Kim Kardashian news: Adidas investigates claims Kanye West showed explicit images of Kim

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Sportswear elephantine Adidas is investigating allegations troubled prima Kanye West showed members of his Yeezy squad explicit images of his then-wife Kim Kardashian and discussed porn openly astatine work.

Members of the squad wrote successful a missive that they felt 'bullied and intimidated' by West, and impeach their bosses of knowing astir his behaviour for years yet turning 'their motivation compass off.'

It comes conscionable weeks aft Adidas terminated its narration with West amid the furor created by the rapper's repeated anti-Semitic remarks. 

The shocking accusations were archetypal made successful a diagnostic published this week by Rolling Stone. In a connection connected the story, Adidas said: 'It is presently not wide whether the accusations made successful an anonymous missive are true.' 

The connection continued: 'However, we instrumentality these allegations precise earnestly and person taken the determination to motorboat an autarkic probe of the substance instantly to code the allegations.'

The caller allegations travel conscionable weeks aft Adidas terminated its narration with West amid the furor created by the rapper's repeated anti-Semitic remarks

Among the caller bizarre allegations are that West showed Adidas employees an explicit photograph of world star Kim Kardashian

In effect to the allegations, Adidas said it is investigating the claims and that it supports their staff

The Rolling Stone nonfiction said the letter, titled: 'The Truth About Yeezy: A Call to Action for Adidas Leadership,' accused West of being assertive successful the workplace, particularly towards women. 

The radical said they asked Adidas to woody with the 'toxic and chaotic situation Kanye West created.' In different conception of the letter, West is accused of subjecting workers to 'years of verbal abuse, vulgar tirades and bullying attacks.'

At the clip of writing, neither West nor Kim Kardashian's representatives had responded to requests for comment.  

When Adidas chopped ties with West, costing the German steadfast billions of dollars successful the process, it called his remarks 'unacceptable, hateful and dangerous'.

Speaking astir the Rolling Stone allegations, Adidas said the institution was successful a dialog with employees erstwhile the determination was made to extremity its narration with West. 

Speaking astir the Rolling Stone allegations, Adidas said the institution was successful a dialog with employees erstwhile the determination was made to extremity its narration with West

Among egregious acts committed, according to staff, the rapper showed a video of a porn prima Francesca Le performing a enactment enactment with different pistillate to employees.

In effect to that allegation, Le said successful a statement: 'I instrumentality a batch of pridefulness successful the movies that I make. It is highly concerning, disheartening, and disappointing that idiosyncratic would usage my enactment successful a mode that is demeaning to different quality beings.'

She continued: 'My enactment is my passionateness and I privation those who ticker the movies that I marque to bask them, not beryllium forced into viewing them.' 

Earlier, the institution said it began re-evaluating its narration with West pursuing the Jesus Walks' vocalist quality astatine Paris Fashion Week clad successful a garment that work White Lives Matter.

Shortly aft that stunt, West was shunned by societal media giants Instagram and Twitter. In summation to Adidas, covering giants Balenciaga and Gap besides ended their relationships with the singer. 

According to the Rolling Stone piece, a young antheral who was interviewing for a occupation astatine Yeezy was shown an 'intimate' representation of Kardashian by West conscionable aft it arrived connected his phone, portion an 'explicit' video of the world prima was shown to respective co-workers.

West besides told a pistillate Adidas worker successful China 'I privation you to marque maine a footwear I tin f***' and often played porn videos to colleagues - including home-made videos of himself and different women, the study claims. 

The work received respective claims of incidents successful which West appeared to usage pornography, which helium played during meetings, arsenic a instrumentality to bully and intimidate staff.

Former Yeezy president Pete Fox told Rolling Stone: 'Steve Jobs oregon Elon Musk … they were liable to shareholders; Kanye 100 percent owns his brands - helium tin bash immoderate helium wants, and we're conscionable determination to service astatine his pleasure.'

In a connection to MailOnline, Adidas said: 'Adidas does not tolerate hatred code and violative behaviour and truthful has terminated the Adidas Yeezy partnership.

'We person been and proceed to beryllium actively engaged successful conversations with our employees astir the events that pb to our determination to extremity the partnership.

'They person our afloat enactment and arsenic we're moving done the details of the termination, we person been wide that we privation to support our employees' endowment and skills wrong the organization.

'Having said this, we volition not sermon backstage conversations, details oregon events that led to our determination to terminate the Adidas Yeezy concern and diminution to remark connected immoderate related speculation.'

Kardashian and West divided past twelvemonth aft six years of matrimony and person entered into a messy custody conflict implicit their 4 children

In 2019, West admitted to being a porn addict, saying: 'For me, Playboy was my gateway into afloat connected pornography addiction. My dada had a Playboy near retired astatine property 5 and it's affected astir each prime I made for the remainder of my life.

'From property 5 till now, having to footwear the wont and it conscionable presents itself successful the unfastened similar it's OK and I basal up and say, 'No, it's not OK'.'

How overmuch is Kanye truly worth?

Forbes estimation that Kanye is worthy astir $2billion, with breaking down his idiosyncratic deals:

ADIDAS - $1.5billion

 West's woody with Adidas was the crowning jewel of his fortune, with income climbing to $1.7billion successful 2020 – earning him $191 cardinal successful royalties.

Forbes estimates that the Yeezy concern with Adidas is worthy $1.5billion, and the institution confirmed that they were apt to suffer up to $250million of their nett income successful 2022 arsenic a effect of the split.

GAP X BALENCIAGA - $970million

His GAP postulation was estimated astatine astir $970million erstwhile the woody was announced successful 2021, but helium has since terminated his enactment with the retailer.

Initial products sold retired successful 2021, aft being announced successful June 2020, successful a concern which was expected to past for 10 years but was chopped abbreviated by West.

GAP were besides portion of a woody betwixt Yeezy and Balenciaga, with estimates claiming they would bring successful $1billion successful projected sales.

SKIMS - $160million

West, who divorced Kim Kardashian successful 2020, remains a spouse successful Skims but it is unclear however overmuch helium earns from that.

He antecedently ranted astir owning 5 percent of the business, which is estimated astatine a $3.2billion nett worth. 

If that is the lawsuit past helium would person a $160million involvement successful the company. 

MUSIC - $90million 

He has sold implicit 140 cardinal albums worldwide, and documents seen by Forbes amusement that his ain recorded euphony and publishing rights is worthy astatine slightest $90million.

Between mortgages, advances and different liabilities, Forbes accidental West owes astir $100 million.

A video was shared by West past period seemingly showing him sharing a porn movie connected his telephone with Adidas execs.

In the 30-minute-long video, the rapper meets with Adidas executives, whose faces are blurred out.

West could beryllium seen gathering successful a plain country surrounded by men connected stools, seemingly wearing Adidas sneakers, arsenic helium shows them thing connected his phone.

Eventually 1 of the men asks: 'Is this a porn movie?' to which West responds, 'Yeah.'

Soon, the enforcement tries to swipe Kanye's manus distant and tells him to 'come on.'

Following the termination of his Yeezy partnership, West could suffer his billionaire presumption aft besides being dropped by a fig of different partners, including Gap and Balenciaga.

His woody with Adidas was worthy astir $1.5 cardinal a year, netting the prima astir $220 cardinal annually.

He claimed past period to person mislaid a masssive $2 cardinal successful a azygous time aft companies began to sever ties with him pursuing his racist remarks made online.

Discussing the backlash, West insisted that 'money is not who I am' arsenic helium penned a 'love letter' to Hollywood ace cause Ari Emanuel, who had called for West to beryllium dropped by each large brands.

In a station captioned 'LOVE SPEECH', helium penned: 'Ari Emanuel, I mislaid 2 cardinal dollars successful 1 time and I'm inactive alive. This is emotion speech. I inactive emotion you. God inactive loves you. The wealth is not who I am. The radical is who I am.'

In an op-ed for the Financial Times, Endeavor co-CEO Emanuel wrote that determination should beryllium 'no tolerance anyplace for West's anti-Semitism' and encouraged brands to afloat cease partnering and moving with the designer.

'Apple and Spotify, which big West's music, whoever organizes West's tours, and Adidas, which collaborates with West connected his manner line, should each halt moving with him,' wrote Emanuel - fundamentally calling for a blacklisting.

Earlier this week, aft having his Twitter relationship reinstated pursuing a prohibition for his anti-semantic remarks, West announced helium would beryllium selling leftover Yeezy, Balenciaga and Adidas apparel for $20, 'so everyone tin spend prime clothes.'

In footage posted online, West appears astir joyful arsenic helium stands successful a workspace that looks to beryllium the big of an upcoming illustration sale.

West's Twitter relationship was restored connected Tuesday, pursuing the company's caller takeover by Elon Musk.

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