Juventus director Pavel Nedved is filmed partying with three scantily clad women

3 months ago

Naughty Nedved! Juventus manager and nine fable Pavel is filmed partying VERY INTIMATELY with 3 scantily clad women astatine a nightclub successful a racy clip that has gone viral days earlier his 50th birthday

  • Juventus manager Pavel Nedved has been filmed partying with 3 women  
  • The nine fable danced astatine a nine with the scantily clad women successful a viral clip  
  • He besides cupped a woman's breasts arsenic the radical enjoyed a nighttime out 

By Oli Gamp For Mailonline

Published: 12:37 BST, 29 August 2022 | Updated: 14:26 BST, 29 August 2022

Juventus manager and nine icon Pavel Nedved has been filmed partying with 3 scantily-clad women arsenic helium enjoyed an evening astatine a nightclub. 

Nedved, who turns 50 connected Tuesday, was seen dancing with the girls, who had each removed their shirts - forming a enactment with the erstwhile midfielder lasting successful the mediate of them.

He besides cups a woman's breasts during the playful scenes arsenic the radical laughter and sway from broadside to broadside earlier different antheral enters and joins in.

Nedved presently works successful the Juventus boardroom having played for the nine for 8 seasons - picking up 327 appearances during that time. 

Juventus declined to remark erstwhile approached by Sportsmail

Nedved joined Ivana Nedved successful 1994, with the brace having 2 children together, earlier the mates divided successful 2019 aft 25 years. He has since dated Lucie Anovcinova, though they parted past year. 

Pavel Nedved has been filmed partying with 3 scantily-clad girls astatine a nightclub 

Nedved was besides seen cupping a woman's breasts during the playful scenes 

Nedved was joined to Ivana (left) and they stock 2 children, Ivana (centre) and Pavel (right)

Nedved was with Lucie Anovcinova (to his right) earlier they divided past year 

During his clip arsenic a player, helium was regarded arsenic 1 of the champion players successful satellite shot and picked up the Ballon d'Or prize - awarded to the highest rated subordinate connected the satellite astatine the time. 

He won Serie A 3 times - erstwhile with Lazio and doubly with Juventus - and besides picked up the Coppa Italia, the UEFA Super Cup and the Italian Super Cup during his spell arsenic a footballer. 

Nedved was erstwhile crowned arsenic the world's champion subordinate aft being awarded the prestigious Ballon d'Or prize successful 2003

Nedved besides played 91 times for his state - scoring 18 times - and was named Czech Player of the Year connected 4 occasions. 

After retiring successful 2009 helium was voted into the Juventus boardroom the pursuing twelvemonth and successful 2015 helium was named vice chairman. 

He is often liable for bringing successful caller players astatine Juventus and has been seen posing with caller recruits aft signing their contracts.  

He is present a manager with Juventus aft retiring and often works connected caller subordinate arrivals 

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