Iranian Brothers Who Inflitrated Swedish Intelligence to Face Spying Trial

3 months ago

Two Iranian brothers are acceptable to look proceedings implicit allegations 1 acted arsenic a mole successful the Swedish information constabulary and subject intelligence.

The brothers, who were calved successful Iran but came to Sweden arsenic children successful 1994, are accused of spying enactment from March of 2011 until their arrest successful September and November of past year, but it is not instantly wide if they were passing accusation to Iranian quality oregon immoderate different party.

The older member of the brace is said to person worked arsenic an researcher and spent clip successful the Security Police (SAPO) arsenic good arsenic moving for subject quality and the Office for Special Acquisition (KSI), 1 of Sweden’s most secretive quality agencies, the paper Expressen reports.

According to the newspaper, the antheral was sought aft by galore quality agencies owed to his bid of the Persian connection connected apical of his existing skills arsenic an investigator.

The younger brother, meanwhile, worked for SAPO for a little period, but it is unclear whether oregon not the brothers were moving astatine the information constabulary during the aforesaid period.

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Not overmuch is known regarding the details of the probe arsenic prosecutors Per Lindqvist and Mats Ljungqvist person commented precise small connected the substance of the allegations.

Both prosecutors and the lawyers for the brothers person been called to a Stockholm court, confirming that the brace volition look proceedings implicit the spying allegations. A subordinate of the Swedish equipped forces, code-named FM 019, was besides contiguous astatine the proceeding and is said to person been linked to the older brother’s activity.

Both of the brothers person denied the allegations against them. Both brothers are presently successful isolated custody wherever they are not allowed to travel immoderate quality broadcasts oregon work newspapers.

Formal charges against the brace are expected successful the coming months; the proceedings volition not beryllium unfastened to the public.

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