Jennifer Gates is PREGNANT! Bill Gates' daughter expecting first child with Nayel Nassar

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Jennifer Gates is expecting her archetypal kid with husband Nayel Nassar.

The 26-year aged girl of billionaire Bill Gates and his ex woman Melinda revealed the blessed quality connected Thanksgiving arsenic she debuted her bump portion posing with chap equestrian Nayel, 31.

The prima captioned the drawback 'Thankful' portion cradling her increasing bump successful an emerald greenish dress. 

Baby joy: Jennifer Gates is expecting her archetypal kid with hubby Nayel Nassar

The brace posed successful the backyard of the family's 142-acre property successful North Salem, New York.

A 2nd drawback showed a radiant drawback of Jennifer staring down astatine her blossoming bump portion posing successful a garden. 

Proud grandmother-to-be Melinda, 58, wrote: 'I couldn't beryllium much excited to conscionable this small 1 and ticker you 2 go parents.'

Jennifer and Nayel's babe volition beryllium the archetypal grandchild for Bill and Melinda - who divorced successful 2021 aft 27 years of marriage. 

Sweet: Jennifer looked besotted with her unborn kid arsenic she held onto her bump 

Both Bill and Melinda were determination to locomotion Jennifer down the aisle connected her large time past fall, putting differences speech successful the midst of their high-profile divorce.

Melinda shared 1 of the archetypal photos soon aft the nuptials, showing the infinitesimal she and Nayel walked backmost up the aisle connected October 16 2021, moments aft being pronounced hubby and wife.

The photograph was taken aft the couple's 2nd acceptable of vows, which followed a smaller spiritual Muslim ceremonial successful the plot of the family's 142-acre property successful North Salem, New York. 

Jennifer proudly posted the wedding photograph connected Instagram aboriginal Monday afternoon, adding the caption: 'My beingness 10.16.21.'  

First grandchild; Proud grandmother-to-be Melinda, 58, wrote: 'I couldn't beryllium much excited to conscionable this small 1 and ticker you 2 go parents'

So happy: Melinda said she 'hadn't stopped smiling' since the gestation reveal

Meanwhile, Jennifer's parent besides shared a caller photograph from the peculiar day. 

'What a joyousness to observe the airy and emotion of @jenniferkgates and @nayelnassar this past weekend. So grateful we were capable to find a mode to safely stitchery for this peculiar day,' she wrote, captioning a photograph of Jennifer and Nayel posing unneurotic outdoors. 

The mates hosted 300 guests for the occasion. 

In paparazzi photos, Jennifer was seen clutching a bouquet up of the ceremony, her veil lifted implicit her face. She wore her auburn hairsbreadth fractional up and fractional down and wore a brace of earrings to accent her dress.

Family: Jennifer (center) is the eldest kid of Microsoft mogul Bill and Melinda (pictured with sister Phoebe, 20 and member Rory, 23)

The wedding play besides progressive a wind-down brunch, catering by renowned New York City restaurants, and performances by Coldplay. Event planner Marcy Blum took the reins for the weekend. 

The bride had 9 bridesmaids dressed successful evergreen. All appeared to beryllium smiling and laughing arsenic they posed for pictures, and 1 of the bridesmaids was seen holding up Gates' agelong veil. 

The ceremonial was performed by a longtime household friend, and the bride and groom wrote their ain vows.

Jennifer and Nayel earlier their wedding 

Following the ceremony, the couple, who began dating successful 2017 - made a speedy getaway to person immoderate backstage wedding photos taken connected the estate, portion guests headed into a specially constructed 'botanical garden' wherever the cocktail hr was being held.

Jennifer and Bill danced to Elton John's Can You Feel The Love Tonight, portion her archetypal creation with her caller hubby was Yellow Lights, a opus 'which was written and performed by their person and creator Harry Hudson.'

Coldplay besides performed astatine the reception. 

The impermanent database mostly consisted of friends and family, with fewer celebrities oregon politicians invited. Georgina Bloomberg, the girl of billionaire Michael Bloomberg and a chap nonrecreational equestrian who owns a equine workplace nearby.

The rehearsal meal — which secretly served arsenic a reception for the backstage spiritual ceremonial — was catered by Jean-Georges and included a lobster crockery and pasta.

The extravagant two-day event, costing an estimated $2 million, was orchestrated by famed wedding planner Marcy Blum, whose elite lawsuit database includes Kevin Bacon, LeBron James, and Billy Joel. 

In an interrogation with Vogue, Jenn said it had been 'challenging' readying the lawsuit done the pandemic and portion her household was 'going done transitions.' 

'It’s been a challenging year, some collectively with the pandemic and for our families going done transitions. But our emotion for 1 different has been a constant. Being capable to observe our wedding with our closest friends and household was a imagination travel true,' she said. 

Big day: Jennifer is pictured connected her wedding time - she had her constitution done by Kim Kardashian's constitution creator Mario Dedivanovic

Jennifer, who is successful aesculapian school, said it was 'no tiny feat' putting it each together.  

'Planning a wedding portion I was successful aesculapian schoolhouse rotations and Nayel was preparing for the Olympics was nary tiny feat,' she said. Nassar competed for Egypt during this year's Olympics.

Jennifer besides told Vogue she required each 300 of their wedding guests to beryllium vaccinated and instrumentality COVID tests, she said, successful bid to guarantee everyone's safety.

'We made the determination that each guests indispensable beryllium afloat vaccinated and person a antagonistic trial effect anterior to the wedding. We besides made masks available. We consciousness incredibly fortunate to beryllium capable to stitchery with our loved ones safely. We cognize others aren't arsenic lucky, particularly arsenic the pandemic continues to devastate communities successful the United States and astir the world,' she said.

'One portion of proposal we were fixed [throughout the readying process] was to retrieve that this time is astir america and our love,' she went on. 

The exes besides look to beryllium co-parenting well, arsenic they reunited to locomotion girl Jennifer down the aisle astatine her wedding to Nayel Nassar successful October 2021 (pictured)

'I deliberation we truly kept that astatine the halfway of our minds portion planning, and we besides tried to guarantee that our families and friends were capable to bask themselves.'

After Bill and Melinda's divorce, the brace reportedly divided their associated $130 cardinal nett worth, but it has not been made nationalist however precisely they divided their galore assets and ample fortune. 

The mates owned homes successful 5 antithetic states, a fleet of cars including a uncommon $2 cardinal Porsche, an creation postulation that includes a $30 cardinal publication of writings and sketches by Leonardo Da Vinci, and a bid of backstage jets.

The Gates had a drawstring of luxury mansions crossed the US - including Florida, California, and Wyoming - but their main household location was successful Washington, adjacent the Gates Foundation headquarters. 

Last period Melinda opened up astir her 'unbelievably painful' divorcement from Microsoft billionaire Bill  explaining that she 'just couldn't enactment successful that matrimony anymore', portion sharing her conflict to proceed moving alongside her erstwhile spouse adjacent arsenic they were successful the midst of splitting up. 

Now, the machine idiosyncratic has opened up astir her determination to permission her husband-of-nearly-three-decades, telling Fortune magazine successful a caller interrogation that the COVID-19 pandemic helped springiness her the 'privacy to bash what she needed to do.'

'I had immoderate reasons I conscionable couldn’t enactment successful that matrimony anymore,' she explained. 'But the unusual happening astir COVID is that it gave maine the privateness to bash what I needed to do. 

'It’s unbelievably painful, successful innumerable ways, but I had the privateness to get done it.'

While they were together, the pair welcomed 3 children implicit the years - Jennifer, 25, Rory, 23, and Phoebe, 19.

They also founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation unneurotic successful 2000, and adjacent aft going their abstracted ways, the erstwhile mates continued to tally the instauration unneurotic - which Melinda said helped her get done it.

'I kept moving with the idiosyncratic I was moving distant from, and I needed to amusement up and beryllium my champion aforesaid each azygous day,' she continued. 

'So adjacent though I mightiness beryllium crying astatine 9am and past person to beryllium connected a video-conference astatine 10am with the idiosyncratic I’m leaving, I person to amusement up and beryllium my best.'

She added that her 'main concern' was ever 'protecting her kids' and that she is thankful that she and Bill person present 'gotten to the different side.' 

Happier times: After Bill and Melinda's divorce, the brace reportedly divided their associated $130 cardinal nett worth, but it has not been made nationalist however precisely they divided their galore assets and ample luck (pictured 2019) 

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