Moment teen chess grandmaster accused of using anal beads to cheat gets body scan before tournament

1 month ago

The chess prodigy accused of cheating with vibrating anal beads has declared: 'I'm not going to backmost down,' aft winning a US title crippled successful which helium was required to acquisition a assemblage scan earlier playing.

Hans Niemann, 19, was accused of cheating by chess satellite champion Magnus Carlsen past period aft the teen managed to bushed the Norwegian - wide considered to beryllium the world's champion chess subordinate - seemingly without concentrating. 

Then earlier this week published a lengthy study claiming Niemann had 'likely' cheated successful much than 100 online games, including successful respective cash-prize tournaments - though had nary grounds to suggest he'd cheated successful over-the-board (OTB), in-person matches.

Niemann antecedently declared helium would play bare to beryllium doubters incorrect aft rumours suggested helium could person utilized vibrating anal beads, controlled by a third-party, to find the champion moves to marque successful his lucifer against Carlsen.  

But footage emerged yesterday of the prodigy being held extracurricular his US Championship crippled and forced to basal to attraction arsenic a information authoritative performed an all-over assemblage scan with a handheld detector.

Niemann's scan endured considerably longer than those of different contestants and the defender adjacent turned him astir to scan his down - prompting laughter from commentators. 

The 19-year-old, who did not look pleased astir the scan, went connected to triumph his first-round lucifer against a 15-year-old hostile earlier taking to the mic successful a post-match interrogation and hitting retired astatine critics.

'This crippled is simply a connection to everyone. This full happening started with maine saying ''chess speaks for itself'' and I deliberation this crippled spoke for itself and showed the chess subordinate I am.

'It besides showed I'm not going to backmost down and I'm going to play my champion chess present careless of the pressure.'

The 19-year-old was forced to taxable to a assemblage scan, on with different contestants, astatine the US championship

It comes aft helium was accused of cheating utilizing vibrating anal beads

'This crippled is simply a connection to everyone. This full happening started with maine saying ''chess speaks for itself'' and I deliberation this crippled spoke for itself and showed the chess subordinate I am. It besides showed I'm not going to backmost down,' Niemann said aft winning a US title game

A intelligibly frustrated Niemann rapidly chopped the post-match interrogation short, telling the interviewer: 'You tin permission it to your ain mentation but convey you, that's it'

Norwegian chess subordinate Magnus Carlsen, wide considered to beryllium 1 of the world's greatest, accused Niemann of cheating

A intelligibly frustrated Niemann rapidly chopped the interrogation short, telling the interviewer:  'You tin permission it to your ain mentation but convey you, that's it,' earlier walking out, overmuch to the incredulity of commentators.

His station lucifer interrogation was the archetypal clip since September 7 that Niemann had publically spoken connected allegations of cheating.

He initially protested his innocence amid speculation from Carlsen and the chess assemblage that helium had cheated successful their game, admitting helium had done truthful doubly earlier arsenic a youngster but had learned from his mistakes and vowed not to bash it again.

There is nary grounds to suggest Niemann has cheated successful immoderate OTB games. 

However, an extended probe into Neimann's online play by recovered helium apt broke the rules successful tournaments arsenic precocious arsenic 2020, noting 'many singular signals and antithetic patterns successful Hans' way arsenic a player', according to a 72-page report.

The papers alleged Niemann apt received assistance successful much than 100 online games utilizing amerciable machine aids.

It besides showed that the prodigy privately confessed to helium had cheated connected galore occasions, portion it besides revealed that helium was banned from the tract - though this was ne'er made public. 

The study states that Niemann confessed his cheating to COO Danny Rensch during a Zoom call, and afterwards successful penning during a Slack chat.

Many of the tournaments said Niemann cheated successful included currency prizes, the study said, including prize events, Speed Chess Championship Qualifiers, and the PRO Chess League. 

It is unclear however overmuch prize wealth Neimann has won successful his abbreviated career.

Niemann bushed chess satellite champion Carlsen connected September 4 successful the prestigious Sinquefield Cup, the infamous tourney successful which the 19-year-old was accused of utilizing vibrating anal beads to pass with his coach.

Niemann virulently denied Carlsen's accusations, saying that helium cheated lone doubly successful his beingness - astatine the property of 12 and 16 - and that some infractions were immoderate of the top regrets of his life. 

'Other than erstwhile I was 12 years old, I person never, ever, ever – and I would ne'er bash that, that is the worst happening that I could ever bash – cheat successful a tourney with prize money,' Niemann said afterwards.

'Never erstwhile I was streaming did I cheat.'

'Keep successful caput I was 16 years old, I ne'er wanted to wounded anyone, these were random games. I would ne'er – could adjacent fathom doing it – successful a existent game.'

The damning study comes aft Niemann made headlines successful September erstwhile chess champion Magnus Carlsen (pictured) suggested Niemann was a cheater, which culminated successful rumors the 19-year-old was utilizing vibrating anal beads to pass with his coach

Professional chess subordinate Hans Niemann successful a photograph from his Instagram page

The study seemed to formed aspersions connected Niemann's denials, calling the September 4 crippled 'suspicious' and adding 'that Hans' mentation of his triumph post-event added to our suspicion.'

'As to his OTB play much generally... we judge [there] are evident anomalies successful Hans' emergence successful OTB rating. 

'Of note, we sermon however Hans became the fastest rising apical subordinate successful Classical OTB chess successful modern recorded past overmuch aboriginal successful beingness than his peers and did it aft we had removed him from playing connected our tract successful 2020.'

That said, it admitted that there was 'no nonstop grounds that proves Hans cheated astatine the September 4, 2022 crippled with Magnus, oregon proves that helium has cheated successful different OTB [over the board] games successful the past.' explained that they applied statistical investigation to Niemann's games, comparing his moves to those a chess motor would marque successful the aforesaid position. A precocious correlation betwixt the 2 powerfully points towards cheating.

'Some, often newer, players usage a chess motor similar Stockfish to determine each determination they make. This form of cheating is evident and casual to detect,' the study states. 

'Other players, particularly those that play astatine Hans' level, are much much sophisticated, and prosecute successful 'selective cheating,' utilizing a chess motor to springiness proposal lone successful cardinal moments, and often intentionally making sub-par moves to disguise their motor use.'

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