Nolte: Disney's Big Gay, Green 'Strange World' Crashes at Box Office

1 week ago

Disney’s latest animated feature, the gay, greenish Strange World, conscionable tanked astatine the container office.

Gee, what a shock. You mean nary 1 wants to discarded their Thanksgiving play having their children prematurely sexualized by groomers with a broadside bid of enviro-guilt?

This should bash wonders for Disney’s already cratered banal price.

Strange World outgo anyplace from $150 cardinal to $180 cardinal to produce. Add astatine slightest different $50 to $100 cardinal to promote, and what you person present is simply a straight-up catastrophe, a 4th of a cardinal — with a “B” — write-off.

Per the far-left Deadline, which is again making anti-science excuses for this flop, Strange World is connected people for a three-day opening play of conscionable $15.8 million. Over the five-day vacation weekend, it is estimated to scope lone $20 to $23 million.

Strange World is simply a massive, feature-length Disney cartoon.

Strange World is simply a massive, feature-length Disney cartoon released implicit the holidays.

And it’s tanking.

The thought of this happening a fewer years agone was laughable. Everything Disney touched turned to gold.

Remember? Disney was the go-to brand. We trusted Disney to present not lone prime amusement but wholesome entertainment, amusement for the full family.

Well, those days are over.

Shares of the Walt Disney Co. plummeted precocious Tuesday and into aboriginal Wednesday to their lowest level successful astir a decennary arsenic concerns equine implicit the company’s profitability and chaotic spending habits connected Disney+ and different streaming services.

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) November 9, 2022

The predators astatine Disney are coming for your kids, and everyone knows it.

The Disney marque is present the equivalent of a non-descript van and a feline down the instrumentality offering your kids candy.

And now, to erstwhile again constituent retired what lying hacks the amusement media are and conscionable however acold these hacks are consenting to spell to crook implicit and merchantability retired their integrity, I springiness you Deadline’s anti-science excuse for Strange World’s container bureau disaster:

One erstwhile Disney exec erstwhile told me, “They’re precise bully astatine making the champion worst lawsuit decision” and successful the script of Strange World, that’s sending it to Disney+ by the holidays.

Ohhhhhh…. So that’s wherefore Strange World tanked. It’s not the enviro-propaganda oregon the teenage homosexuality… No, no, no… Strange World tanked due to the fact that it volition beryllium connected Disney+ successful 30 days. After all, wherefore spell to the movies erstwhile you tin ticker it astatine location successful 30 days, right?


Disney did the exact aforesaid thing with Encanto past year. And I bash mean the exact aforesaid thing. In 2021, Encanto was released successful theaters for the Thanksgiving play and dropped connected Disney+ successful clip for the Christmas holidays. Nevertheless, it opened to $41 million.

So, nether the nonstop aforesaid conditions, wherefore would Encanto unfastened to $41 cardinal and Strange World bash astir fractional that?

And wherefore would the liars astatine Deadline fell that alternatively pertinent information from gullible readers?

What we got present is simply a existent head-scratcher.

Deadline besides tried to soften the stroke with this sleight-of-hand:

That’s not the worst for a Disney animated pic, peculiarly implicit Thanksgiving, but it’s damn close: Their $140M archetypal animation movie Treasure Planet was successful freefall backmost successful 2003 with a 3-day of $12M and [5-day of] $16.5M.


You forgot inflation.

In today’s dollars, $16.5 cardinal equals $27 million, which, according to my nationalist schoolhouse math, is much than $20 to $23 million.

Strange World’s biology propaganda sounds obnoxious enough. But Disney besides had to adhd a cheery subplot involving 2 teenage boys…

Adult sexuality successful a kids’ movie.






Just similar this summer’s super-gay Lightyear, which besides flopped, Disney is preying connected your children and looking to destruct their innocence earlier you, arsenic a parent, are acceptable for that to happen.

Disney owned Marvel Studio’s woke, large summertime superhero blockbuster Thor: Love and Thunder has experienced 1 of the worst 2nd play assemblage dropoffs successful Marvel movie past — losing 68 percent of its assemblage since past week.

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) July 18, 2022

Teaching tolerance for radical who are antithetic is simply a noble thing. Disney has been doing that for astir a period now, doing it without adding overt sexuality.

I’ll accidental it again, Disney has go a institution nary decent genitor volition situation permission their kid unsocial with. Drag queens, normalizing and promoting the intelligence unwellness and self-mutilation of the trans hysteria, homosexual kids…

This is each headed successful 1 direction: normalizing enactment betwixt adults and children. That sounds crazy, but look astatine what Disney’s doing contiguous that sounded brainsick 5 years ago.

The endgame is making you consciousness similar a bigot for not allowing a hairy resistance queen to instrumentality your six-year-old lad to bed.

What other could the endgame be?

And that’s astir apt not the endgame due to the fact that determination is ne'er an endgame with the left. Just a slippery slope of unimagined depravities.

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