Nightclub Hosts Teen Drag Performance to Fund LGBT Agenda in Schools, Tickets Sell Out

3 months ago

A nightclub successful Wisconsin hosted a resistance show from astatine slightest 1 teen and boasted that tickets for the lawsuit sold out. Proceeds from the lawsuit went to a section enactment that works to embed sex mentation into our acquisition system. 

Five Nightclub successful Madison, Wisconsin, hosted a resistance amusement that featured astatine slightest 1 teen resistance show among its six resistance queens. Some of the performers astatine the lawsuit use use signifier names specified arsenic “MettahDroid,” “Dee Dee Purr,” and “Nemo.”

A video from the lawsuit shows a teen resistance performer dancing and doing the splits arsenic the assemblage claps and cheers. The performer besides received currency tips from members of the audience.

A teen resistance queen performs for currency tips astatine a barroom & nightclub successful Madison, Wisconsin

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) August 25, 2022

The advertisement for the lawsuit noted “all ages welcome.” It besides said that proceeds from the tickets were sold out, and that the proceeds are going to an enactment called “GSafe.” The enactment is specifically dedicated to embedding leftist sex mentation into K-12 schools. 

GSafe provides trainings to teachers, including 1 called “Supporting Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Students.” The grooming statement reads “As much students travel retired arsenic transgender, schools professionals are looking for guidance and resources connected however champion to enactment them.  GSAFE has worked with schoolhouse districts each astir Wisconsin to lend guidance and supply trainings connected supporting transgender and sex non-conforming youth.”

It besides says “The unit astatine GSAFE has besides enactment unneurotic a mates of terminology resources for educators to assistance them thatch their students, co-workers, and the assemblage the preferred terminology wrong the LGBTQ+ community.”

The nightclub’s website notes that it “provides a precise mixed crowd…the younger…the older…the gays and the straights…playing successful 1 arena!” The nightclub besides calls itself the “home of Madison’s Sunday nighttime MadCity Drag Revue shows, foundation events, yearly resistance pageants, and sexy antheral creation revues.”

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