Model shares shocking footage of a stranger 'assaulting her' in California grocery store

3 months ago

Model who shared shocking footage of a alien 'assaulting her' successful California market store reveals 'disgusting' trolls told her she was 'ASKING FOR IT' due to the fact that she was wearing a harvest apical and motorcycle shorts

  • Daisy Delacroix, from Redwood City, was buying successful a section market store erstwhile she says a antheral approached her, grabbed her behind, and whispered successful her ear 
  • The exemplary shared CCTV footage of the incidental connected her TikTok account, wherever it went viral, with Daisy informing each women to stay vigilant astatine each times 
  • While galore of the comments were supportive and sympathetic, others accused Daisy of 'asking for it' due to the fact that she was wearing covering that exposed skin 
  • She has present fired backmost astatine those comments, branding the radical who posted them 'disgusting' and noting it is 'never OK to sexually battle women'

By Lee Bullen For Dailymail.Com

Published: 17:34 BST, 29 August 2022 | Updated: 17:43 BST, 29 August 2022

A exemplary who claims she was sexually assaulted by a alien successful a market store has furiously clapped backmost astatine trolls who told her that she 'asked for it' due to the fact that she was wearing a harvest top. 

Influencer Daisy Delacroix, from Redwood City, California, went viral past week erstwhile she shared CCTV footage of the alleged battle on her TikTok page, along with the message: 'I can't accent this capable to delight beryllium alert of your surroundings.'

In the footage, the exemplary tin beryllium seen lasting alongside a refrigerated conception of the store doing her buying portion wearing a harvest apical and cycling shorts, and lasting successful beforehand of a reddish cart.

The video past shows a antheral successful a checkered hoodie walking up to Daisy and grabbing her from behind, portion leaning implicit to seemingly susurration thing successful her receptor - prompting a horrified absorption from the model, who whipped astir to spot who had touched her. 

A exemplary has shared CCTV footage of the horrifying infinitesimal a alien allegedly 'assaulted' her successful the market store portion she was shopping 

Daisy Delacroix, from Redwood City, California, was lasting alongside a refrigerated conception of the store erstwhile a unusual antheral successful a hoodie walked up to her and 'grabbed her butt' 

The exemplary past stared astatine the unusual antheral successful fearfulness earlier rapidly moving distant from him on the aisle.

In her video caption, Daisy - who said that she obtained the surveillance footage from the store's manager - alleged that the antheral 'touched her butt' and whispered 'what's up baby?' successful her ear, portion adding that the terrifying brushwood near her successful a authorities of 'complete shock'.   

After Daisy's video went viral connected TikTok, she came nether occurrence from trolls who told her she was 'asking for it' due to the fact that she was wearing a harvest apical and motorcycle shorts 

'Today aft enactment I was market buying and arsenic you tin spot successful this video, this antheral walks up from behind, touches my butt, and whispers successful my ear, "What's up baby?"' she wrote successful a caption connected the video. 

'I was successful vie shock. Ladies delight beryllium cautious of your surroundings. I did not cognize this antheral and helium tried to play it off.'  

The influencer stated that she wanted to stock the footage successful bid to pass different women astir the value of staying vigilant adjacent erstwhile successful an highly nationalist place.  

The video has since gone viral with 2.5 cardinal views and implicit 7,500 comments – astir of which person been positive.

However, trolls person besides travel retired of the woodwork, accusing the influencer of inviting unwanted attention.

'Why are you wearing that astatine the store?' wrote 1 person.

The video footage - which Daisy says she obtained from the store manager - shows the antheral approaching the exemplary from behind 

The unnamed antheral walks up to Daisy portion she was leaning implicit to look astatine immoderate items 

He past puts his manus connected her backside and leans successful to susurration to her - with the exemplary claiming helium said, 'What's up baby?' 

She whipped astir successful fearfulness and confronted the man, who she says tried to 'pass it off' arsenic thing of a applicable joke 

'I'm not amazed astatine all,' added idiosyncratic else.

The comments person prompted others to travel retired successful defence of the influencer.

'How did I cognize immoderate of these comments were gonna beryllium astir what she's wearing,' wrote 1 user.

A TikTok idiosyncratic said: 'The dudes successful these comments tryna blasted her y'all amended anticipation you don't get yours fr. What goes astir comes around.' [sic]

Another pistillate wrote: 'This happened to maine a fewer weeks ago. When the full store heard maine shriek astatine him helium was EMBARRASSED. Ran disconnected similar a kid with his caput down.' [sic]

Daisy has since deed back, telling the trolls – astir of whom look to beryllium men – 'some of you men are outright disgusting [in] these comments. Don't archer maine I shouldn't beryllium wearing this'.

'I'm wearing a harvest apical and biker shorts, it's men similar you are the problem. And that's conscionable scary!

'Just due to the fact that women take to amusement tegument volition ne'er marque it good to ever sexually [assault] women.'

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