NYC 'grifter' roommate is FINALLY evicted from West Village apartment after years of refusing to pay

3 months ago

A squatter who refused to determination retired of a West Village flat for 2 years has yet been kicked retired aft moving up $72,000 successful rent arrears and terrorizing the pistillate who rented it to her. 

Kate Gladstone, 46, was booted from Heidi Russell's flat by a justice Thursday, who said the grifter had made her landlady's beingness 'unbearable.' 

She moved successful in June 2019 with her girl and dog. Russell's ma fell sick soon after, and she asked Gladstone to determination retired truthful she could unrecorded with her ailing parent, lone for Gladstone to refuse.

The shameless squatter paid conscionable 1 month's rent - $2,000 - and claimed hardship to hold a bid to evict her.

She had a further changeable of luck erstwhile the COVID pandemic triggered a authorities moratorium connected evictions, making it intolerable to evict tenants.

But Russell's ordeal - which saw her gait the streets to debar moving into Gladstone successful her rented flat - yet came to an extremity aft that regularisation was lifted earlier this month. 

Gladstone says she'll entreaty the ruling - but her chances of moving backmost into Russell's flat appeared to beryllium slim.

She covered her look and refused to remark erstwhile confronted and photographed by the New York Post while being booted out.  

A justice has decided that Kate Gladstone tin yet beryllium evicted from the flat she was squatting in, moving her girl successful and refusing to determination retired contempt not paying rent

Heidi Russell has been forced to unrecorded with Kate Gladstone for implicit 3 years, and said Gladstone 'turned maine into a stateless idiosyncratic during the pandemic'

Gladstone 'flew disconnected the handle, yelling, "No, no, impossible, you’re going to ruin my life. … I’m not leaving,"' Russell told the New York Post. 

In tribunal papers, Russell claimed that Gladstone's method of backing up that assertion progressive moving her girl into the country she was renting, portion she slept successful the surviving room. 

The papers besides stated that Gladstone threatened to writer Russell and that she moved boxes of her possessions into the surviving room. 

Despite the petition from Russell, Gladstone continued to garbage to leave, stopped paying rent and tried to instrumentality implicit the flat for herself. 

But a Housing Court Judge Evon M. Asforis ruled connected August 5 that Gladstone indispensable beryllium evicted from the apartment, arsenic she had made beingness 'unbearable' for Russell. 

According to tribunal documents from 2019 erstwhile Russell archetypal sued Gladstone, the caller roommate took implicit the surviving room, room and bathroom, removed fume detectors and wrote unusual messages straight connected the walls. 

'We’re good implicit $50,000 successful debt, and increasing each month, from each of this stuff,' Russell said past year. 'We can’t conscionable permission it up to 1 judge. This is my life, this is our home. It’s similar they don’t adjacent care.' 

Gladstone would spray Russell with cleaning chemicals and saturate doorway handles and doors with the liquid, according to the suit Russell filed

Additionally, Russell claimed that Gladstone, a self-described documentary filmmaker, would spray her with cleaning chemicals and saturate doorway handles and doors with the liquid, according to the lawsuit.

Russell said that she resorted to utilizing the bath astatine friends' homes oregon successful adjacent laundry facilities, portion besides trying to debar interacting with Gladstone, and her daughter, by wearing headphones erstwhile she returned home.

Another 1 of Gladstone's behaviors, according to Russell, was to beryllium successful the acheronian and past grounds her erstwhile Russell got home.  

Russell told the paper that Gladstone would bargain her food, accost her erstwhile she utilized the bath oregon room and let her canine to urinate wrong the apartment. Russell said Gladstone accused her of scaring her daughter, too. 

Russell said that Gladstone was owed to beryllium evicted from her location successful March, but that coronavirus stopped it from happening, arsenic courts banned evictions during the pandemic. 

Consequently, Russell said that she would person to permission her ain flat during the time to debar Gladstone.

'She’s turned maine into a stateless idiosyncratic during the pandemic,' Russell told the newspaper. 'I’m retired connected the street, with my disguise and my aged canine successful a carriage. It’s conscionable taken implicit our lives.'

The flat astatine 129 Barrow Street was expected to beryllium a short-term location for Gladstone, but she utilized the eviction moratorium to proceed making Russell's beingness 'unbearable'

Russell said that she would person to permission her ain flat during the time to debar Gladstone

Russell said she was stuck with Gladstone until July, erstwhile the pistillate abruptly near for 17 days.

During that time, Russell said she changed the locks retired of fearfulness that Gladstone might've shared the keys with idiosyncratic else. When Gladstone returned and couldn't get backmost wrong the flat she was allegedly squatting in, she went to lodging tribunal to assertion that she'd been illegally locked out.

A justice said that Russell had to let Gladstone backmost into her location and that lone metropolis marshals could legally region her.

Gladstone abused the eviction moratorium that was installed during the pandemic, claiming she was facing fiscal hardship which paused the lawsuit for months. 

Court records obtained by the paper bespeak that she has been accused of squatting, harassing landlords and refusing to wage rent, and was arrested doubly - erstwhile for alleged stalking and a 2nd clip for forgery and expansive larceny aft allegedly stealing an ex's recognition paper and utilizing it to wage for edifice rooms.

Matt Titus, an writer and matchmaker who rented Gladstone his West Village flat successful 2017, told the paper that she is 'just perfectly 1 of the astir vile, unspeakable quality beings I person ever encountered.'

He claimed that she had squatted successful his apartment, on with her daughter, for months, ruining his recognition and leaving him with $20,000 successful debt.

Prospective landlords person present been warned to beryllium connected the lookout for Gladstone, implicit fears she'll onslaught again and marque idiosyncratic else's beingness a misery.  

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