ICYMI: Secretary Granholm, Dolores Huerta Co-Hosted IG Live with Latinx Youth Climate Leaders

1 year ago

Dolores Huerta “To the young people: this is your future, this is your planet” 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On, Tuesday, October 5, U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm was joined by legendary civil rights activist and labor leader, Dolores Huerta, for a conversation centered on climate action in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

The event, ‘Our Time is Now: Latinx Leaders on Climate Action,’ featured an inspiring discussion with frontline climate leaders, Alexandria Villaseñor (Founder of Earth Uprising) and Isaias Hernandez (Environmental Educator and Founder of Queer Brown Vegan) which highlighted the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to usher in an equitable clean energy future. The roundtable was held on Instagram Live. 

“To help President Biden tackle the issue of global warming, we are going to need everybody...to be involved. I’m so happy we have the young people out there that are leading the way on these issues so that all of us can join together, make our voices heard, do whatever we need to do to save our planet and get this green energy going...” 
- Dolores Huerta

“Knowledge is power and that power promotes action.” 
- Alexandria Villaseñor

“What inspired me to take action was the need to advocate for a lot of low-income, first-generation students that don’t always have the language to talk about environmental policy or environmental justice …" 
- Isaias Hernandez 

"[The Biden Administration’s] first-ever Justice40 Initiative is requiring us to double down on our existing commitments and we are looking at everything within the Department of Energy, every single program that we have...and asking how is this helping communities that have been left behind, how do we increase diversity in innovation, and how do we ensure we have underserved communities at the table and listening to make sure we’re getting this right.” 
 - Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm 

Watch the full conversation here. Learn more about the Justice40 Initiative here.  

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