Illegal Alien Felon Sent to Prison for Texas Firearms Charge

3 months ago

A Mexican nationalist illegally surviving successful Zapata, Texas, volition walk much than 5 years successful situation for threatening radical with a loaded revolver. The antheral was a convicted felon anterior to the incident.

Late past week, 34-year-old Abelardo Javier Caballero-Zamora went earlier U.S. District Judge Diana Saldana successful Laredo. Saldana sentenced Caballero-Zamora to 63 months successful situation for the complaint of being a felon successful possession of a firearm. Since helium is successful the state illegally, Caballero-Zamora volition yet look deportation. He had antecedently pleaded blameworthy to the complaint connected January 5.

The lawsuit began connected April 3, 2021, erstwhile Zapata County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a telephone astir a antheral with a weapon threatening radical astatine the Aqua Motel successful Zapata. The caller identified the antheral arsenic “Javier Zamora.”

When deputies arrived, they recovered the fishy sitting successful the driver’s spot of a Ford pick-up. During a hunt of the truck, officers discovered a loaded .44 caliber revolver hidden betwixt the driver’s spot and mediate console with an ammunition box. Prosecutors claimed that earlier successful the day, Caballero Zamora had threatened a store clerk with a weapon.

Federal prosecutors revealed that Caballero-Zamora is simply a habitual offender and was convicted successful 2020 for re-entering the state illegally aft a deportation. The tribunal was presented with jailhouse calls made by Caballero-Zamora to relatives, wherever helium said helium consumed drugs earlier his apprehension and had nary representation of the incident. Judge Saldana expressed during sentencing that Caballero-Zamora’s grounds is “an implicit nightmare” and told him that helium “needs to turn up and enactment successful Mexico.”

Luisana Moreno is simply a contributing writer for Breitbart Texas.

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