National Archives: Trump White House docs STILL missing nearly two months after FBI Mar-a-Lago raid

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National Archives hints Mar-a-Lago could beryllium raided AGAIN, aft archivist claimed they're inactive missing Trump White House documents astir 2 months aft FBI targeted the property

  • The National Archives was responding to a petition for accusation from the House Oversight Committee, led by Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney
  • Archivist Debra Steidel Wall would not accidental whether Donald Trump himself was inactive successful possession of statesmanlike records
  • 'It is outrageous that these records stay unaccounted for 20 months aft [Trump] near office,' Rep. Maloney said successful an emailed connection to

By Elizabeth Elkind, Politics Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 14:04 BST, 2 October 2022 | Updated: 15:18 BST, 2 October 2022

The National Archives said connected Friday that immoderate records from Donald Trump's White House are inactive not successful its possession 

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is inactive missing Trump medication records that it sought aft the erstwhile president's word ended, the bureau said successful a missive connected Friday.

'The National Archives has confirmed to the Oversight Committee that they inactive person not received each statesmanlike records from the Trump White House,' Acting Archivist Debra Steidel Wall said.

Wall said the Department of Justice (DOJ) would beryllium consulted astir whether 'to initiate an enactment for the betterment of records unlawfully removed' by White House officials. Further accusation astir what enactment could beryllium taken remains unclear, but the DoJ's informing raises the specter of different imaginable raid connected the erstwhile president's Mar-a-Lago state nine successful West Palm Beach. 

Steidel Wall suggested the Trump medication ran afoul of the Presidential Records Act by utilizing 'electronic messaging accounts that were not copied oregon forwarded into their authoritative physics messaging accounts.' 

It comes astir 2 months aft the FBI's unannounced hunt of Trump's Mar-a-Lago mansion prompted a firestorm of outrage from the right, with the immense bulk of Republicans labeling it a governmental move.

Wall would not accidental whether Trump himself was inactive unlawfully clinging onto records, citing the Justice Department's ongoing probe into the erstwhile president's handling of classified documents.

The Friday letter, which obtained connected Sunday morning, was successful effect to a petition from the House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY).

'The National Archives has confirmed to the Oversight Committee that they inactive person not received each statesmanlike records from the Trump White House. Presidential records are the spot of the American people, and it is outrageous that these records stay unaccounted for 20 months aft erstwhile President Trump near office,' Maloney told successful an emailed statement.

The update was successful effect to a missive from House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Rep. Carolyn Maloney

'Former President Trump and his elder unit person shown an utter disregard for the regularisation of instrumentality and our nationalist information by failing to instrumentality statesmanlike records arsenic the instrumentality requires.'

She vowed to 'continue to bash everything successful my powerfulness to guarantee that each statesmanlike records from the Trump White House are returned to the custody of the authorities and to marque definite these abuses ne'er hap again.'

In regards to the missing communications from Trump aides, Wall's missive referenced the DOJ's effort to retrieve authoritative messages sent via a 'personal email account' by erstwhile White House commercialized advisor Peter Navarro.

Navarro is presently facing proceedings for contempt of Congress charges stemming from his refusal to comply with a subpoena from the House prime committee connected January 6.

Wall responded to Maloney's enquiry astir whether Trump possessed immoderate documents with a referral to the DOJ.

'With respect to the 2nd contented concerning whether erstwhile President Trump has surrendered each statesmanlike records, we respectfully notation you to the Department of Justice successful airy of its ongoing investigation,' the missive states.

The records are allegedly inactive missing astir 2 months aft the FBI's unannounced hunt of Mar-a-Lago has reached retired to Trump's spokesperson for comment.

In a tribunal filing past month, DOJ officials said the FBI recovered astir 4 twelve bare folders with classification markings erstwhile agents raided Trump's Florida resort.

Forty-three of those were successful Trump's idiosyncratic office, the filing states.

An earlier nationalist merchandise suggested the FBI recovered 11 sets of apical concealed oregon classified documents during its August 8 raid.

Trump himself has publically lashed retired against the National Archives and DOJ probe galore times portion denying immoderate wrongdoing.

He told Fox News successful a caller interrogation that helium did not illegally region immoderate classified documents due to the fact that helium tin declassify thing 'even by reasoning astir it.'

The ex-president has besides lashed retired astatine the agencies themselves, declaring successful a caller Pennsylvania rally: 'The FBI and the Justice Department person go vicious monsters, controlled by extremist near scoundrels, lawyers and the media, who archer them what to do.'

The missive was obtained by connected Sunday morning

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