Julia Haart could own nearly half of her billionaire ex's $1.1billion company, judge says

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My Unorthodox Life prima Julia Haart says a caller tribunal ruling shows she owns astatine slightest 49 percent of her estranged husband's $1.1 cardinal modeling bureau institution – aft the erstwhile billionaire Silvio Scaglia claimed she had 'less than 0.01 percent'.

Haart, 51, broke distant from an 'ultra-orthodox' Jewish assemblage successful 2013 and made a fashionable Netflix documentary astir it: My Unorthodox Life. She joined Swiss erstwhile billionaire Scaglia successful 2019.

She is present suing him successful New York for allegedly defrauding her retired of fractional of their company, valued betwixt $700 cardinal and $1.1 cardinal past year, amid a fraught divorce.

She besides launched a suit against him successful Delaware, wherever their institution is registered.

On Thursday a justice successful the Delaware lawsuit issued a ruling highlighting documents showing an evident stock transportation from Scaglia to Haart of astir fractional the company.

But aft the alleged transportation Scaglia inactive had a controlling involvement by the slimmest of margins: 50.0004043 percent to her 49.9995957 percent. 

Haart's lawyers accidental the documents amusement she owns astir fractional the company, portion Scaglia's accidental the transportation was invalid and inactive assertion she owns little than 0.01%.

The conflict betwixt the mates is acceptable to inactive rage connected -- arsenic successful her ruling, vice chancellor Morgan Zurn didn't springiness a last determination whether the purported stock transportation truly went through. 

The ruling is the latest bombshell to driblet successful the bitter conflict betwixt the erstwhile mates implicit their modeling and media institution and different assets. 

A Delaware justice ruled Julia Haart (pictured), prima of My Unorthodox Life, mightiness ain astir 50 percent of her ex's $$1.1billion company, Elite World Group

Haart (left) is suing estranged hubby Silvio Scaglia (right), claiming helium defrauded her retired of fractional of their modeling bureau business

Haart argued that Scaglia gave her fractional of their steadfast Elite World Group (EWG), but past allegedly looted its accounts, fired her arsenic CEO, and behaved arsenic if helium had control, she claims.

The Swiss entrepreneur, 63, has claimed that successful information his estranged woman owns conscionable 50 of a full 123,765 shares, oregon little than 0.01 percent.

'The numbers don't lie,' his lawyer, Lanny Davis, wrote successful a March 2022 property release. 'Mr. Scaglia owns much than 99% of the voting banal – Ms. Haart owns little than .01%. That's a fact.

'Ms. Haart owns conscionable 50 shares of communal stock.'

In the memorandum opinion, Delaware tribunal vice chancellor Morgan Zurn wrote that Scaglia texted institution accountant Jeffrey Feinman connected May 28 2020 that the mates were 'now acceptable to finalize our wills and the transportation of the remaining 50 percent of the Freedom Holding shares tuo [sic] Julia.'

Freedom Holding is the institution that owns EWG.

On June 12 that year, Scaglia transferred 61,832 of Freedom's 123,665 preferred shares, the justice ruled.

But Zurn pointed out, this was conscionable shy of a afloat 50 percent – it was lone 49.9995957 percent.

'The Stock Power, by its ain terms, does not transportation fractional of Scaglia's 123,665 preferred shares,' the justice wrote.

'Rather, it transfers 1 fractional stock little than half, oregon 49.9995957 percent, of those preferred shares. Assuming the Stock Power was effective, Scaglia continued to clasp the bare majority—50.0004043 percent—of Freedom's preferred shares. Both Scaglia and Feinman testified this operation was intentional.'

Haart was fired arsenic CEO of Elite World Group successful February, hours earlier she filed for divorcement from her estranged hubby aft astir 3 years of marriage

Haart, 51, broke distant from an 'ultra-orthodox' Jewish assemblage successful 2013 and made a fashionable Netflix documentary bid astir it: My Unorthodox Life. She is pictured astatine the premiere of the amusement with (from near to right) lad Aron Hendler, girl Miriam, lad Shlomo Hendler, son-in-law Ben Weinstein and eldest girl Batsheva 

Zurn highlighted that contempt the stock disparity, Scaglia told concern slope Jefferies Group who was trying to instrumentality EWG public, that Haart was 'equal co-owner with me' and 'Julia and I ain an adjacent stock of EWG done ain [sic] communal holding company'.

But Zurn ruled that due to the fact that Scaglia owned conscionable implicit fractional the shares successful the genitor company, his removal of Haart from the committee and firing her arsenic CEO was legitimate.

Haart's lawyer, Christopher Milito, told DailyMail.com the ruling 'confirms the falsity' of Scaglia's claims that the Netflix prima owned conscionable 50 shares of the couple's modeling and media firm.

'This determination determines thing different than that, astatine worst, Scaglia owns conscionable 1 preferred stock much than Ms. Haart,' Milito said.

'The court's determination is simply a circuit de unit introspection of the galore years of Scaglia's statements and documents confirming to Ms. Haart and to the satellite astatine ample that she was a afloat fifty-percent owner.

'Ms. Haart disagrees with the eventual determination and volition entreaty it. But successful the lawsuit it stands, it volition beryllium the last portion of grounds proving Scaglia's fraud against his wife, fraud for which Ms. Haart is already seeking redress successful New York State Supreme Court.'

The Netflix prima besides claims Scaglia tried to owe their $65million Tribeca penthouse, which overlooks the Hudson River, for $40million to prop up his allegedly ailing companies

Photos obtained by DailyMail.com amusement the wrong of their $65million New York penthouse apartment, decked retired for a 2021 Thanksgiving meal party, arsenic good arsenic the erstwhile EWG CEO moving astatine the modeling firm's office

Last period DailyMail.com revealed emails, texts and photos that laid bare the divided couple's lavish life, including a $65 cardinal New York City penthouse, his and hers $340,000 Bentleys, and a $53,000 backstage formation to Mexico.

In her New York lawsuit, Haart claims Scaglia tried to owe their $65million Tribeca penthouse for $40million to prop up his allegedly ailing companies.

She besides accuses him of utilizing institution funds for idiosyncratic expenses, specified arsenic a $53,000 backstage formation to Mexico successful October 2021, claimed arsenic a concern trip.

An email from July 2020 besides shows Scaglia allegedly asking EWG's CFO to 'take attraction of' a $14,000 measure for 'household staffing'.

Haart adjacent claimed her estranged hubby filed a mendacious constabulary study against her, claiming Haart had stolen her ain Bentley from EWG.

The mates each had their ain models of the Bentley Mulsanne, with MSRPs that started astir $340,000.

Scaglia's attorney, Davis, antecedently told DailyMail.com that Haart was trying to 'mislead the media' successful her lawsuit.

Haart moving astatine her penthouse. The luxury flat boasts 5 bedrooms and six and a fractional bathrooms

He said her New York suit was 'similar to claims that she made successful a Delaware court.'

'After a afloat trial, the tribunal ruled successful April against her connected each counts – ie, that she does not ain 50 percent of the genitor institution oregon immoderate of the companies that are owned and controlled by Mr. Scaglia,' Davis said.

'Moreover, her ain grounds and documents successful that proceedings proved she knew earlier she filed the lawsuit that she did not ain 50 percent of Mr. Scaglia's genitor institution assets.

'She forgot to see that information successful this latest lawsuit. She seemingly thinks she tin mislead the media. Again. She can't.

'Ms. Haart has touted successful her publication her mantra, 'Fake it till you marque it,'' added Davis added. 'By her latest suit filing, she proves she believes this works successful a tribunal of law. It does not.

'Maybe it is clip for Ms. Haart to halt lying successful tribunal and to the media astir Mr. Scalia and his companies and commencement accepting facts and the truth.'

Davis did not instantly respond to a petition for remark astir the caller Delaware ruling.

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