ICU nurse who killed 6 in L.A. crash has 'profound' mental health issues and history of accidents

1 month ago

The traveling ICU caregiver who killed six radical successful a fearfulness clang successful Los Angeles connected Thursday aft plowing her Mercedes 90mph done a engaged intersection has a 'profound'  past of intelligence unwellness and has been progressive successful 13 anterior crashes, but was inactive someway subcontracted to enactment successful a infirmary and allowed to drive. 

Nicole Lorraine Linton, 37, is successful custody connected six execution charges arsenic a effect of Thursday's crash.  

Among those she killed was large Asherey Ryan, 23, her one-year-old lad Alonzo and Reynold Lester, the begetter of Asherey's unborn baby, who besides died. 

On Tuesday, Craig Pitchford was named arsenic different victim. Two different pistillate victims stay unidentified. 

Linton is from Houston, Texas, and was successful Los Angeles moving arsenic a contractor astatine the Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Hospital. She was moving for the nursing contractor radical AMN Healthcare, which she joined successful October 2020. 

AMN Healthcare did not instantly respond to inquiries regarding Linton's credentials connected Tuesday.

Until 2009, Linton was moving arsenic a income manager for General Motors, according to her LinkedIn profile. She began moving successful healthcare successful 2010 arsenic an 'extern' astatine NYU, contempt not completing her nursing grade successful 2015. 

Nicole Lorraine Linton, 37, is successful custody connected six execution charges arsenic a effect of Thursday's crash

Linton sped done a red airy astatine 90mph, plowing into cars astatine a engaged intersection connected August 4th. Six radical and 1 unborn babe were killed

In tribunal yesterday, her lawyer said she had a 'profound' past of intelligence wellness problems successful different states.

He said they would person contributed to the crash, and asked for her arraignment to beryllium delayed until October. 

She did not person drugs oregon intoxicant successful her system, and her motive for moving the reddish airy and plowing done the intersection remains unclear.  

Craig Pitchford was named by his household arsenic the 4th unfortunate of the clang yesterday

Prosecutors besides revealed successful tribunal that Linton was progressive successful 13 anterior roadworthy accidents, including 1 successful 2020 successful which 2 vehicles were totaled. 

The crashes were cited by The Los Angeles Times yesterday but nary further details person emerged. obtained clang records from 2 incidents successful Texas - 1 successful 2013 and 1 successful 2016. 

In some cases, different operator rear-ended her vehicle. 

The California Highway Patrol declined to supply further details of immoderate different crash.  

It remains unclear wherefore Linton was capable to enactment successful healthcare, fto unsocial successful the ICU, with specified extended intelligence wellness problems arsenic her lawyer described. 

On Monday, she sobbed successful tribunal arsenic she was charged with six counts of murder.

Linton was traveling astatine speeds of astatine slightest 90mph erstwhile she sped done a work airy and deed crossing vehicles astatine the engaged intersection of La Brea and Slauson Avenues.

Eight-month large Asherey Ryan, 23, was pronounced dormant astatine the country alongside her one-year-old kid Alonzo Luchiano Quintero and her unborn babe lad pursuing the horrible crash.

The unborn child's father, Renald, was besides killed successful the clang aft the car divided successful fractional instantly connected impact, those adjacent to the household confirmed.

Graphic shows the absorption the SUV was going successful on South La Brea Avenue erstwhile it ran the reddish airy and caused the horrendous crash

Victim: Asherey Ryan, 23, died successful the fiery clang with her one-year-old kid and her unborn child. Tributes person poured successful for the mother, who was expecting different kid this year

Victim: One-year-old babe lad Alonzo (pictured) was besides killed successful the horrific collision between South La Brea Avenue and Slauson Avenue connected Thursday afternoon

Victim: The begetter of the unborn kid Reynold (right) besides died successful the deadly crash. He is pictured with Asherey 

The shocking footage, taken from a state presumption overlooking the scene, starts arsenic the Mercedes coupe races past the pumps astatine blistering pace 

The doomed conveyance fails to interruption arsenic it bears down connected the postulation flowing some ways crossed the packed intersection

Tabia Johnson, a witnesser to the crash, took a photograph of the suspect, Nicole L. Linton (center), commenting that Linton lone appeared to endure insignificant injuries successful the horrible crash

Linton was moving arsenic a income manager for General Motors until 2009, erstwhile she launched her nursing career

Asherey, Renald, and small Alonzo were connected their mode to a doctor's assignment for a gestation check-up erstwhile Linton smashed into the car they were traveling in.

Nicole L. Linton, 37, is being held connected a $9million enslaved pursuing the fatal car clang successful Los Angeles

'A young household was destroyed successful the blink of an eye,' Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón said Monday.

'There’s catastrophic harm to the families and friends of those killed and injured.

'It’s not lone a tremendous nonaccomplishment to their families, but to our full community, who learned of this unthinkable calamity who watched the present viral video of the collision.' 

Pitchford, the 5th victim, was named by his family. 

In a GoFundMe leafage yesterday, they said: 'On August 4th, 2022, we tragically mislaid Craig Pitchford, beloved Father, Grandfather and friend.

Craig was 1 of the victims who mislaid their lives successful the horrific clang astatine Slauson and La Brea. 

'We are raising funds for his burial service, arsenic determination isn’t immoderate security successful place. We admit immoderate donation you consciousness touched to give.'

Two different women stay unidentified. No 1 from Linton's household has yet spoken out.

Graphic shows the absorption the SUV was going successful on South La Brea Avenue erstwhile it ran the reddish airy and caused the horrendous crash

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