Not Raided by FBI: Bidens, Clintons, Russia Hoaxers, Black Lives Matter

1 month ago

The shocking raid Monday of erstwhile President Donald Trump’s location astatine Mar-a-Lago, Florida, stood successful stark opposition to the galore Trump opponents that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has not raided contempt nationalist grounds of alleged misconduct.

They include:

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden: The FBI has been successful possession of Hunter’s laptop since 2019, which contains grounds that Hunter utilized Joe’s presumption to behaviour lucrative overseas business. He besides chopped his dada into deals and commingled their funds.

Hillary Clinton: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mishandled classified accusation connected a backstage server she apt utilized to fell efforts to usage her bureau to rise wealth for her family’s foundation. She was infamously excused by the FBI.

Marc Elias and the Russia hoaxers: Elias, a lawyer for Democrats, helped arrange the alleged Russia “dossier,” which was past utilized to motorboat fraudulent and abusive investigations of Trump and his campaign. He has ne'er been brought to justice.

James Clapper and John Brennan: The “Statler and Waldorf” of deep-state cablegram pundits fueled the Russia hoax and past cited their quality credentials to claim, falsely, that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation successful 2020.

Adam Schiff: Schiff lied to the nationalist astir his relation successful instigating the archetypal Trump impeachment, past utilized his committee’s study to spy connected members of the committee and the president’s lawyer, and failed to look earlier the Judiciary Committee.

Kamala Harris: As the state reeled from riots successful the summertime of 2020, then-Sen. Harris (D-CA) called connected supporters to bail retired rioters successful Minneapolis, apt encouraging much violence. She besides referred to instrumentality enforcement arsenic a “paramilitary.”

Black Lives Matter: Amid grounds that the left-wing radical has been abusing its charitable status, adjacent wide states issued warnings to the group. But though the movement’s scope is nationwide, the FBI oregon DOJ person yet to bash thing astir it.

James Comey and Andrew McCabe: Amid grounds that the erstwhile FBI manager and lawman director, respectively, had leaked to the media, they were fto disconnected the hook by interior investigations and person enjoyed speaking fees and cablegram slots.

By contrast, Trump allies past and contiguous — specified arsenic Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Peter Navarro, and others — person been subjected to spectacular raids, often leaked to affable media up of time, implicit comparatively insignificant oregon unrelated allegations.

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