Lee Zeldin Pledges to Fire Soros-Funded DA Alvin Bragg on First Day in Office

3 months ago

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), the Republican gubernatorial nominee successful New York, doubled down connected his committedness to occurrence the George Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg connected his archetypal time successful office.

“I volition FIRE Alvin Bragg instantly upon taking bureau arsenic New York’s adjacent Governor successful January,” Zeldin tweeted on Monday.

I volition FIRE Alvin Bragg instantly upon taking bureau arsenic New York’s adjacent Governor successful January!

— Lee Zeldin (@leezeldin) August 29, 2022

Bragg was elected arsenic Manhattan’s District Attorney with the assistance of a million-dollar run publication from Soros, a billionaire Democrat mega-donor who funded far-left territory lawyer candidates crossed the country.

Although Bragg campaigned on a “pro-jailbreak agenda” that sought to extremity prosecution for assorted crimes, Manhattan residents overwhelmingly voted to instal Bragg arsenic territory attorney.

Bragg also claimed he would trim “mass incarceration” by recommending 20-year maximum situation sentences “absent exceptional circumstances.”

Bragg made headlines earlier this twelvemonth aft his bureau issued a memo instructing unit to question pre-trial detention oregon situation sentences lone for criminals accused of homicide, nationalist corruption, and a fewer different exceptional cases.

Bragg wrote in his memo:

There is simply a presumption of pre-trial non-incarceration for each lawsuit but those with charges of homicide oregon the decease of a victim, a people B convulsive felony successful which a deadly limb oregon unsafe instrumentality causes superior carnal injury, enactment offenses successful Article 130 of the Penal Law, home unit felonies oregon charges of PL § 215.50, nationalist corruption, rackets, oregon large economical crimes, including immoderate effort to perpetrate immoderate specified discourtesy nether Article 110 of the Penal Law. For immoderate complaint of effort to origin superior carnal wounded with a unsafe instrument, ADAs indispensable get the support of an ECAB

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a erstwhile apical lawman to New York’s lawyer general, speaks to supporters successful New York, Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

Bragg’s soft-on-crime attack precocious resulted successful a 15-year-old miss being sexually assaulted by a fishy Braggs’s bureau released backmost into the streets.

As the New York Post detailed:

At the clip of Wednesday’s attempted rape, Anthony Ibanez was retired connected no-bail successful a lawsuit wherever helium allegedly robbed a Manhattan deli with a Taser-wielding confederate. Cops had charged him with robbery successful the archetypal grade with usage of a unsafe instrument, a bail-eligible offense, but Bragg’s prosecutors reduced it to non-bail-eligible petit larceny, 2nd grade menacing and different low-level raps.

Monday was not the archetypal clip Zeldin pledged to occurrence Bragg if elected arsenic New York’s governor.

“My archetypal enactment close aft I americium sworn into bureau is turning to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and Alvin Bragg and archer them he’s fired,” Zeldin told Fox News earlier this month.

Zeldin argued it is the governor’s “constitutional responsibility” to region territory attorneys who garbage to enforce the law.

“The politician of New York has the law authorization – I would accidental the law work – to region a D.A. who refuses to enforce the law. We bash not person callback elections successful New York,” Zeldin said. “So it’s up to maine to bash what the radical can’t. There is nary recall. So I americium going to enactment arsenic my archetypal enactment aft I’m sworn in.”

Zeldin besides made akin comments successful January and blasted New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) for gathering with Bragg.

“The politician has the law authorization to region a territory lawyer who refuses to enforce the law,” Zeldin said. “As politician of New York close now, I would bash that. Yesterday, Gov. Hochul met with Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney. Didn’t occurrence him, didn’t condemn him.”

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