More Hispanic Voters Are Registered as Republicans than as Democrats in Blue Miami-Dade

3 months ago

Democrats proceed to person an borderline successful Miami-Dade, starring Republicans by 146,975 voters, but Republicans really person the borderline successful Miami-Dade among Hispanic voters, specifically — a accepted people demographic of Democrats.

Miami-Dade is simply a traditionally bluish region successful the Sunshine State, location to galore Hispanic voters who person roots fleeing communist regimes.

Although Florida went to erstwhile President Trump successful the 2020 statesmanlike election, Miami-Dade went the different way, voting reliably bluish successful the past statesmanlike election. Miami-Dade voters cast 617,864 ballots for then-candidate Biden and 532,833 for then-President Donald Trump. 

However, Florida arsenic a full has experienced a large displacement successful the past fewer years. Democrats agelong held a elector vantage successful the Sunshine State. That is, until 2021, aft astir 2 years of lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions crossed the country. Florida rapidly became “America’s liberty outpost” as the DeSantis medication and the Republican legislature fought against authorities overreach and prioritized idiosyncratic liberty implicit fear. 

Now, registered Republican voters successful Florida outnumber Democrats by well over 200,000 voters.

While that is not the lawsuit successful Miami-Dade, wherever registered Democrat voters outnumber Republicans by 146,975 overall, GOP Hispanic voters outnumber Democrat Hispanic voters successful the county.

Data past updated August 1 shows 252,395 Hispanic voters successful Miami-Dade are registered Democrats, portion 323,133 are registered Republicans, +70,738 for Republicans.

“Miami-Dade Hispanic voters are rejecting socialism and embracing freedom,” the Florida GOP declared. “Let’s Keep Florida Free!”

Miami-Dade hispanic voters are rejecting socialism and embracing freedom. Let's Keep Florida Free!

— Florida GOP (@FloridaGOP) August 22, 2022

Wow! Great numbers

— Christina Pushaw 🐊 🇺🇸 (@ChristinaPushaw) August 21, 2022

Florida’s superior elections took spot Tuesday, August 23. 

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