Kinzinger: GOP Hypocrites Attacked Hillary Clinton, Now Defending 'Disgusting' Trump

3 months ago

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said Sunday connected NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Republicans are hypocrites for attacking erstwhile Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified materials. At the aforesaid time, they support “disgusting” erstwhile President Donald Trump successful airy of the documents removed from Mar-a-Lago.

Anchor Chuck Todd said, “Let maine commencement with the affidavit with you. It seems arsenic if Justice wanted to complaint the erstwhile president with a crime. Doesn’t it look they already person capable grounds conscionable simply connected the mishandling of these classified documents?”

Kinzinger said, “Yeah. I mean, look, I’m nary adept in, you know, what it takes to indict somebody. You know, I’m a pilot. That’s astir it. But knowing what I know,  look astatine this, and I go, my goodness. I mean, if immoderate of america successful the House of Representatives, who by our predetermination we have, you know, successful essence, the highest level of information clearance, if immoderate of america walked retired intentionally with adjacent 1 papers from the SCIF, which is wherever we tin spell spot classified documents and the House came to us, said you person to springiness this papers back, and we refused to bash it for years, we would beryllium successful existent trouble. Not conscionable 1 papers successful this case. We cognize 180-plus than what was gotten aft this search. I mean, the hypocrisy of folks successful my enactment that spent years chanting ‘lock her up’ astir Hillary Clinton due to the fact that of immoderate deleted emails oregon quote, unquote, wiping a server are retired determination defending a antheral who precise intelligibly did not instrumentality the nationalist information of the United States to heart, and it volition beryllium up to DOJ whether that reaches the level of indictment. This is disgusting successful my caput — and look, nary president should enactment this way, obviously.”

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