain experiences with hairsbreadth loss.

Thus, the “Walker system” of hairsbreadth attraction was born, according to

A talented entrepreneur with a knack for self-promotion, Walker built a concern empire, astatine archetypal selling products straight to Black women, past employing “beauty culturalists” to hand-sell her wares. The self-made millionaire utilized her luck to money scholarships for women astatine the Tuskegee Institute and donated ample parts of her wealthiness to the NAACP, the Black YMCA and different charities.

The Mattel website besides featured dolls highlighting humanities figures including Ida B. Wells, Ella Fitzgerald, and Susan B. Anthony.

The Walker doll, priced astatine $35.00, came with a “Madam C.J. Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower” accessory.

“When Madam Walker started her institution successful 1906 determination were precise fewer women who were successful business. She and Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden were women who were each successful the aforesaid boat,” biographer A’Lelia Bundles said successful 2013:

“They were trying to make an industry. People didn’t adjacent instrumentality them seriously. She traveled doorway to door, municipality to town, teaching individuals successful churches and successful people’s parlors and wherever she could,” Bundles added.

“She could spot yet it truly wasn’t arsenic overmuch astir the hairsbreadth attraction product, though that was important successful an epoch erstwhile women didn’t person entree to those products. But it besides was precise overmuch astir empowering women and astir helping women go economically independent,” she concluded.

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