Pennsylvania High School to Host 'After School Satan Club' Event

3 months ago

The Satanic Temple (TST) is readying connected hosting an “After School Satan Club” back-to-school lawsuit astatine a Pennsylvania precocious schoolhouse adjacent month.

On Tuesday, Officials from Northern York County School District approved the lawsuit to beryllium hosted astatine Northern High School successful Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, Fox 43 reported.

Dillsburg is the aforesaid municipality wherever a section schoolhouse committee changeable down TST from hosting an “After School Satan Club” lawsuit astatine an simple schoolhouse successful April, Breitbart News reported astatine the time.

Parents and residents expressed their staunch absorption to the enactment hosting an lawsuit successful the assemblage backmost successful April.

“They already took God retired of schools present they’re going to fto Satan in, it’s conscionable crazy,” said Perry County Resident Jennifer McAllister backmost successful April, according to Fox 34.

“There is simply a batch of evil already successful this world, truthful to let it to travel into our schoolhouse and our assemblage is not OK,” different parent, Laura Vangeli, said astatine the clip via WHP.

A spokesperson from the temple said the lawsuit should beryllium viewed likewise to spiritual state law.

“We’re talking astir upholding cardinal pillars of ideology and the First Amendment,” said Lucien Graves, a co-founder of TST.

Does your child’s schoolhouse request an after-school nine arsenic an alternate to the Good News Club oregon different spiritual clubs? After School Satan Club (ASSC) is back! #EducatinWithSatan #ASSC #AfterSchoolSatan #TheSatanicTemple

— The Satanic Temple (@satanic_temple_) January 8, 2022

“The Northern York County School District released a connection astir the event, saying that it does not endorse the enactment of extracurricular organizations that rent its facilities,” according to Fox 34.

In May, parents and different protesters prayed and rallied against TST from hosting a akin “After School Satan Club” lawsuit astatine an simple schoolhouse successful Greensboro, North Carolina, Breitbart News noted.

After the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade in June, TST deemed itself a “beacon of light” successful pushing for pro-abortion policies. The temple’s website further claims that “Satanic abortions are protected by spiritual liberty laws.”

The temple announced that it was recognized arsenic a “church” with tax-exempt presumption by the IRS, Breitbart News noted successful 2019.

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