Man Utd fans react with delight to report that Apple is considering buying club for £5.8billion

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Manchester United fans person been near delighted aft a study that Apple is considering buying their nine for £5.8billion.

The Premier League shot nine has been enactment up for sale by its owners, the Glazer family, perchance sparking a bidding warfare among immoderate of the world's richest people.

Reports person emerged today suggesting that Apple, the exertion institution with an yearly turnover of £326billion, could lodge a bid to takeover the club.

Supporters of the Red Devils person been reacting with glee astatine the news, which if it comes to pass, would spot it go by acold the richest nine successful England.

Some person been joking that fixed Apple's immense income from its exertion concern they could spend to update the clubs notoriously uncared for crushed Old Trafford 'every 2 months'.

The California-based tech steadfast has ne'er antecedently owned a large sports team, but the commercialized opportunities provided by United are said to beryllium a superior origin successful their interest.

Other funny parties see Zara laminitis Armancio Ortega, whose estimated wealthiness of $61.3billion makes him the world's 19th richest person.

And INEOS laminitis Jim Ratcliffe, who is reported to beryllium a boyhood Manchester United fan, is besides thought to beryllium funny successful lodging a bid.

Any imaginable proprietor could person to flex their fiscal muscles simply to bargain the club, with the acquisition acceptable to go the costliest successful shot history, surpassing the £4.25billion interest a consortium led by Todd Boehly paid for Chelsea earlier this year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is the latest high-profile suitor to beryllium funny successful buying Manchester United, according to reports

A apical precedence for United's caller proprietor volition beryllium to upgrade their celebrated ground, Old Trafford

United fable Gary Neville has backed calls for the stadium to beryllium rebuilt from the bottommost up

News that Apple could go the adjacent proprietor of 1 of English football's astir decorated clubs has near supporters successful raptures connected societal media.

Fans person joked caller ownership could spot the celebrated Red Devil's nine badge changed to see the tech giant's trademark Apple bite. 

Others jested that the sanction of the club's stadium could beryllium changed to 'The iTrafford', portion others person said with its immense profits it could spend to renovate the ageing crushed regularly.

Meanwhile immoderate absorption fans said if it goes done they mightiness person to determination from iPhone to Android to halt supporting the club.

However, immoderate person remarked that having Apple arsenic owners would beryllium 'Glazers 2.0' and that the tech elephantine would beryllium much funny successful wealth than success.

According to Sky Sports News writer Kaveh Solhekol, immoderate determination from Apple to bargain the nine 'would beryllium a alteration successful strategy'.

He said: 'So acold we haven't seen tech companies truly bargain shot clubs. Of course, they're funny successful buying the rights to amusement their games, but I deliberation it would beryllium a alteration successful strategy if Apple were to bargain Manchester United.'

One large contented facing whomever buys United is Old Trafford, the club's iconic stadium. The venue has agelong needed a revamp to vie with the biggest clubs astir the world.

It is understood that rebuilding the stadium volition outgo astir £1.5bn, making it the astir costly shot crushed successful the satellite - up of Tottenham's caller £1bn stadium.

United moved into the crushed - nicknamed 'The Theatre of Dreams' - successful 1910 and person called it location ever since. The stadium was astir precocious renovated betwixt 2005 and 2006, with 8,000 seats being added.

Red Devils fable Gary Neville has backed calls for the stadium to beryllium rebuilt entirely, erstwhile stories archetypal emerged of plans to demolish the existent ground emerged backmost successful February. 

He posted connected Instagram: 'There is simply a communicative emerging from Old Trafford that they mightiness rebuild the full stadium and I person conscionable been asked what I deliberation of it. I really deliberation that it would beryllium the close move. 


Armancio Ortega, the laminitis of covering marque Zara and the 19th richest antheral successful the world, has reportedly thrown his chapeau successful the ringing to bargain Manchester United.  

United's existent owners, the Glazer family, enactment chap billionaires connected reddish alert earlier this week erstwhile they revealed they are present unfastened to selling the club. 

Amancio Ortega, the laminitis of covering elephantine Zara, wants to bargain Manchester United

Now, the Manchester Evening News have elaborate that Ortega has 'already spoken to Old Trafford executives' to state his involvement successful buying United. 

On a time wherever it has been revealed that Apple are funny successful buying Manchester United successful £5.8billion deal, quality of reported involvement from Ortega volition intrigue supporters hopeless to spot the extremity of the Glazers reign.

Ortega is 86 and is reported to beryllium worth $61.3billion, according to Forbes' billionaire rich-list

The Spanish manner billionaire has nary erstwhile acquisition moving a sports squad and has alternatively made his wealth successful existent property and fashion.

He owns 59 per cent of the Inditex covering empire, which helium started successful 1975, and past twelvemonth appointed his daughter, Maria Ortega Perez, arsenic chairwoman of Zara. 

Ortega, who has 3 children, would correspond a displacement from the Glazer family, who person owned Manchester United since 2005.

But determination is anticipated to beryllium tons of contention for United, arsenic they stay 1 of the astir lucrative companies successful each of sport.

'I deliberation by the clip that they person spent wealth connected Old Trafford, the existing one, past I deliberation you would beryllium amended disconnected gathering a marque new, better, ace stadium. I bash deliberation that Manchester United should ever beryllium astatine the forefront of stadiums, person the champion facilities and they person fallen behind.'

With the reports successful Daily Star that Apple is funny successful buying the club, CEO Cook is conscionable the latest successful a enactment of high-profile individuals who person shown an involvement successful taking complaint astatine Old Trafford. 

Now-Twitter CEO Elon Musk jokingly wrote connected the level this summertime that helium would beryllium purchasing the club, with the 51-year-old's station garnering much than 800,000 likes.

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has besides thrown his chapeau into the ring, having antecedently expressed an involvement successful taking implicit the club.

The 34-year-old took to Twitter pursuing the announcement of the European Super League successful April of past year, writing: 'Hey guys, I'm reasoning astir buying Manchester United! What bash you think?'

Elon Musk (left) and Conor McGregor (right) person antecedently shown an involvement successful buying the club

The Irishman added that helium would similar to get a sports squad 'at immoderate stage'.

'A speech came up regarding Celtic archetypal to beryllium honest. To get shares from Dermot Desmond. I americium surely funny successful acquiring a sports squad astatine immoderate stage! Both Celtic and Man United are teams I similar for sure. But I americium open. I consciousness I could bash large things for a club.'

Joel and Avram Glazer person been mostly unpopular among fans since taking complaint of the nine successful 2005.

Backlash implicit the American concern bankers' takeover of United was specified that immoderate supporters formed the breakaway nine FC United of Manchester successful protest.

Dissatisfaction implicit the moving of United besides led to the greenish and golden question with fans donning scarfs depicting the club's archetypal colours, and resulted successful bid of protests being staged some wrong and extracurricular of Old Trafford.

A club connection from Tuesday outlined the Glazers' intentions to sell: 'Manchester United plc (NYSE:MANU), 1 of the astir palmy and historical sports clubs successful the world, announces contiguous that the Company's Board of Directors (the 'Board') is commencing a process to research strategical alternatives for the club.

The Glazers confirmed this week that they are acceptable to merchantability United aft 17 years astatine the club

'The process is designed to heighten the club's aboriginal growth, with the eventual extremity of positioning the nine to capitalize connected opportunities some connected the transportation and commercially.

'As portion of this process, the Board volition see each strategical alternatives, including caller concern into the club, a sale, oregon different transactions involving the Company. 

'This volition see an appraisal of respective initiatives to fortify the club, including stadium and infrastructure redevelopment, and enlargement of the club's commercialized operations connected a planetary scale, each successful the discourse of enhancing the semipermanent occurrence of the club's men's, women's and academy teams, and bringing benefits to fans and different stakeholders.' 

Discontent implicit the Glazers' ownership has besides seeped into the dressing room, with Cristiano Ronaldo expressing dissatisfaction with the Americans' stewardship of the nine successful his explosive interrogation with Piers Morgan.

Ronaldo - whose declaration with the nine has been terminated pursuing his wide-ranging chat with the broadcaster - said Joel and Avram Glazer 'don't care' astir United.

'The owners of the club, the Glazers, they don't attraction astir the club,' helium said. 'I mean, nonrecreational sport, arsenic you cognize this, Manchester (United) is simply a selling club. They volition get its wealth from the selling - the sport, they don't truly care, successful my opinion.' 

Ronaldo said helium 'never' talks to the owners and revealed his fears that the nine volition stay down rivals Manchester City and Liverpool for years to come.

'You person immoderate things wrong the nine which don't assistance Manchester (United) scope the apical level arsenic City, Liverpool and adjacent present Arsenal, for example... which is complicated, it's difficult.'

Manchester United co-owner Avram Glazer spoke for the archetypal clip successful nationalist since the nine was enactment up for merchantability arsenic the American ownership question caller concern oregon a full buyout

Speaking successful Florida connected Thursday, United co-owner Avram Glazer said of United's sale: 'As we announced yesterday, the committee went done a process and it has decided it is going to look astatine antithetic strategical alternatives and that's what we're doing.'

When it was enactment to Glazer that astir United fans consciousness his household should person sold the nine years ago, helium answered: 'Once again, we are going done a process, we volition look astatine each antithetic strategical alternatives and we volition spot wherever it leads us. 

'I admit you talking to maine contiguous and I'm going to privation everyone a blessed Thanksgiving.'

Asked astir the acrimonious departure of Ronaldo, Glazer said: 'I volition archer you astir Cristiano Ronaldo, helium is simply a large Manchester United subordinate and I admit everything helium has done for the nine and I privation him the champion of luck successful the future.' 

Man United for sale: All you request to cognize arsenic Glazers hunt for buyers 

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