Kanye West says Kim Kardashian 'disregarded' his opinion in how kids are raised

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Kanye West said ex-wife Kim Kardashian 'disregarded' his sentiment connected however their children should beryllium raised, and that helium had to 'fight for his voice' successful their schooling weeks aft likening himself to a sperm donor without immoderate input successful the kids' lives.

Speaking successful a caller interrogation that aired connected Good Morning America connected Thursday, the 45-year-old rapper said helium had been near 'hurt' by his erstwhile woman who helium claims dictated wherever their 4 children went to schoolhouse and however they dressed. 

'I bash person a dependable but I had to combat for it. It hurts you erstwhile you person to shriek astir what your kids are wearing,' helium said. 

He explained that arsenic helium and Kim warred implicit the kids' upbringing, helium was besides battling Adidas and Gap implicit originative power of his Yeezy products. 

'These small nuances... determination were parallels astatine Gap, astatine Adidas and successful my home. It was benignant of a disregard for the dependable I person successful thing I co-created. I co-created the children, I co-created the merchandise astatine Gap and I co-created the merchandise astatine Adidas,' helium said. 

In an evident motion of triumph oregon astatine slightest bid successful his spat with Kim, helium shared videos past nighttime of his 2 oldest children North, nine, and Saint, six, astatine his schoolhouse - the Donda Academy - successful Simi Valley. 

The $15,000-a-year schoolhouse teaches kids music, subject and religion. In his Instagram tirade earlier this month, helium fumed that helium wanted the children to be the schoolhouse full-time, but that Kim and Hulu, her streaming elephantine partner, prevented it.  

The rapper - who present goes by the sanction Ye - was interviewed by ABC News' Live Prime anchor Linsey Davis. A information of the interrogation aired connected Good Morning America connected Thursday, but the afloat sit-down volition aerial contiguous astatine 8.30pm

Kim and Kanye had 4 children unneurotic earlier she filed for divorcement successful February. They are shown with their kids North, nine, Saint, six, Chicago, 4 and Psalm, three, successful an older Instagram post 

West shared a video of his oldest children, North and Saint, astatine the Donda Academy yesterday 

Children astatine the Donda Academy successful Simi Valley successful a video posted connected TikTok by Kanye connected Wednesday night 

'I privation my kids to spell to Donda and I person to combat for a accidental so. We dispersed the gospel, the kids sing gospel,' helium said. 

He added that his purpose was 'to physique a schoolhouse that gives kids applicable tools that they request successful the world.' 

Earlier successful the interview, helium said societal media could beryllium of some harm and benefit. 

Smiling, helium replied: 'That's 1 of my favourite questions of this interview. I mean, we tin usage a car to unreserved idiosyncratic to the infirmary oregon we tin usage a car and accidentally deed idiosyncratic portion we're rushing idiosyncratic to the hospital. So it's each successful however we usage it.' 

In his meltdown past month, Kanye fumed that Kim was trying to instrumentality complaint of their 4 children's schooling. 

The mates finalized their divorcement successful June this twelvemonth aft splitting successful February. They had been joined for six years, during which clip they welcomed 4 children; North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

In a bid of unhinged Instagram posts past month, the rapper - who has been unfastened successful the past astir his bipolar upset diagnosis and ongoing struggles with intelligence unwellness - accused Kim of trying to power their children’s lives and schooling.

Specifically, helium claimed that Hulu - the streaming elephantine with which the Kardashians present person a lucrative concern - dictated wherever the kids would be school. 

On its website, the schoolhouse says 1 of its guiding rules is that 'students indispensable beryllium assured successful forming ideas. If not, their penning volition suffer.' 

He said helium wanted children to larn astir abstraction question successful a 'shoutout to Elon Musk'. 

'We person to let for self-confidence. So galore schools instrumentality distant from the assurance that these aboriginal leaders person for themselves. Those little assured leaders pb connected lying arsenic opposed to starring connected the information first.

'We person to amended the captious wide connected esteem, connected religions - each the religions. We person to amended the captious wide connected yoga, fiscal literacy, we person to exposure information.

'We person to amended connected physics - however bash things really work? How bash pipes and h2o really work? Our schoolhouse is astir engineering,' helium said successful a September 16 interrogation with Alo Yoga founder Danny Harris. 

 West posted screenshots of his substance conversations with his ex-wife wherever she begged him to halt mentioning her mother, Kris Jenner, and to halt airing their soiled laundry

Kanye said helium was dealing with power 'at the highest level' and insisted that helium was not 'crazy'

He wrote thing resembling a poem that alluded to the Kardashians connected Hulu portion speaking much astir his intelligence wellness and his children's school

In different posts, Kanye alleged that helium and different erstwhile Kardashian men Scott Disick, Travis Scott and Tristan Thompson served arsenic ‘c*um’ donors for the women successful the family. 

Kanye has since deleted the posts. His Instagram page, wherever helium has much than 17million followers, is present empty. 

He besides took purpose astatine Adidas and Gap, the retail behemoths with which helium partnered to nutrient and merchantability his Yeezy apparel and shoes years ago, but with whom helium present finds himself successful a ineligible fight. 

On Thursday, helium vowed to proceed with his fight, saying: 'We got caller lawyers...we truly had to level up and truly amusement them who’s the caller brag successful town.'

He was confronted with the infamous 2013 video of him unleashing connected journalist Sway Calloway, who asked him innocently wherefore helium didn't motorboat the covering and footwear marque alone. 

In the clip, Kanye fumed: 'You don't got the answers, Sway!' 

On Thursday, helium relented, that helium had been close each along. 

'You cognize what, I’d spell up and said SWAY had the answer. People are gonna beryllium similar “no!”' 

'Whatever I'm doing, it's not working', Kim joked of her attack to romance during a caller quality connected James Corden's Late Late Show 

The outburst connected Instagram earlier this period was the latest successful a drawstring of nationalist meltdowns astir his marriage.

Kim dated comedian Pete Davidson aft her divided from Kanye. The brace parted ways earlier this year 

In July 2020, portion inactive married, helium told a assemblage astatine a governmental rally that helium and Kim had considered termination erstwhile she was large with their oldest daughter, North. 

He aboriginal apologized for the admittance and said helium was embarrassed.

After their split, Kim paraded a caller romance with comedian Pete Davidson and made jokes astatine Kanye's disbursal connected Saturday Night Live.

She and Davidson confirmed their divided successful July aft respective months of dating. 

Kanye has been unfastened successful the past astir his bipolar diagnosis. 

In a candid 2019 interrogation with David Letterman for his Netflix amusement My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, helium explained however helium felt during manic episodes. 

'You person this infinitesimal [where] you consciousness everyone wants to termination you. You beauteous overmuch don’t spot anyone. 

'When you’re successful this state, you’re hyper-paranoid astir everything, everyone. 

'This is my experience, different radical person antithetic experiences. Everyone present is an actor. Everything’s a conspiracy. 

'You consciousness the authorities is putting chips successful your head. You consciousness you’re being recorded. 

'You consciousness each these things.' 

At the time, helium advocated for taking regular medication. 

'If you don’t instrumentality medicine each time to support you astatine a definite state, you person a imaginable to ramp up and it tin instrumentality you to a constituent wherever you tin adjacent extremity up successful the hospital. 

'And you commencement acting erratic, arsenic TMZ would enactment it.' 

In a candid 2019 interrogation with David Letterman, Kanye explained his bipolar upset diagnosis and however helium feels during manic episodes. He advocated for taking regular medication 

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