Man Goes on Stabbing Spree in Chinese Kindergarten, the Latest in Primary School Assault Wave

1 week ago

Police officers successful southeast China’s Jiangxi state arrested a 48-year-old antheral connected Wednesday connected suspicion of perpetrating a fatal stabbing astatine a backstage kindergarten successful Jiangxi’s Anfu region that time that killed 3 radical and injured six others, China’s state-run Global Times reported.

The paper cited an archetypal study by China’s authoritative authorities property agency, Xinhua, confirming connected August 3 that authorities had arrested a fishy successful the kindergarten stabbing. Police officers said the suspect, surnamed Liu, is simply a section Anfu region resident.

A man, present believed to beryllium Liu, “stormed” a backstage kindergarten successful Anfu region astatine astir 10:00 americium section clip connected August 3 and stabbed some teachers and toddlers, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported.

Authorities person truthful acold not made nationalist the names oregon ages of the stabbing incident’s victims.

“[I]t tin beryllium confirmed that astatine slightest 1 kid was injured successful the attack,” the Global Times reported connected August 3.

“In addition, accusation circulating connected Sina Weibo [China’s mentation of Twitter], which has not yet been confirmed by authorities, shows that the assailant utilized a weapon to stab respective children successful the kindergarten, astir each nether the property of six, and immoderate children are inactive successful the infirmary for treatment,” according to the state-run newspaper.

“In a video of the country shared by state-run Beijing Daily, a constabulary serviceman tin beryllium seen carrying a tiny kid successful his arms to an ambulance,” AFP relayed.

“Mass convulsive transgression is uncommon successful China, which strictly prohibits citizens from owning firearms, but determination has been a spate of wide stabbings successful caller years,” the quality bureau observed connected Wednesday.

“Fatal attacks specifically targeting kindergarten and schoolhouse students person occurred nationwide, carried retired by radical reportedly wishing to wreak revenge connected nine oregon due to the fact that of grievances with colleagues,” AFP noted.

An astir 50-year-old attacker wielding a weapon stabbed teachers and students astatine a superior school in Cangwu County successful confederate China’s Guangxi portion successful June 2020.

The section authorities said successful a connection astatine the clip that “37 students suffered mild injuries and 2 adults suffered much terrible injuries. All of them were sent to a infirmary for treatment, and nary of their lives are successful danger.”

Authorities aboriginal identified the perpetrator arsenic the school’s information defender and sentenced him to decease for volition to perpetrate homicide, though each of his stabbing victims survived the incident.

“A knife-wielding antheral killed 2 radical and wounded 2 others astatine a superior schoolhouse successful cardinal Hunan state successful April past twelvemonth [2019],” AFP recalled successful June 2020 erstwhile reporting connected the Cangwu County schoolhouse stabbing.

“In April 2018, a antheral killed 9 mediate schoolhouse students arsenic they were returning home, successful 1 of the deadliest weapon attacks seen successful China successful caller years,” the quality bureau further recalled.

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