LA news anchor is FIRED after going off-script to berate his own station in rogue monologue

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LA quality anchor is fired aft calling his OWN presumption 'rude and cruel' successful rogue monologue: KTLA prima said unrecorded connected aerial that 'best friend' workfellow - who near aft 24 years - was not fixed accidental to accidental goodbye to viewers

  • TV anchor fired aft ignoring producer's publication and slamming the presumption connected air
  • Mark Mester, of KTLA, was furious implicit departure of co-host Lynette Romero
  • Romero had near days earlier but had not been fixed a accidental to accidental goodbye 

By Walter Finch For Mailonline

Published: 12:40 BST, 23 September 2022 | Updated: 12:55 BST, 23 September 2022

A Los Angeles quality anchor has been fired aft going off-script and calling retired his ain tv presumption unrecorded connected aerial implicit the departure of his beloved co-anchor.

Mark Mester, of KTLA, was archetypal suspended and past fixed his marching orders Thursday aft binning a pre-prepared publication and launching an impassioned apology to viewers implicit the exit of 'best friend' Lynette Romero.

'I privation to commencement disconnected close present by offering up an apology to you,' Mester said unrecorded connected aerial Saturday.

'What the viewers experienced was rude, it was cruel, it was inappropriate and we are truthful sorry.

The presumption had announced the departure of Romero, a long-serving and fashionable big of the play greeting show, without giving her an accidental to accidental goodbye to viewers, overmuch to their outrage.

Mark Mester, (right) of KTLA, was archetypal suspended and past fixed his marching orders Thursday aft binning a pre-prepared publication and launching an impassioned apology to 'best friend' Lynette Romero, (left) who had near the presumption a fewer days earlier

Station employees told the Los Angeles Times that presumption manager Janene Drafs had announced to the newsroom that Mestler was terminated during a abbreviated code connected Thursday afternoon.

'[Mester] is nary longer astatine KTLA5,' she said to staffers who were present. 

Mester had taken the accidental during his Saturday greeting amusement to apologize to viewers connected behalf of KTLA for the mode of Romero's departure, successful a mode that implicitly criticized the station. 

'We're going to connection you dignity and grace, which is what this presumption should've done from the beginning,' Mester said. 

'I besides privation to accidental atrocious to Lynette Romero due to the fact that Lynette, I emotion you truthful much, you virtually are my champion friend,' helium said, his dependable cracking astatine times. 'You did not merit what happened to you.' 

'You did not merit this, it was a mistake, and we anticipation you tin find it successful your bosom to forgive us.'

Staffers said that producers had written an approved publication for Mester to work arsenic a homage to Romero, accompanied by photos and clips of her broadcasts.

But Mester, who had been seen pacing backmost and distant angrily earlier the show, rejected it successful favour of his ain ad-libbed monologue, successful which helium said determination was a level was successful the entity with a connection of emotion and gratitude to Romero.

He had hired the level to alert implicit the presumption with a banner saying 'We emotion you Lynette', which helium had pitched to producers arsenic footage to see successful the segment, but it had been rejected. 

Romero, who had go a fashionable instauration implicit a 24 twelvemonth vocation with the station, had near aft bosses had refused her petition to swap her play amusement for a play displacement successful bid to walk much clip with her family.

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