Packers QB Aaron Rodgers opens up to Joe Rogan about ayahuasca

3 months ago

Ayahuasca not lone helped Aaron Rodgers triumph back-to-back NFL MVP awards, but the almighty Amazonia psychedelic has the powerfulness to cure the world's problems, too, oregon truthful says the Green Bay Packers quarterback.

'[There was] maine and maine aft ayahuasca,' Rodgers told his person and wellness guru, podcaster Joe Rogan, during Saturday's episode.

The 38-year-old Rodgers revealed earlier this period that helium drank the hallucinogenic brew during a travel to Peru successful 2020, emerging with 'a heavy and meaningful appreciation for life,' arsenic good arsenic a person transportation with teammates that's helped him seizure consecutive MVP honors.

The psychedelic travel did not interruption NFL rules connected prohibited substances, but it did springiness him caller position connected himself and his transportation to 'all sentient beings and each plants and fungi.'

Speaking with Rogan, a longtime comedian whose proposal helium sought portion battling COVID-19 past November, Rodgers suggested that a batch of the world's problems could beryllium fixed if much radical took psychedelic mushrooms.

Rogan was successful contiguous agreement.

'Isn't it comic that that sounds similar a brainsick happening to say, but that would virtually hole the world: if much radical had psychedelic trips and much radical had much experiences that dissolved their ego and much radical had an knowing that assemblage isn't conscionable a clump of radical that unrecorded together, it's a clump of radical that attraction astir each different — and that we could dainty the satellite similar a community,' Rogan said.

'Couldn't hold with you more,' Rodgers replied.

Ayahuasca not lone helped Aaron Rodgers triumph back-to-back NFL MVP awards, but the almighty Amazonia psychedelic has the powerfulness to cure the world's problems, too, oregon truthful says the Green Bay Packers quarterback

Joe Rogan (pictured) is simply a person of Rodgers' and wellness guru to the Packers QB, aft advising him connected his COVID-19 attraction options backmost successful November 

Ayahuasca is recovered successful South America and causes hallucinations erstwhile consumed successful a liquid 

Rogan asked however my psychedelic usage takes spot among NFL players, but Rodgers declined, saying helium didn't truly know.

What the California autochthonal did cognize is that the revelation of his ayahuasca travel piqued the involvement of a assortment of people.

'It's been truly absorbing to spot the radical reaching out, crossed the league — and there's been a batch of radical extracurricular the league, entertainers, sports people, conscionable friends from the past, radical who enactment astatine the [Packers practice] facility, conscionable the 9-to-5 radical — each funny successful works medicine,' Rodgers said.

'I deliberation it's been truly interesting. I deliberation there's a hunger for what I experienced, what you talked astir connected mushrooms — this decease of the ego, this realization that we're each connected, this greater consciousness of what assemblage is.'

Rodgers says the usage of psychedelics tin assistance bushed slump by teaching radical to emotion themselves.

'… erstwhile you dissolve the ego, the magnitude of emotion that you tin springiness backmost to yourself and past different people, it takes away, for me, truthful overmuch judgement of myself and others, truthful overmuch separation betwixt myself and others,' Rodgers continued.

'The greater consciousness of transportation was overwhelming erstwhile I benignant of came retired of that and got backmost to 'reality,' oregon whatever. It's similar 'oh s***, present here's the integration.' Here's maine successful a antithetic form. Here's my reflection that I spot of myself and you, and we're each f***ing connected successful specified a deeper way. Just doing a works that's been utilized for generations successful the Amazon jungles. And I got the aforesaid feeling connected mushrooms arsenic good — conscionable an unthinkable transportation to quality and beingness and each sentient beings and each plants and fungi.'

Green Bay Packers backmost Aaron Rodgers (12) walks connected the tract earlier an NFL preseason shot crippled against the New Orleans Saints connected August 19

Rodgers didn't antecedently see himself to beryllium a bitter person, but aft ayahuasca, helium thinks he's done a amended occupation of shedding negativity.

'Of my erstwhile self, I consciousness similar the choler and bitterness and resentment and negativity, that I kinda like, standard, locomotion astir with — and it wasn't similar a super-high level — but I felt similar coming retired of those experiences, it's like: 'that s*** don't adjacent matter,' helium said. 'Like, kindness matters. Connection matters.

'Being contiguous with people, having conversations matters,' Rodgers continued, adding accent arsenic helium began targeting integer communication. 'Putting your f***ing exertion distant and connecting with them — due to the fact that I think, connected a deeper level, we each conscionable privation to beryllium seen and understood — and that's wherefore societal media is specified a platform, due to the fact that everyone is just: 'f***ing look astatine me! This is my opinion, and it f***ing matters!'

Rodgers and Rogan were some the targets of societal media disapproval backmost successful November, erstwhile it was revealed that the Packers QB was unvaccinated and infected with COVID-19.

The contention began earlier the 2021 season, erstwhile Rodgers was asked if helium was vaccinated, and alternatively told reporters that helium was 'immunized' against COVID-19.

What Rodgers didn't explicate astatine the clip was that helium did not receiver the vaccination, but rather, a doctor-prescribed therapeutic attraction aimed astatine bolstering his absorption to the virus.

That meaningful favoritism was clarified successful November, erstwhile Rodgers tested affirmative for coronavirus and was subsequently required to quarantine for 10 days — the minimum magnitude of clip an unvaccinated subordinate is asked to quarantine, per league rules astatine the clip (the NFL has since reduced quarantine time).

After initially blaming the media and the 'woke mob' for the misunderstanding, Rodgers told vigor big and erstwhile NFL punter Pat McAfee connected November 9 that helium wanted to apologize 'to anybody who felt misled.' He besides said helium combatted his COVID-19 corruption with recommendations from Rogan, a notorious vaccine skeptic.

With Rogan, though, Rodgers fundamentally admitted that helium utilized the connection 'immunized' to chopped disconnected treatment of his vaccination presumption earlier the media could observe helium had not received the injection.

'So I've been acceptable the full clip for this question and had thought astir however I wanted to reply it and I had travel to the decision I'm going to say, I've been 'immunized,'' Rodgers told Rogan connected his podcast.

'And if there's a travel up, past speech astir my process, but thought there's a anticipation that I accidental I'm immunized, possibly they recognize what that means.

'Maybe they don't, possibly they travel up. They didn't travel up. So, past I spell the play them thinking, immoderate of them, that I was vaccinated, right, due to the fact that the lone travel up they asked was fundamentally asking maine to rip connected my teammates, like, 'what bash you accidental to your teammates aren't vaccinated?'

Rodgers missed lone 1 crippled owed to the infection, but has been astatine warfare with reporters implicit a assortment of issues ever since, portion continuing to stock his skepticism implicit the vaccine.

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