MrBeast: Survive 100 Days In Circle, Win $500,000 (NEW VIDEO)

2 months ago

MrBeast: Survive 100 Days In Circle, Win $500,000 (NEW VIDEO)

finally in a giant Circle in the middle

of nowhere and this is a random

subscriber and if he stays in the circle

for 100 days I'll give him five hundred

thousand dollars step inside the circle

and the hundred day counter will start

the timer is ticking he has to survive

in this circle for a hundred days

there's nothing here there's nothing yet

crap I'm about to drop off a house

this definitely gives me more confidence

I bet you didn't know you could lift a

house with a crate and that's zero

training wait which one's the gas again

oops look out for the stairs I actually

and inside this house is all the food

clothes and supplies he needs to survive

100 days oh no this could have been a

lot worse oh my God and this is Sean's

family I want to let you guys get one

final goodbye in before he started the


you guys will be here when I walk out of

that circle with a half million dollars

but I'm gonna miss you guys

okay the video just started and it's

already emotional good luck five hundred

thousand dollars is on the line the

honest a little emotional but uh 300 000

calories 100 days I've got a plan get

the food organized clothing figured out

figure out a way to keep my mind

entertained and I know if I walk out of

that Circle I will regret it forever one

night down 99 to go let's go get

organized all right strategy session

number one I gotta figure out what I got

how much I got and what I'm gonna do to

organize it this is all the foods you're

getting for the next hundred days so if

you eat all this in the first let's say

50 days you're done oh it looks like a

lot more food until I started condensing

it down Sean

hello we have over a dozen cameras

monitoring his every move 24 7. if he

steps on that red line we will see him

what do you think the hardest part of

this challenge will be

solo failure no one beats me I didn't

get outplayed he's still talking to us

somewhere outside the trailer being in

my own head hey Sean I think I think

they walked away God I hate them because

Chris dropped my house so perfectly my

shower doesn't drain huge shout out

Chris really appreciate 100 days of

dealing with this it is cloudy because I

think it's a perfect day to get outside

and try to plant some vegetables

oh I gotta pay attention where I'm

walking because if I walk across that

game over that red line is death if I

touch it it's over so I'm gonna take the

wood out back and create kind of like a

secondary line all right now I got my

beautiful Circle shot come in how's it

going man doing good wait a minute is

this a Cheerio this is all you get for a

hundred days you're wasting a Cheerio

all right wow it's really stale I'm

shocked at how fast Sean is developing a

routine it is officially day 10 sorry

I'm dressed like this I just gave away

Chocolate Factory Sean is nowhere to be

seen on these cameras

Sean are you pooping what

okay he didn't run away yeah bro how are

you doing all right wait so you're

tracking your weight I'm weighing in

every seven days so you're trying to

just be jacked by the end yeah so I mean

at the end of it I'll be ripped and 500

000 richer your wife's gonna love me you

seem to be doing really well I'll see

you in a month a month I think he's

kidding but he's probably not I'm gonna

try to build a garden today I'm gonna

try to replant it away from that crazy

red line one of the things I plan on

doing money is to put my farm a hundred

percent on solar power my farm will be

like a giant Tesla that's the dream

that's what we're trying to do at the

homestead can't wait to get out and get

my money and I'm gonna go on a nice

vacation for a while I think whoa Jimmy

just told me there's a tornado watch Are

You Gonna Leave the circle for the

severe weather I'm like I'm from

Oklahoma whoa there's no way that tarp

is worth a half million dollars

oh yeah here it comes my poor money's

blowing away

okay I'm going inside I have water

peeing from the ceiling my toilet won't

flush because I'm guessing the tank out

there is full of water from the rain

leaking into it you guys see that

gentleman behind us he's been

breaking up that video have you seen

your second floor yet no I've been

trying to get up there it's a bit steep

hey Jimmy you're bald

yeah I'm just gonna stay out of it I

feel like if I stay in here they will

bother each other and not me since the

boys are being rude I'm

gonna leave

I think we're ready to get out I want an

apology I'm sorry you're bald

I'm sorry I called you Bob was it that

hard yeah it hurt so the boys made quite

the mess of my house yesterday my yard

is now covered in glass very frustrating

I'm worried this challenge might be

getting to Sean but you come into my

house and screw with stuff I don't think



I think just smack me in the nuts

how you doing Chandler scared I'm with

me too we installed that ferris wheel in

two hours

Johnny it's over you've been 25 done we

brought you a carnival so you can enjoy

the day this is awesome

nothing but Nash

this mini game isn't very fun oh my gosh

I'm so terrified to hide you're 25 days

in do you still think you're gonna make

it the 400 I can't see why not this

competition is a huge sacrifice I only

get so many Summers with my kids right

before they're gone and out of the house

so that's tough

so I was organizing all my clothes and

as I was going through it I started

finding little notes from my daughter my

youngest I have four kids and a wife and

this will be the most alone I've been in

18 years rationing food survival is

going to be rough but if anything makes

me walk out of here it's gonna be the

loneliness I just don't want to think

about it oh that was Gordon Ramsay he

ain't got nothing on me because I only

gave him 300 000 calories of food Sean

really had to think about how he

rationed it we selected some pretty

interesting choices so this may be my

first bad one it's just a bunch of

leftovers foiled for safety it's

disgusting very cabbagey there's a

camera above me I'm not sleeping naked

in their Center day challenge Jimmy just

know I did that for you just to spare

you from my nakedness


this morning I heard hey Sean there's a

spider in your bed my bed is now flipped

over I'm leaving the circle this is my

last day you know you've been here a

long time when living inside of a circle

in a Mr Beast video seems normal day 39

it's Father's Day I kept waking up

thinking I was home really missing my

family it's gonna be a tough day and

what Sean didn't know is that I brought

his family to the circle to surprise him

for Father's Day Sean I have a present

for you oh yeah



they didn't really consult with me they

just brought a present and I'm not about

the toast this little girl she can't

give her dad a present so I caved and

here you go oh okay oh my God not only

did they give you a gift but they also

get to spend the next 24 hours with you

no way

you guys are gonna be so bored are those

my drawings on the tree yeah

please I didn't think you think he would

keep these oh

it had nearly been a month since Sean

sawler's family so I decided to give

them some privacy until the next day

oh it must be nice to be able to walk

out of the red circle really appreciate

it Jimmy that was the best


it's a new day

do you know what he's carrying a penny

do you know why he's carrying this Penny

my kids told me all about this yeah oh

no I'm gonna give it to you for

entertainment really here you go

tomorrow's day number 50 and we have a

big surprise for him but don't tell him

okay okay okay all right okay it is

officially day 50 of Sean surviving in

the circle and I invited some of my

YouTube friends to celebrate this

special moment it's us his YouTube

friends I need a break

on Sean what day is it 50 exactly in

front of you is a hundred thousand

dollars in cash and if you get out right

now I'll let you keep it no what why a

hundred grand I could just chill here

and get another 400. it's like what if

it was like 150 Grand would it still be

enough I think like above 400 I would

think you're crazy

okay well in case you did say yes I

invited a marching band breaking the

marching band

do you wanna know what the best part

about this is I paid them to be here all

night good luck




for the first 50 days I wanted to see if

Sean could make it I've done this right

I've done 50 days for the last half of

this challenge we have some pretty crazy

stuff planned this is probably something

you'll never see oh my God

honestly I didn't think I was gonna end

like this July 4th day 54 happy birthday

America you guys ready they're lighting



what if he got out right now you gotta

watch out

bro I just bought random fireworks I

didn't know they were that crazy

fire ceasefire I can't even see

is that a good show or what yeah

honestly we should become firework

experts yeah dude I basically am all

right Sean more importantly it is now

July 5th which means we need to leave

yeah more fireworks we're not going to

celebrate anything on July 5th okay

thank you I'm a little terrified of what

Jimmy comes up with next did you say

you're terrified of what I'm gonna come

up with next yes do you want me to just

leave you alone for a month no it'd be

even worse okay oh no no no

that's like almost all the days that are


here's the aftermath there's multiple

times where I was way too close to the


so I'm thinking about digging a moat and

if Jimmy's really not coming back for 30

days I should have an entire moat built

by the time he gets back today I eat a

can of mixed vegetables and a can of

turkey I didn't even eat it up food is

going to be an issue this is meat

and it smells

and I've kind of Tapped Out the things

to do inside the 60-foot circle I dug a

moat made a garden made a fire pit which

is too hot to use made like a fence

around the back and made a hammock so

I'm just here existing I don't feel like

doing really anything so I'm just going

to sleep


that is Sean's house and I haven't been

there in 30 days let's see if he's still

alive just kidding I checking on the

cameras every single day I know he's

alive looks like he dug a moat around

the circle let's see how he's doing



did you miss me yes but does it feel

refreshing it's like I'm seriously

shaking you're that excited yes no

definitely wow I had no idea that not

visiting Sean for 30 days would affect

him this much oh you do look much

thinner did you lose weight I'm 22

pounds down wow we've done a lot since

you last saw me what did you do and this

is my storm window and I sit here and

watch the Storm come in and listen to

the lightning proud of you thank you

things are about to start ramping up the

last 10 days are gonna be crazy

what'd you say uh don't worry about it

honestly I thought the 30-day challenge

was kind of like my my hard challenge

but it sounds like he's not done with me

which is a little concerning Sean what's

the best way to cut a cake in half with

a knife okay what's the best way to cut

a house in half oh shoot look he keeps

checking all the windows to see if we're

gonna cut the house now look at that

it's gonna be so confused until I return


so I was calling Jimmy's Bluff on this

but then I just look outside I need you

to cut it in half and get rid of that


they're legit gonna cut my house in half

I just learned how to drive this 5 min

five minutes ago

hang on I just want to tell you that

it's only going to get harder that's

what I'm worried about

this would actually works

oh my gosh in a couple days we may or

may not just burn the house down if I do

anything I'll let you know before him

okay yeah thank you that was a rough day

it's nine days to go at this point I

don't even care I don't even talk about

how long I've been here well played

Jimmy well played I'm staying so it's

officially hotter in my room than it is

outside at this point Sean I will give

you a quarter of a million dollars if

you get out right now

you know it's hot I want to give you a

way out it's so it's like 100 degrees

today but I think I'd rather die than

give up on this challenge at this point

really yeah well that was all I'll see

you tomorrow oh I give you guys full

permission to go full any of them


oh there's nothing going on up there

don't worry about it Chandler must be

here oh no no no no

I think I should go check on what

they're doing what over there yeah these

windows are kind of

useless yeah but nothing hurts you more

than emotional damage wow

thanks for the entertainment boys see

you tomorrow

I guess they're giving up here they come

to get their fancy cameras this is

probably something you'll never see on

the YouTube side

and now the circle is surrounded by


the worst part is it stops every once

while girls it goes and then it kicks

right back on

maybe I knock them all over flat like a

little speaker with water

never eat processed food again I think I

might be okay hot oh my God hot all

right do you all see that house over

there I want you just surround it in a

circle and say nothing break

should I be scared

what the all right attention clowns nod

your head if you can hear me okay I'll

give you all a thousand dollars each if

you stay all night wait I'll give you 2

000 if you don't there's like 11 of them

oh there's 11 of them

oh my goodness I'll see you tomorrow

well guess what they're still clowns out



a little extra security there

you have less than 24 hours left in the

circle so we're gonna destroy your house

with the Wrecking Ball to make it harder

what grass tear down the house all right

and while Chris is destroying the house

I want to tell you guys about the

sponsor of the video venmo Yeah vimo is

a quick and easy way for you to share

money with all your friends tens of

millions of people already use venmo to

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tickets food and much more and the best

part of all this is venmo is free to

install and all our viewers that use

code Mr Visa signup will get 20 if it's

your first time using demo this time

we're going through


eventually this QR code or click the

link in the description to install vimo

right now and it doesn't stop there if

you send money on Vimeo and put beast in

the payment note you'll be entered into

a chance to win ten thousand dollars

your house is gone now

not only did we bring a Wrecking Ball

but we also brought an excavator take

the roof off it's supposed to rain

tomorrow good

yeah demolition

you can scan this QR code or click in

the description and download bit mode

thank you so much for sponsoring video

and that's it for the destruction see

you 19 hours all right sounds good I'm

gonna make a half million dollars

tomorrow good night can you guys see the



there it is right there I haven't seen

them in a long time motions are hitting

me pretty heavy right now money's the

thing we trade our life for giving up a

third of a year of my life or a half

million make sure you're trading your

life for things that are worth it how

are you feeling I'm so ready to get out

of here yeah yeah do you mind staying in

this room while I set up the surprise

I'm not leaving this room I'm not

risking getting out okay it's got to be

minutes now I hear people outside you

can just hear it just that background

noise of 100 people talking wait

something's happening everybody it's

time give me a countdown from 10 10.

oh my gosh



headline are you sure it has been 100

days okay




are you okay yeah are you excited here's

your check for half a million dollars


this has been an amazing 100 days I am

glad it's over though it was amazing I

don't know what to say if you haven't

already subscribed

video goodbye

a lot of people say that me and Chandler

can't do things but we did that


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