Murdered Georgia mom Debbie Collier 'calmly' shopped less than 24 hours before her body was found

2 months ago

Cops person released video footage of the past known sighting of murdered Georgia ma Debbie Collier – entering a Family Dollar Store little than 24 hours earlier her bare and burnt assemblage was discovered successful a wooded ravine.

The 59-year-old appeared ‘calm and not successful fearfulness of anything’ arsenic she bought respective items – immoderate of them aboriginal recovered with her – successful footage released by Habersham County Sheriff’s Office.

Collier, a existent property serviceman manager, is wearing a replica of Herschel Walker's garment from his clip astatine the University of Georgia, a bluish skirt, what look to beryllium achromatic boots with flimsy heels and a reddish prima visor arsenic she walks into the store successful Clayton, Georgia, astatine 2.55pm connected September 10.

She is past seen astatine the currency registry buying a rainfall poncho, refillable torch lighter, a 2-roll battalion of insubstantial towels, a 7.5 x 9.5 tarp, and a reusable tote bag.

Video from the Family Dollar store successful Clayton, Georgia shows Debbie Collier buying determination astir 3pm connected September 10, the time she disappeared

 She bought a rainfall poncho, refillable torch lighter, a 2-roll battalion of insubstantial towels, a 7.5 x 9.5 tarp, and a reusable tote bag

Habersham County Sheriff's bureau confirmed Collier's purchases by obtaining a receipt from the Family Dollar storein Clayton, Georgia

Collier leaves the store astatine 3.09pm. Investigators confirmed the purchases by getting a transcript of the receipt, said the sheriff’s office.

Eight minutes aft leaving the store, her girl Amanda Bearden said she received a mysterious connection on with astir $2,400. 

‘In the video, the unfortunate appears to beryllium calm and not successful fearfulness of anything,’ said the department. ‘All video footage obtained from the store and surrounding businesses bespeak that the unfortunate was unsocial successful the van astatine the clip she visited the store.’

Mention of the ‘van’ is simply a notation to the achromatic Chrysler Pacifica the ma rented from Enterprise due to the fact that her ain motortruck was successful a repair shop.

Debbie Collier, 59, was recovered bare and clutching a histrion connected September 11, the time aft she went shopping

The minivan was discovered the adjacent time astatine the entranceway to a densely wooded country disconnected Route 15 adjacent to scenic Tallulah Falls – 60 miles northbound of wherever Collier lived successful Athens, Georgia, with hubby Steve, 67. Clayton is different 12 miles further northbound of Talulah Falls. 

‘This accusation allows investigators to constrictive the clip of decease to a model opening astatine 3:09 p.m. connected Saturday, September 10 to the find of the assemblage connected Sunday, September 11 astatine 12:44 p.m,’ said the sheriff’s department.

The baffling horrific decease has additionally taken a caller twist.

The sheriff’s bureau besides revealed that Collier’s girl Bearden, 36, was not astatine the store, arsenic they had been told originally.

‘Over the weekend, investigators were fixed accusation that Amanda Bearden was astatine the Family Dollar Store successful Clayton, Georgia connected Saturday, September 10,’ it said.

‘An interrogation of the store clerk connected work connected the 10th, successful summation to a reappraisal of store camera footage, revealed that Ms. Bearden was not astatine the store connected the 10th of September.’

Debbie’s 15 infinitesimal sojourn to the Family Dollar came conscionable earlier she sent 36-year-old Amanda $2,385 via the Venmo fiscal app and an eerie connection that created speculation of a kidnap. She was discovered, bare and dead, a time later.

The connection read: ‘They are not going to fto maine go, emotion you determination is simply a cardinal to the location successful the bluish angiosperm cookware by the door.’

‘She was a beauteous pistillate and I loved her,' distraught Steve Collier said astir his woman 11 days aft her charred, bare assemblage was recovered successful a ravine 60 miles from their Georgia home 

Amanda Bearden, 36, leaves her location successful Athens, Georgia, connected Friday September 23. Police are yet to regularisation anyone retired successful the execution of her mother, Debbie Collier

Amanda's live-in boyfriend, erstwhile MMA combatant Andrew Giegerich. He has complained astir them being 'interrogated' by police 

Collier, 67, picked up his wife's achromatic pick-up from a repair shop. She was driving a rental astatine the clip of her murder

A adjacent household person told 'Steve loved Debbie with each his heart. I cognize that for a fact. I cannot ideate what he’s going done close now'

Collier was reported missing and her rental van was recovered by constabulary beside the entranceway to an aged logging roadworthy adjacent Victory Home Lane, Clarksville

Her assemblage was discovered immoderate 4th of a mile away. Police reported she was clinging to a tiny tree, was bare and her assemblage was charred.

A reddish tote container was adjacent arsenic was a bluish tarp, some items she had bought successful Clayton. She was recovered laying adjacent to an country of burnt leaves – a fewer feet distant from an uprooted histrion which has its roots burnt.

No 1 has been arrested for her brutal sidesplitting and determination is nary denotation that either Bearden oregon her boyfriend, Andrew Giegerich, are considered suspects.

Bearden has a past of lying to constabulary and convulsive lovers tiffs with Giegerich, her live-in, MMA combatant fellow who says the brace person been 'interrogated' implicit her mother's killing.

Police person present ruled retired kidnapping and termination arsenic imaginable causes of the woman's death, and are present focused connected arresting her killer. 

In May past year, constabulary intervened successful the couple's narration aft Amanda phoned 911, claiming Andrew had 'broken in' to the location to bushed her.

She showed them photos of bruises connected her arms and shoulders to beryllium it. 

She was nevertheless arrested for a falsely reporting a burglary, aft constabulary determined helium was surviving successful the location and had afloat entree to it.  

Giegerich, 27, was arrested connected September 4, 2021, for violating a no-contact bid and banging connected his on-and-off-again girlfriend 's home.

He claimed his Bearden was stealing wealth for drugs from him and had kicked him out.

The apprehension came astir a twelvemonth earlier helium alleged wrote a threatening handwritten message, contained successful constabulary grounds files, stating: 'If you oregon your household ever travel adjacent maine again I volition wounded them.

'Have a bully beingness you lying a** b**ch. Don't ever interaction maine again!!!''

 But they are present backmost surviving unneurotic successful Athens and Giegerich has complained that the brace were precocious 'interrogated' by constabulary implicit Debbie's death. 

Amanda Bearden, 36, (pictured successful an unrelated mug shot) called the constabulary due to the fact that her fellow Andrew Giegerich was banging connected her doorway astatine 8.30am and had breached their no-contact order

Jeffrey Bearden, said his mother's decease was the ''darkest and astir harrowing time' successful a connection released connected Saturday

Debbie Collier's lad Jeffrey Bearden wrote a heartbreaking tribute to her connected Facebook, saying his family's lives were 'irrevocably change' aft her death 

In December 2020, Debbie posted these horrific photos of a achromatic oculus connected Facebook. She told friends she'd 'faceplanted' connected the sidewalk

'The [police have] interrogated each of us. The radical who are closest to [Collier] are benignant of looked astatine arsenic suspects close now,' helium told the Post.   

On Friday, Debbie's hubby Steve Collier fought backmost tears arsenic helium told that Debbie was the 'love of his life.

The mates had been joined for 9 years and some had children from erstwhile marriages.  

'It has been a agelong 2 weeks and I’m precise tired. My woman was a fantastic person,’ helium said.

A adjacent person of the couple, who did not privation to beryllium identified, confided to ‘Steve loved Debbie with each his heart. I cognize that for a fact.

‘I cannot ideate what he’s going done close now, with the unspeakable nonaccomplishment of his woman and having to beryllium portion of the execution probe and each that entails.

‘I person known them some for galore years and they were a devoted couple.'

In a nonstop determination of support, helium added: ‘I cognize suspicion tin autumn connected the household of execution victims, but I would stake my beingness Steve had thing whatsoever to bash with Debbie’s disappearance.’   

Steve Collier appeared frail and had trouble walking, erstwhile saw him. The murderer would person had a strenuous occupation dragging oregon carrying Debbie Collier's assemblage a 4th of a mile implicit unsmooth terrain.

On September 10, Steve reported Debbie arsenic missing, claiming that helium hadn't seen her since 9pm the erstwhile nighttime astatine their home. He said they slept one abstracted bedrooms due to the fact that of his dense snoring.

Neighbors accidental they heard warring and screaming coming from the location the nighttime earlier she vanished.   

Police past tracked the car Debbie had been driving - a rented SUV hired due to the fact that her ain conveyance was undergoing repairs - to a wooded ravine 60 miles from her home. Her bare assemblage was recovered there, charred and clinging to a tree. 

The nonstop origin of her decease remains unconfirmed. 

When questioned, Bearden told constabulary that she past saw her parent the nighttime earlier she vanished, and that everything was normal. She received the Venmo connection the time her parent was reported missing. 

In an interrogation with CBS aft her mother's assemblage was found, Amanda appeared shaken and struggling to speak.  

'My ma was my everything. Somebody took my full satellite from me. She was a beautiful, kind, giving woman. She didn't merit this,' she said, her caput and hands shaking. 

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