Neighbor heard 'commotion' at murdered Georgia mom Debbie Collier's house night before she vanished

2 weeks ago

Neighbors of a Georgia parent who was recovered bare and clinging to a histrion person claimed they heard a 'commotion' astatine her location the nighttime earlier she went missing. 

Debbie Collier, 59, was recovered dormant successful a small, steep-sided ravine connected September 11 adjacent a wooded country successful Tallulah Falls, Georgia. Her assemblage had been charred and determination were pain marks connected her abdomen. 

A adjacent doorway neighbour has since revealed however they heard 'screaming and fighting' astatine the household location connected the evening of September 10.

'There was commotion astatine the house,' the neighbour revealed. 'Somebody comes up to sojourn connected the weekends [and] successful the evenings, and there's large screaming and fighting,' they told the New York Post, adding that it was a younger woman.

The neighbour went connected to accidental however they would often perceive shouting coming from the home, acceptable successful the woods. 

Steven (right) and his woman Debbie had been joined for 13 years. She was recovered dead, bare and charred, successful a ravine connected September 11

The joined mates slept successful antithetic bedrooms due to the fact that Steven was known to snore loudly during the night. He did not spot his woman connected the time she disappeared 

Cops person said that the disturbing connection Collier sent to her girl whitethorn suggest that determination was a convulsive kidnapping progressive earlier she was recovered dead

In the hours earlier her death, Collier had sent her daughter, Amanda Bearden, $2,385 connected Venmo unneurotic with an unnerving last message.

'They are not going to fto maine go, emotion you determination is simply a cardinal to the location successful the bluish angiosperm cookware by the door,' it read. 

Adding to the mystery, her hubby Steven, 67, spoke to officers conscionable aft 6pm connected September 10 aft filing a missing persons report. 

He revealed that helium had not seen Debbie since 9pm the nighttime before, September 9, yet her car was inactive successful the driveway to their location erstwhile helium near for enactment the adjacent day.

An Athens-Clarke County missing persons study said that the couple, who had been joined since 2013, slept successful abstracted bedrooms due to the fact that Steve was known to snore.

Debbie's rented achromatic Chrysler Pacifica was tracked down to the scene. Her assemblage was past recovered successful the wooded country disconnected the road

The report, seen by, read: 'He clarified that helium and Deborrah slumber successful abstracted bedrooms owed to his snoring.'

The adjacent morning, Steven woke up aboriginal and near the location successful Athens, Georgia to spell to work. 

He did not callback seeing his wife, but helium said helium saw her rented SUV inactive parked successful the driveway - truthful assumed she was inactive wrong asleep. 

Police person declared Debbie's decease to beryllium a homicide but person not revealed thing further details including the names of immoderate suspects. The household are besides declining to speak. 

One 'friend' of the Colliers told The Post: 'There's a crushed we are keeping quiet.' 

'I don't recognize what's taking truthful long,' 1 added, portion referring to the Georgia Bureau oregon Investigation. 'They're dilatory retired here.' 

Other neighbors described however the full household were recluse.  

'When we would get unneurotic retired present connected the artifact for a cookout, they ne'er participated. They didn't travel to nary get-togethers.

'As acold arsenic I tin archer they've lived present a bully small while,' the neighbour added. 

Steven last saw his woman astatine 9pm the nighttime earlier Debbie vanished, arsenic helium headed to slumber successful his ain bedroom

It's unclear what occurred aboriginal connected September 10, but the acrophobic household reported her arsenic a missing idiosyncratic pursuing a cryptic connection to her girl successful the precocious afternoon

Debbie Collier, 59, was tragically recovered dormant connected September 11 successful a wooded country successful Tallulah Falls, Georgia, aft being reported missing the time before

Debbie had rented a achromatic Chrysler Pacifica done Enterprise, due to the fact that her car had precocious been successful a crash. 

At the clip of her disappearance she besides had a atrocious backmost meaning she couldn't locomotion far, according to her daughter. 

It's unclear what occurred aboriginal connected September 10, but alarm bells did not ringing until aboriginal successful the time erstwhile Debbie's girl received the sum of wealth on with a bizarre, out-of-character text. 

Debbie's disappearance stunned her girl and husband, since she had 'not done thing similar this before' and she didn't person immoderate different household members successful the country she could person been visiting, documents state.   

A hopeless hunt was launched for the parent - and authorities begun pinging the rented car to spot if they could find the conveyance via its SiriusXM outer radio. 

The adjacent greeting astir 12.30pm, the rented SUV was tracked down to GA 15 Northbound, successful the country of Victory Home Lane, Clarkesville - 60 miles northbound of her location successful Athens.

When they came crossed the rented achromatic Chrysler Pacifica, constabulary noted that the conveyance was wholly empty, with nary remnants of Debbie's clothing, oregon immoderate denotation of wherever the car had been traveling to.

There was besides thing to find that she was successful the car with idiosyncratic else, oregon if she was connected her own. 

Daughter Amanda Bearden, 36, (pictured) revealed that she received a sum of wealth from her parent alongside an eerie last connection - prompting her to telephone the constabulary and record her arsenic a missing person

Police accompanied by K-9s approached the wooded country disconnected of the roadworthy - and soon recovered the remains of a fire. Nearby, they recovered a reddish container and bluish burned tarp done the brush. 

As they approached the fire, they looked further down the sloped embankment wherever helium saw Debbie's naked, burned body. 

She was laying connected her back, grasping a tiny histrion with her close hand, the constabulary study stated.

Bearden, who was 'hysterical' astatine the scene, was heard shouting that the car pulled implicit connected the roadworthy belonged to her mom. 

She told constabulary connected the country that her parent didn't person immoderate past of intelligence heath issues - and denied that she had ever experienced suicidal tendencies.  

Debbie, who joined her hubby Steve successful 2013, worked arsenic the beforehand bureau manager astatine Carriage House Realty successful Athens for galore years. 

The homicide probe is ongoing. 

Habersham County Deputy Coroner Ken Franklin talks with Collier's husband, Steven, seen present holding an umbrella, connected September 11, 2022

Investigators and constabulary cars seen astatine the country adjacent to wherever the assemblage was discovered connected September 11

The missing parent from Athens, Georgia sent a cryptic last connection to her girl earlier she was recovered dormant successful a ravine

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