Joe Biden on Thanksgiving: Americans Purchasing Semi-Automatic Weapons Is 'Just Sick'

1 week ago

President Joe Biden unleashed his disgust for semi-automatic weapons connected Thanksgiving, vowing to prohibition them successful the United States.

“The thought we inactive let semi-automatic weapons to beryllium purchased is sick. Just sick,” helium said. “It has no, nary societal redeeming value. Zero.”

The president commented to reporters during his sojourn to a occurrence presumption connected Nantucket Island during his Thanksgiving vacation. He brought pies to firefighters for their Thanksgiving celebration.

But helium besides shared his thoughts connected weapon power erstwhile helium was asked astir the caller shooting astatine a Wal-Mart, wherever a manager allegedly opened occurrence connected employees with a handgun, sidesplitting six.

“Not a azygous solitary rationale for it but nett for the weapon manufacturers,” Biden continued, aft condemning the thought of Americans purchasing semi-automatic firearms.

The president said helium would proceed pushing for a prohibition connected alleged “assault weapons” contempt Democrats losing their bulk successful the House of Representatives.

“I’m going to bash it whenever – I’ve got to marque that appraisal arsenic I get successful and commencement counting votes,” helium said.

Biden has repeatedly vowed to prohibition alleged “assault weapons,” contempt being powerless to bash so.

“Who successful God’s sanction to person — needs to person a — the quality to occurrence anyplace from 30 to 200 rounds and 5 times the velocity that travel retired of a regular — a regular firearm oregon bu- — oregon pistol?” helium ranted during a run rally successful Pennsylvania successful October.

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