Joe Biden sends 'candid' message to Liz Truss about his 'personal' feelings on NI Brexit row

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Tricky commencement to the caller 'special relationship': Joe Biden sends 'candid' connection to Liz Truss astir his 'personal' feelings connected Northern Ireland Brexit enactment during talks astatine UN - arsenic PM signals she wants to resoluteness standoff with the EU by APRIL

  • Joe Biden and Liz Truss had their archetypal talks astatine the UN successful New York past night
  • US president and PM had 'candid' treatment astir Northern Ireland Brexit row
  • Ms Truss has signalled she wants to resoluteness the standoff with the EU by April 

By James Tapsfield, Political Editor For Mailonline

Published: 09:20 BST, 22 September 2022 | Updated: 10:56 BST, 22 September 2022

The caller 'special relationship' had a tricky commencement past nighttime arsenic Joe Biden sent a 'candid' connection astir his 'personal' feelings connected the Northern Ireland Brexit row.

The PM and US president sat down for their archetypal talks astatine the UN wide assembly successful New York.

Aides said the discussions went connected for 75 minutes alternatively than the hr scheduled, and determination was a agreed beforehand connected Ukraine and the effect to Russia.

However, the leaders look to person had an awkward speech implicit Northern Ireland, with US officials describing the speech arsenic 'candid' - usually codification that determination was not agreement. 

Mr Biden is said to person stressed the 'personal importance' helium sets connected resolving the spat implicit the state and protecting the Good Friday Agreement.

For her part, Ms Truss filled successful the US president connected her talks with EU committee president Ursula von der Leyen - and has signalled she wants to settee the issues wrong six months. 

The premier is targeting getting the Northern Ireland Executive backmost up and moving successful clip for the 25th day of the Good Friday Agreement successful Easter.

That could besides coincide with a authorities sojourn to the UK by Mr Biden.

Liz Truss and US president Joe Biden sat down for their archetypal talks astatine the UN wide assembly successful New York

Mr Biden and Ms Truss spoke for 75 minutes, erstwhile the gathering had been scheduled for an hour

Threats by the UK to override parts of the post-Brexit Northern Ireland Protocol person caused tensions betwixt Britain and Washington.

Mr Biden told the Prime Minister helium was 'looking guardant to proceeding what's connected your mind' astir the protocol erstwhile they met astatine a United Nations summit.

While cameras were inactive rolling, she told him: 'Of people I'm looking guardant to discussing the Belfast Good Friday Agreement and however we marque definite that's upheld into the future.'

Downing Street said the leaders lone had a 'very abbreviated discussion' astir the protocol.

One of the president's squad brought it up astatine the extremity of the meeting, with No10 insisting Mr Biden did not question reassurances.

He characterised the code of the gathering arsenic 'warm' and that they did not sermon a UK-US commercialized deal, with Ukraine alternatively dominating discussions.

A US authoritative said Mr Biden made wide that protecting the Good Friday Agreement 'is a substance of bipartisan value successful the United States and a substance of idiosyncratic value to him arsenic president'. 

Downing Street said Ms Truss and Ms von der Leyen met 'one to one' for much than fractional an hour.

The spokesperson was incapable to reply questions astir the meeting, including connected whether determination had been a breakthrough oregon caller ideas discussed betwixt them, due to the fact that helium was not successful the room.

The White House had ramped up the value the protocol would play successful talks with Mr Biden, who is vocally arrogant of his Irish heritage, up of the meeting.

US nationalist information advisor Jake Sullivan made it wide Mr Biden would sermon it 'in immoderate detail' with Ms Truss.

The leaders look to person had an awkward speech implicit Northern Ireland, with US officials describing the speech arsenic 'candid' - usually codification that determination was not agreement

The Prime Minister is pushing up with the arguable Northern Ireland Protocol Bill which the EU and different critics accidental volition breach planetary instrumentality by suspending elements of the agreement.

There person besides been suggestions she could unilaterally trigger Article 16 of the protocol, to override parts of the statement brokered arsenic portion of the Brexit divorcement deal.

But alternatively No 10 said Vladimir Putin's penetration of Ukraine and however the US tin assistance connected UK vigor information were acold much salient successful the wide ranging and 'warm' discussions.

Mr Biden and Ms Truss were gathering aft the president sent a tweet conscionable arsenic the PM was discussing her economical policy, which said helium was 'sick and bushed of trickle-down economics'.

'It has ne'er worked,' helium said.

The comments underlined the differences betwixt the 2 leaders' stances conscionable arsenic Ms Truss says she wants to foster person ties with planetary allies.

The Prime Minister's authoritative spokesperson said it was 'ludicrous' to suggest Mr Biden was criticising UK policy, arguing each state is facing antithetic economical challenges.

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