Mexico Apprehends 16K Migrants in Four-Day Span

1 week ago

Mexican migration authorities announced the arrests of 16,069 migrants implicit a four-day span this week. The arrests travel arsenic Mexico continues to spot a emergence successful migrants entering the state done its confederate border, overmuch to the payment of cartel smugglers.

This week, Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM) announced the arrests of 16,069 migrants from 46 antithetic countries successful a four-day span crossed 22 cities.

#Comunicado| @INAMI_mx rescató entre el 17 y 20 de noviembre pasado a 16 mil 096 personas migrantes de 46 países que transitaban de manera irregular por México

— INM (@INAMI_mx) November 22, 2022

The precocious fig comes astatine a clip erstwhile migration authorities successful the U.S. look record-setting apprehensions astatine the border. In Mexico, quality smuggling organizations are substantially profiting arsenic migrants property to the U.S. border. This week, Republican legislature leaders called for DHS Secretary Alajandro Mayorkas to resign oregon look impeachment proceedings.

Additionally, successful Mexico, INM officials person been issuing a ample fig of question permits that let migrants to freely determination passim the state for a acceptable play of time, usually 30 days. Most usage those permits to marque their mode to bluish borderline cities. The measurement has been praised by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador arsenic a mode to disperse migrant caravans.

The INM has been plagued by a unreality of corruption wherever agents person a agelong past of moving with quality smugglers and manufacturing mendacious question documents.

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