Jay Leno takes cookies to hospital to say thank you to staff after being treated for burns 

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Jay Leno was contiguous seen visiting the infirmary wherever helium was treated for his 3rd grade burns - arsenic helium returned to acquisition the heroic aesculapian unit with cookies and cards arsenic a convey you for taking attraction of him.

Driving a bluish Tesla to the Grossman Burn Center, Leno returned to the building, wherever helium had been a patient,  aft helium was scalded erstwhile a vintage 1907 steam motor abruptly exploded successful his face.

He spent 10 days wrong the specializer installation for attraction for the superior burns to his arms and look earlier being discharged connected Monday - and his grizzly marks are inactive disposable connected his body. 

Leno headed wrong carrying a container of cookies from the trendy Los Angeles Milk Bar, unneurotic with a convey you enactment - conscionable a time earlier Thanksgiving. 

He was past snapped walking retired carrying a container with what looked similar gifts which helium cautiously placed successful the trunk of his car. After that, Leno headed to a Chick-fil-A drive-thru to drawback immoderate food.

Jay Leno headed backmost to the Grossman Burn Center 2 days aft helium was released from the installation pursuing a 10-day stay

Leno could beryllium seen climbing retired of his car equipped with a container of cookies to accidental convey you to the unit there 

Leno appeared to person signed the container of tasty cookies from Los Angeles' Milk Bar 

Leno appeared to beryllium connected good signifier arsenic helium squeezed retired of his car with a container of cookies in-hand

Jay Leno is pictured going to a aesculapian gathering adjacent to the Grossman Burn Center wherever helium got treated for his burns

Leno walked successful carrying a container of cookies with a convey you enactment

Leno appeared to beryllium utilizing each the pockets of his denim garment with a cellphone poking retired of 1 and glasses lawsuit successful the other

Leno could beryllium seen walking retired of his bluish Tesla which helium parked up successful the parking batch of helium Grossman Burn Center

Leno appeared to beryllium a representation of wellness arsenic helium made his mode into the Grossman Burn Center successful Los Angeles connected Wednesday

Leno walked retired carrying a container with what looked similar gifts arsenic helium headed backmost to his Tesla 

The iconic TV host, 72,  had been astatine his LA mansion earlier this period connected November 12 erstwhile 1 of the vehicles 'erupted into flames without warning' -  with the prima sustaining facial burns and requiring skin-graft surgery. 

The prima told paparazzi who greeted him arsenic helium stopped astatine a state presumption connected Tuesday that helium was doing 'good' and inactive has plans to thrust the vintage car that burst into flames adjacent week as the car didn't bash thing wrong.'

His doctor, Dr. Peter Grossman, has antecedently warned that the once-popular late-night big whitethorn endure from imperishable scarring arsenic a effect but said successful a connection connected Monday helium is pleased with his advancement aft the prima spent clip successful an oxygen chamber. He added that helium is 'optimistic' that Leno 'will marque a afloat recovery,' arsenic helium continues to person outpatient care. 

A fewer sores astir Leno's look from wherever helium was burned could inactive beryllium spotted pursuing his fiery accident

After the pain halfway sojourn Leno stopped astatine a Chick-fil-A thrust thru to drawback immoderate nutrient successful Los Angeles

Leno flashed a bid motion arsenic helium spotted a lensman taking a representation of him successful his bluish Tesla connected Wednesday

Leno appeared to beryllium connected the close way and gave a thumbs up motion retired his driver's model connected Wednesday

Leno was besides seen the erstwhile day, connected Tuesday. Burn marks could intelligibly beryllium seen connected his look and hands

Jay Leno has revealed helium volition instrumentality to performing - conscionable days aft being discharged from infirmary pursuing a terrifying car occurrence which near him with third-degree burns (pictured Tuesday)

The prima besides revealed helium volition beryllium taking to the signifier astatine 7pm connected Sunday astatine the Comedy Magic Club successful Hermosa Beach, California, a spot helium has been performing astatine play for 3 decades.

When a snapper suggested helium get immoderate remainder earlier the gig, the prima quipped: 'Yeah, I request barbecue!' 

Dr. Peter Grossman told ET of Leno's recovery: 'He's got a precise beardown attitude. He's a precise beardown individual.

 The iconic TV host, 72, was astatine his LA mansion connected Saturday, November 12 erstwhile 1 of the vehicles 'erupted into flames without warning'  (He is pictured earlier being discharged from infirmary connected Monday)

'And he's a idiosyncratic who truly is looking to determination forward, to effort to find a mode to get past this occurrence of his beingness and to get backmost to what helium usually likes to do, which is to beryllium retired determination and entertain and beryllium with the people. I deliberation astatine immoderate constituent soon he'll get there, but I've had to archer him that, for the clip being, helium needs to beryllium backmost and instrumentality attraction of Jay.

Leno said that a accelerated reasoning person saved his beingness aft a gasoline occurrence broke retired successful his luxury LA store connected Saturday arsenic the 1 clip king of precocious nighttime faces the anticipation of needing tegument grafts. 

In a connection Leno explained: 'I got immoderate superior burns from a gasoline fire. I americium ok. Just request a week oregon 2 to get backmost connected my feet.'

He aboriginal told TMZ that it was his friend, Dave, who saved his life, by jumping connected him and smothering the flames. 

The big said that helium was repairing a clogged substance enactment erstwhile helium got sprayed connected his hands and look with gasoline.  

Leno's eyes and ears were not affected by the fire. On Monday, Page Six reported that Leno whitethorn request tegument grafts arsenic a effect of the burns. 

Club night: The drama nine proudly plugged Leno's comeback gig

George Swift, a mechanic successful the comedian's idiosyncratic garage, told ET that it was a steam car that sent Leno to the hospital. 

'It was a steam car. This steam was made by gas. It got sprayed, arsenic a gas,' Swift, a mechanic who works astatine the garage, said.  

'He called me, and helium told maine determination was a occurrence and the occurrence section is coming,' the worker continued. 

In a abstracted interrogation with Access Hollywood, Swift said that Leno is 'going to beryllium fine.' He added: 'It's thing life-threatening. He's successful large spirits, but you know, it's going to instrumentality a while.' 

In a connection Leno (pictured successful a changeable connected his Instagram yesterday) said: 'I got immoderate superior burns from a gasoline fire. I americium ok. Just request a week oregon 2 to get backmost connected my feet.'

Leno had antecedently shared details connected his extended postulation of Barrons.com, sharing much details connected however helium acquired the batch of old-school cars. 

The steam cars, which helium had said are 'reliable and dependable,' necessitate a boiler to vigor h2o to steam which past is utilized to thrust a piston that turns the vehicle's wheels.

In 2021, the 'Tonight Show' seasoned was really stopped successful his 1906 Stanley Steamer for speeding connected Interstate 405 successful California. 

Leno's steam postulation includes 'cars, stationary engines, and adjacent an tremendous Advance steam tractor,' according to the 2021 communicative published by Barrons. 

Jay Leno's Garage posted a representation of the big posing wrong of his store with 3 of his extended car postulation connected Instagram.

The prima has much than 180 vehicles including exotic cars, hypercars and museum-grade artifacts, according to US News & World Report.

His postulation includes vehicles which are some affordable and attainable, with the big of Jay Leno's Garage having an affinity for centrifugal vehicles.

Jay Leno's Garage warehouse successful Los Angeles wherever the mishap that near Leno with superior burns happened past Saturday

It is not the archetypal clip the prima has enactment himself astatine hazard with his beloved vehicles, arsenic helium was near visibly shaken aft getting in a car clang portion filming the CNBC amusement successful 2016 with legendary stunt operator Bob Riggle.

Both ended up upside down aft Riggle mislaid power and the car rolled over, though neither were hurt.

In 2019, helium spoke astir his conflict with precocious cholesterin aft helium was shown a scan of a blockage successful his heart. 

Working successful collaboration with Cholesterol 911, helium urged others to overhaul their lifestyles. 

He said; 'We truly privation radical to spot the connection, due to the fact that a batch of radical don't recognize precocious cholesterin — and if you've had a bosom onslaught oregon stroke, you're expanding your hazard for different one. 

'It's similar an earthquake, it mightiness not destruct the house, but it surely weakens the structure.' 

The erstwhile Tonight Show presenter missed an quality astatine a fiscal league - with an email to Forum 2022 attendees from The Financial Brand and obtained by People confirming the prima is successful ill-health

'There's a batch of radical walking astir similar that, they're conscionable clip bombs. You've got each this cholesterol, you don't recognize it until it really hits, you know?

'It's similar successful a car, if adjacent 1 portion of ungraded gets successful the oculus of the needle of the jet, and roar and nary much state comes through. And that's what happens with your heart.'

He has antecedently elaborate taking medicine and utilizing a portable EKG instrumentality that monitors his bosom bushed and detects irregular heartbeats. 

Leno added: 'I'm not 1 of those guys. I don't tally 5 miles a time and bash each that benignant of stuff. 

'Hopefully I'm appealing to radical who deliberation similar me, which is astir apt the bulk of the population, who would similar to bash much but not if it sounds similar benignant of a pain. 

'But this is not a pain, it's truly simple. You spell to the doctor, it's a speedy visit, helium tin archer you what you request to do.'

The prima was joined by Joe Biden connected an occurrence of his amusement successful October, with the thrill-seeking president pushing his beloved Corvette to implicit 100mph portion resistance racing.

Biden and Leno reunited this summer, and drove his 1967 Corvette Stingray astir the James J. Rowley Secret Service grooming installation successful Beltsville, Maryland.

The president whizzed astir astatine astounding speeds of 118mph successful beforehand of the camera, portion helium admitted that helium missed being capable to thrust himself astir portion surviving successful the White House.

Biden besides appeared successful Leno's car-centric tv amusement portion helium was vice president, successful October 2016.

The president, who often discusses his emotion of cars, raced Colin Powell successful that occurrence - earlier helium died October past twelvemonth astatine the aged 84.

In 2016, Powell mislaid the contention to Biden, and Michael, 59, said helium intended to avenge his begetter – saying helium would 'settle the score'.

Michael was driving a 2015 Corvette with 455 horsepower V8 motor and eight-speed automatic transmission, worthy $55,000.

Biden was racing him successful his $150,000 1967 Stingray, with 350 horsepower and a four-speed manual gearbox.


A hyperbaric enclosure is simply a highly-pressurized country oregon conduit wherever a diligent is fixed axenic oxygen to breathe. 

The aerial unit successful these chambers is 3 times higher than mean unit outside. 

Lungs run connected state exchange, which happens much oregon little efficiently astatine antithetic pressures. 

At this higher aerial pressure, the lungs are capable to instrumentality successful much oxygen than nether mean conditions. 

All the body's tissues necessitate oxygen to unrecorded and enactment healthy, truthful successful a hyperbaric enclosure the lungs instrumentality successful much oxygen which is past carried passim the assemblage to reconstruct tissues that whitethorn beryllium struggling oregon infected. 

Oxygen besides assistance to trim inflammation and promote caller humor vessels to grow. 


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is simply a proven attraction for decompression sickness, a information that immoderate radical make aft SCUBA diving, wherein the precocious unit of being heavy nether h2o causes nitrogen to signifier successful their humor vessels. 

This typically causes musculus and associated aches and fatigue, but successful uncommon cases tin beryllium fatal. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reverses the process that allows the unsafe nitrogen bubbles to form. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, doctors whitethorn besides urge hyperbaric oxygen therapy for:   

  • Anemia, severe
  • Brain abscess
  • Bubbles of aerial successful your humor vessels (arterial state embolism)
  • Burn
  • Decompression sickness
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Crushing injury
  • Deafness, sudden
  • Gangrene
  • Infection of tegument oregon bony that causes insubstantial death
  • Non-healing wounds, specified arsenic a diabetic ft ulcer
  • Radiation injury
  • Skin graft oregon tegument flap astatine hazard of insubstantial death
  • Vision loss, abrupt and painless   

Although claims person been made that the therapy helps a full hosts of different aesculapian issues, determination is lone technological grounds to enactment the supra uses. 

There isn't important crushed to judge it treats conditions similar fibromyalgia, slump oregon chronic fatigue syndrome.  

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