Liz Cheney Claims January 6 Probe Will Present 'Much More' Information at Fall Hearings

4 days ago

Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) said Thursday connected CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360 ” that the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 riot astatine the U.S. Capitol would person “much more” accusation to contiguous astatine hearings successful the fall.

Cheney said, “The committee has been, I think, precise thorough and laying retired overmuch of what we know. There’s overmuch much that we person not yet shared successful hearings, and we expect we volition stock successful the fall. We volition besides marque decisions astir transgression referrals, and yet the determination astir prosecutions is up to the Justice Department, but I would expect the committee volition person an sentiment connected that.”

CNN Chief nationalist affairs analyst Kasie Hunt said, “How overmuch would you accidental you person learned that was unexpected? You evidently person a batch much accusation than the wide nationalist does successful your caput astir what happened that day. But erstwhile you started these hearings earlier this year, did you person immoderate thought however overmuch you would cognize by this point?”

Cheney said, “It’s been much accusation and much blase and broader reaching effort than I understood coming into it. I deliberation each of america connected the committee person had that aforesaid reaction, which is that there’s truthful overmuch much that was happening successful aggregate antithetic areas, whether it was the unit connected authorities officials, oregon the unit connected the Justice Department, oregon the effort to unit the vice president himself. I deliberation the measurement of accusation has been much than I expected. Certainly, obviously, I came into this precise concerned. The accusation itself has not lessened my interest astatine all.”

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