NYC hit by spate of thefts on well-heeled residents by armed moped thieves

3 months ago

New York City has been deed by spate of caller thefts by equipped moped thieves who aggressively thrust up onto metropolis sidewalks and onslaught unsuspecting victims.

Three of the astir caller attacks happened implicit the play wherever thieves ripped a $12,000 Rolex ticker from a man's limb portion helium was walking successful Chelsea and the precise adjacent day, 2 women walking adjacent the Guggenheim Museum connected the Upper East Side fought disconnected thieves connected a moped who tried to snatch their jewelry. 

A 3rd onslaught happened successful Inwood. In each three, the thieves connected bikes leap the sidewalks, scope retired astatine their unsuspecting victims and effort to rob them. 

Major crime successful NYC is connected the emergence with a 35 percent summation since the aforesaid clip past year, according to NYPD data. Robberies, expansive larcenies, and car thefts fueling the transgression wave. 

This weekend's moped attacks began connected Friday erstwhile a 64-year-old antheral was ambushed arsenic helium was walking along West 23rd Street toward 7th Avenue successful Chelsea astir 1 p.m. 

Video shows thieves connected ungraded bikes and a moped jumping the curb and cornering him connected the sidewalk. One of the thieves past jumps disconnected the motorcycle and and forcibly grabs a $12,000 Rolex ticker disconnected the man's wrist and past shoves him to the ground. 

The antheral appears to beryllium doing his champion to bent connected to the watch, but wasn't capable to halt the thief. The unfortunate had insignificant cuts to his close limb and hand, but refused to beryllium treated astatine the scene. 

The adjacent day, 2 much brazen attacks involving thieves connected mopeds were reported successful Manhattan - including 1 near one of the city's astir fashionable museums.

On Friday, a 64-year-old antheral was walking on West 23rd Street toward 7th Avenue successful Chelsea astir 1 p.m. and snatched a $12,000 Rolex ticker from the victim's wrist, knocking him to the ground, earlier they sped off

The 2 masked men connected mopeds thrust up adjacent to the unsuspecting unfortunate and 1 tries to rip a Rolex ticker from his wrist

The masked thieves drawback the man's limb arsenic they effort to rip disconnected his pricy watch. He suffered insignificant injuries from the attack

The onslaught flung the unfortunate to the crushed arsenic helium fought to support his $12,000 watch. But helium was incapable to halt the thief

The 3 men connected bikes were wearing achromatic look masks, acheronian hooded sweatshirts, and acheronian pants. The ungraded motorcycle they were riding was greenish and white, and the moped was maroon, constabulary said

On Saturday, a brace of brazen thieves rode up connected 2 28-year-old women walking down a sidewalk conscionable astir the country from the Guggenheim Museum connected the Upper East Side. 

Police accidental the onslaught happened successful beforehand of 3 East 89th Street astir 12:17 p.m. arsenic the women, who were dressed successful workout gear, were nearing the fashionable museum.

Video shows the moped slowing down connected the sidewalk arsenic it passes the women and 1 of the thieves reaching retired successful an effort to snatch a necklace disconnected the woman's neck. The pistillate reacts by pulling distant from the thief, which caused her to stumble to the ground. 

As her person tries to propulsion her retired of harm's way, the passenger of the moped past hops disconnected the motorcycle and lunges astatine them, trying erstwhile much to drawback the necklace from the unfortunate who is present kicking astatine the thief from the sidewalk. 

The 2 thieves are seen connected video giving up arsenic they velocity disconnected connected the moped empty-handed. Police accidental the pistillate who was attacked had insignificant injuries but refused aesculapian attention. 

In different brazen onslaught the aforesaid afternoon, 2 men connected bikes attempted to bargain a necklace from an unsuspecting unfortunate walking connected the sidewalk successful Inwood, an Upper Manhattan neighborhood. 

The 3 astir caller moped attacks successful Manhattan happened connected Friday and Saturday past week successful the neighborhoods of Inwood, Chelsea, and adjacent the Guggenheim Museum connected the Upper East Side

On Saturday, a brace of brazen thieves rode up connected 2 28-year-old women walking down a sidewalk conscionable astir the country from the Guggenheim Museum connected the Upper East Side

The thieves attempted to snatch a necklace disconnected the woman's neck, but fights backmost against the thief's reach, which causes her to stumble to the ground. Her person is seen connected video trying to propulsion her distant from the suspects

Another presumption shows the thieves arsenic they thrust connected the sidewalk conscionable seconds earlier they attack the 2 women

The woman's person rushes to her broadside and pulls her from harm's mode aft the thieves effort to drawback her necklace

Police accidental the thieves connected a moped rode up onto the broadside connected the country of Nagle Avenue and Arden Street wherever they chased down a 29-year-old man. 

Video shows 1 thief maneuvering the bike, portion the different reaches retired and grabs astatine him and appears to onslaught him successful the head.

A Good Samaritan jumped successful to assistance the man, and the thieves fled from the country connected the moped portion 3 shots were reportedly fired. No 1 was injured successful the incident. 

'It's bully radical connected the artifact helped each different out,' Miseal Romano told ABC7

'That's thing nice, and bully to beryllium successful the assemblage wherever we person each other's back, adjacent though it's inactive beauteous scary.' 

In different brazen attack, this 1 successful Inwood, 2 men connected bikes thrust up onto the sidewalk and pursuit and unsuspecting unfortunate

The thieves attempted to bargain a necklace from the 29-year-old antheral who was walking connected the sidewalk successful Inwood. The antheral sees the motorcycle coming astatine him connected the sidewalk and starts running, but they caught up with him 

A Good Samaritan jumps into assistance but the thieves fly from the country connected the moped and 3 shots were reportedly fired

Residents told ABC7 that it's not antithetic to spot bikes connected the sidewalk, similar e-bikes that deliverymen use, truthful New Yorkers don't ever person their defender up.

Many of the bikes, including the ones progressive successful the incidents implicit the weekend, bash not person licence plates - which makes it harder for constabulary to way them down. No arrests person been made. 

Major transgression successful NYC is connected the emergence with a 35 percent summation since the aforesaid clip past year, according to NYPD data. Robberies, expansive larcenies, and car thefts fueling the transgression wave.

There were astir 3,000 much robberies reported to NYPD successful 2022 done August 21 than determination were past year.

Felony assaults and rape are besides somewhat up from past year, but the fig of murders and shooting victims has declined.

Mayor Eric Adams indicated helium won't beryllium entertaining calls to alteration the fig of cops successful the city, but volition discourage 'heavy-handed' policing from NYPD officers.

Police officers are portion of the mayor's 'public information apparatus,' helium said past week, adding: 'You can't region constabulary from this equation,' which includes dealing with the issues astir homelessness and improving the schoolhouse system.

He added helium doesn't program to halt talking astir transgression successful the Big Apple, and said 'I'm not going to beryllium inconsistent and not speech astir the unit that has happened successful our cities each day.'

Overall crimes are up by a 3rd so-far this year, compared for the aforesaid play of 2021, with felony assaults hitting 16,692 by August 21, compared to 14,045 for the aforesaid day past year.

Images of ongoing NYC unit person stunned the United States and overmuch of the remainder of the world, and are feared to beryllium hampering efforts to pull workers and tourists backmost to the COVID-ravaged metropolis.

Even New York City's high-end stores are taking a deed arsenic they've go a people for looters successful caller months. 

Earlier this month, a pack of thieves stole $30,000 worthy of covering from upmarket sportwear marque Lululemon portion a information defender stood by.

Seven thieves, believed to beryllium aged from 30 to 50-years-old, entered the store connected 14th Street and 9th Avenue with bare carts and laundry bags portion the defender glanced implicit arsenic they grabbed piles of covering connected August 16.

Another pistillate walked retired with a container filled of clothing, but the information defender didn't intervene 

The brazen robbers, targeting the posh West Village neighborhood, rushed retired of the store with their finds - without being apprehended by the information guard.

Store surveillance footage showed the thieves locomotion successful and retired the store astir noon - looting thousands of dollars worthy of merchandise arsenic the seemingly unbothered guard, dressed successful a achromatic garment and achromatic tie, stood by.

The 4 men and 3 women progressive successful the Lululemon robbery stay astatine ample arsenic the drawstring of robberies proceed to overrun the city.

This includes a perilous manhunt for a robber who pulled disconnected aggregate burglaries astatine high-end shops successful the aforesaid areas that amounts to $62,000 successful stolen merchandise.

New York's buying districts - including SoHo - person been nether siege by robbers and looters successful caller weeks, portion instrumentality enforcement person been slammed for their lax attack to the crimes.

A drawstring of West Village and SoHo covering robberies were coordinated by 1 suspect, the NYPD reports. All of the interruption ins took spot from July 3 until July 23, often betwixt closing times. These stores are: Loro Piana, Christian Louboutin, A.P.C., Scotch  Soda, Rag & Bone, Meermin Shoes and Bonobos

CCTV showed the unidentified thief breaking into a Rag and Bone store connected 104 Christopher Street connected July 14 astatine 8.05am. He made distant with $7,900 worthy of clothing.

The fishy lurked extracurricular the store's beforehand entranceway earlier helium shoved the solid framework and crawled wrong the store. He past filled up a trash container afloat of apparel earlier walking retired without immoderate alarms going off. The burglary lasted for 5 minutes, according to NBC New York.

Police described the fishy arsenic a achromatic antheral successful his mid-thirties, perchance 35-years-old, 5 feet 7 inches gangly and astir 180 pounds.

He was besides seen wearing a achromatic bob chapeau and a brownish overgarment successful the footage of the Rag and Bone store theft.

The antheral was besides seen successful further footage stealing $3,400 worthy of covering astatine Meermin Shoes connected 123 Mercer Street astatine 6.20am connected July 5.

The thief repeated akin offenses astatine 5 different high-end luxury stores successful the West Village and SoHo, including the Bonobos store connected Crosby Street, Christian Louboutin connected the intersection of Horatio and Greenwich streets, Scotch & Soda connected Bleecker Street, Loro Piana connected Ninth Avenue, and A.P.C. connected West 4th Street.

CCTV showed an unidentified thief breaking into a Rag and Bone store connected 104 Christopher Street connected July 14 astatine 8.05am. He made distant with $7,900 worthy of clothing

The suspect's astir profitable burglary was connected July 17, erstwhile helium stole an estimated worthy of $26,500 successful covering from Christian Louboutin, the NYPD said.

All of the burglaries happened earlier oregon aft store opening hours, often betwixt the hours of 5am and 9am, but connected 1 juncture erstwhile the thief broke into a Loro Piana store astatine 1am connected July 17.

Every break-in took spot successful a three-week span starting July 3 done July 23, arsenic the thief would ever burst into stores with nary customers oregon unit around.

Police besides revealed that the lone store wherever the fishy didn't bargain from was the Loro Piana Boutique connected Ninth Avenue.

Meanwhile, immoderate information guards said they consciousness hopeless arsenic the thieves instrumentality disconnected with thousands successful merchandise without consequences. 

Every azygous break-in attempted by the thief took spot with nary customers oregon unit astir and often earlier oregon aft store opening hours (5am and 9 am)

Pictured: The Rag and Bone store on 104 Christopher St, wherever the thief stole $7,900 successful merchandise

The Christian Louboutin store on Horatio and Greenwich streets, wherever the thief stole $26,500- his astir profitable heist

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