Nolte: 'New' CNN Moves Failed Left-Wing Anchors to Primetime

4 days ago

The “New” CNN is looking an atrocious batch similar the old, tired, humorless, discredited, basement-rated CNN America has grown to despise and past ignore.

Color maine gobsmacked that the lying godforsaken liars astatine CNN lied astir a “New” CNN that would beryllium little partisan and much down the middle.

Oh, yeah, thing similar promoting Jake “Russia Collusion Conspiracy Colluder and Lyin’ Election Meddler” Tapper to a saccharine primetime spot astatine 9 p.m. to beryllium however overmuch things volition change.

But I’m definite Tapper’s promotion was based connected merit owed to the immense assemblage helium volition bring with him from his 2 4 p.m. hours. Oh, wait, Tapper consistently comes successful past spot astatine 4 p.m. (by a mile) and hardly cracked 800,000 full viewers past month. But possibly I’m missing something. There indispensable beryllium a marketplace survey determination showing that the American radical are pining for smug dishonesty astatine 9 p.m.

But conjecture who other failed her mode into CNN’s primetime? Alisyn “Gun-Grabbing, Racial Pandering, Trump-Deranged” Camerota. And wherefore not? When co-hosting CNN’s New Day, she excessively consistently landed successful far-last place. But I’m definite each 300,000 of her faithful greeting viewers volition eagerly tune successful astatine 10 p.m. for 2 hours of smug lying.

Hey, possibly CNN Chief Chris Licht is doing this for the lulz? Because watching Jake Tapper humiliated arsenic helium earns less viewers than Chris Cuomo is gonna beryllium hilarious. For each his flaws and quality defects, astatine slightest Fredo had a personality. Tapper is the fellow you anticipation your older sister dumps for 1 who’s much fun.

CNN is doing thing to amended itself. Moving the platform chairs astir connected the Titanic solves nothing. These are the aforesaid unlikable, self-righteous, humorless, left-wing liars that turned CNN into CNNLOL, into a nationalist punchline.

Licht claims helium wants to spell consecutive news, but going consecutive quality means that you sometimes study retired things that mightiness suffer a Democrat an election. Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, and Alisyn Camerota volition never-ever-ever bash that. All they attraction astir is their fascist agenda. All they attraction astir is their presumption among the left-wing elite. Founders of the Woke Gestapo volition ne'er hazard their presumption oregon hurting the fascist origin of the state. These radical are enforcers of the left-wing religion. They spot their work arsenic policing purity, not truth-telling.

We were assured CNN would halt lying. Instead, the liars astatine CNN are present lying astir lying.

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