Kamala Harris Applauds Dem AGs for ‘Taking On’ Pregnancy Centers

4 days ago

Vice President Kamala Harris applauded Democrat attorneys wide for “taking on” gestation centers wrong their states during her code astatine the Democrat Attorneys General Association Conference connected Thursday.

Harris told the assemblage she antecedently met with galore Democrat attorneys wide and “discussed the innovative strategies” they person utilized “to support women’s reproductive freedom.”

Harris said:

You are taking on, rightly, the situation gestation centers; launching nationalist acquisition campaigns due to the fact that — I don’t deliberation I person it here, but I’ll amusement you each a representation of the United States close now, successful presumption of the patchwork of antithetic laws successful antithetic states connected this contented and the disorder it is creating and the need, then, for immoderate of the astir trusted elected officials to clarify the authorities of the instrumentality and, successful the midst of the immense magnitude of confusion, the request of you arsenic the truthtellers to benignant retired fabrication from information and combat misinformation and disinformation, which we each cognize often creates a concern that is ripe for predatory practices.

The vice president besides applauded the Democrat AGs for “convening attorneys to supply pro-bono” services to “ensure women tin entree reproductive healthcare.”

However, portion Harris praised the AGs for “taking on” gestation assets centers, she conveniently failed to code extremist pro-abortion protesters’ unit and threats astatine these centers successful caller months.

After an unprecedented leak and the U.S. Supreme Court’s last determination to overturn Roe v. Wade, pro-life organizations, gestation assets centers, and churches were the targets of unit by extremist near protesters.

According to the Family Research Council (FRC), determination person been astir 100 attacks on churches, pro-life organizations, and gestation assets centers since the Court’s Dobbs decision was leaked connected May 2.

(Photos: Vincent Ricci, Jeff Kowalsky, Pat Greenhouse, Ty O’Neil, John Lamparski, David McNew, Tom Williams/Getty Images)

While determination were 33 attacks connected churches, determination were 57 attacks against pro-life organizations and gestation assets centers, FRC reported.

For example, gestation assets centers in WisconsinOregon, and New York were firebombed.

These attacks are allegedly orchestrated by extremist pro-abortion activistic groups, including Ruth Sent Us and Janes’ Revenge, which has repeatedly targeted gestation assets centers.

Harris’ soundlessness regarding the attacks connected gestation assets centers and different pro-life organizations is aligned with different Democrat politicians. For example, House Democrats voted against a solution to condemn the convulsive attacks connected gestation centers.

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